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  • Sam couldn't stop the wedding, but Frasier tells him that Diane left him at the altar and is now working at a convent. So Sam visits Diane to ask her to come back to Cheers. Meanwhile, Woody replaces Coach and become Cheers's new bartender.

  • Sam's trip to Italy to stop Diane and Frasier's wedding ends up being a disaster. Not only was he attacked by rottweilers, needed to jump into a moat to get away from them, got arrested and was hauled into jail, he didn't find Diane and Frasier to stop the wedding. He never wants to even hear Diane's name again. A couple of months pass, and things are a bit different around the bar. Coach has passed away, leaving a sullen grief among the gang. A young hayseed from Indiana, Woody Boyd, who is Coach's pen pal (in a slightly unconventional way), comes by the bar looking for Coach, obviously not knowing about his passing. Seeing that Woody is interested in the big city and bartending, Sam offers him a job at Cheers behind the bar. Sam is no longer pining for Diane, or so he says. But the biggest immediate revelation comes in the form of Frasier, who comes back to the bar telling the gang of his and Diane's fate. They ultimately did not get married, Diane leaving him at the altar. Word of this spread throughout the community in Italy, which resulted in Frasier losing his teaching post, his practice and his self-esteem. Apparently Diane went on a carousing spree after leaving Frasier, and is currently residing in a convent outside of Boston doing penance for her wild ways. But the most immediate issue on Frasier's mind is revenge, not against Diane, but Sam who is the unspoken reason Diane left him. Frasier's action against Sam results in Sam going in search of Diane, who may have her own issues in revisiting memories of Cheers.



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  • Three days after he flew to Italy, Sam returns to Cheers. He angrily explains that he was not able to stop the wedding in time, and wishes to never hear Diane's name mentioned in the bar again.

    The scene then pushes ahead to some months later. In that time, Coach has passed away, and Sam is tending the bar by himself. This situation changes when Woody Boyd enters. Woody explains to Sam that he is a bartender in his Indiana hometown, and had been in correspondence with Coach for awhile. Sam sadly informs Woody about Coach's passing, but needing an extra hand at the bar, hires Woody on the spot. While Woody is happy to assume bartending duties, the others note that he seems to not be all that bright at times.

    Shortly after Woody's hiring, the gang is surprised when Frasier Crane reappears at the bar, asking to see Sam. Frasier then confronts Sam in his office, explaining that Diane ran out on him at the altar. Frasier's mental state and practice have suffered in the wake of this humiliation, and he explains that after Diane went on a spree throughout Europe, has returned to Boston and joined a convent.

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