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Crash of the Titans (#9.19)
ComedyFan201021 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Rebecca got it into her head that she wants to buy cheers. But Sam doesn't really want to sell it and doesn't take it seriously. Until she goes to Hill and offers him to buy the bathroom and pool room from him. Now Sam is worried and tries to get it as well. The two are working against each other until they come up with the idea to become partners and get their money together to buy that area.

I can't say the episode was all that funny. But I sure do like the idea of it and how it develops the story. Rebecca and Sam being business partners will be very interesting, well at least I hope they can make it.
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Rebecca's Dream
Hitchcoc4 September 2019
For whatever reason, Rebecca decides she wants to buy Cheers. She said this in a previous episode. When John comes down and begins his extortion practices with the pool room and the bathrooms, she offers to buy his interest. Sam has been a real ass but he gets into the bidding war. But he has very little money. They both kiss up to John and he loves it, including his expecting Rebecca to put out for him. An interesting solution presents itself.
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Rebecca gets a windfall from Daddy and tries to take Sam's most prized possession
imsavanah28 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I hate the way they've developed Rebecca's character over the season's, she was this strong independent woman who used to stand up for herself and she gets worse with every episode.

I hate this episode. After everything that she has already put everyone through this season, Rebecca comes back from a trip (that Woody unwittingly paid for) determined to buy the bar she watched Sam work so hard for years to buy/earn back, and seemingly oblivious to the fact that she has no right to buy it. Sam got the bar back at the expense of Robin, but Rebecca ended leaving him at the alter anyway, so that doesn't seem like a motivator for trying to take Sam's most prized possession (or at least one tied for first with his corvette and his hair).

If Rebecca hadn't been turned into this spoiled little brat, and had come to Sam and said "I want to buy A bar" or "I want to be a partner here", that would've been great. Sam could've turned her down and then they still could've had the whole fighting over Hill's poolroom stuff without it seeming so tone deaf to Sam's 9 year history with this bar.
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