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  • Spurred by Frasier's desire to find his inner "hairy man", Frasier, Sam, Norm and Cliff embark on a spontaneous one-week road trip across America. They need to take Cliff's car since it is the one that will comfortably fit the four and their gear. One dark evening out on a deserted back road in the desert, Sam falls asleep at the wheel and crashes the car. The guys are physically all right, but the car needs repairs. Their emotions start to fray when all attempts to fix the car - many of the problems due to the booby traps Cliff has placed on the car in the name of theft security - fail, they're locked out of the car, Frasier's cell phone dies and ultimately pragmatist Frasier states that they may be in real trouble. Perhaps things will look better in the morning. They do look better for Norm. Back at the bar, Carla hires extra help since Woody is currently on vacation. She hires her naive, but handsome tight jeans and shirt wearing nephew, Frankie. All the women at the bar can't stop ogling his tight butt. Usually one to ogle a tight butt herself, Carla has to take action to protect her naive nephew.



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  • Frasier informs his friends at the bar, that he is planning to disembark on a trip to find his 'inner hairy man.' Pretty soon, the trip's guestlist has grown to include Sam, Cliff, and Norm. Sam is at first unsure about leaving his bar, but Carla claims she will invite her nephew Frankie to help. However, her rather naive nephew doesn't realize that his physique is making some of the patrons like Rebecca and Lilith weak in the knees.

    Meanwhile, on the road trip, the guys discuss life and listen to 8-tracks in Cliff's car, before Sam accidentally falls asleep at the wheel, and the car goes off the road.

    The guys soon find themselves locked out of Cliff's car, Frasier's cellular phone runs out of battery power, and the guys are unsure what to do.

    As morning arrives, they are surprised to find Norm gone. Their fears that he may have been in danger are put to rest when Norm drives up in a golf cart, claiming he spent the night at a motel up the road. As the others begin to chastise him for not telling them, he offers them an ultimatum: spend the next 10 minutes yelling at him, or they can make it back before the breakfast buffet ends.

    Naturally, they shut up and head off for breakfast.

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