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  • Despite Lilith's hesitance, Frasier asks Sam to babysit Frederick, the first time Sam's done so. At the Crane household, Sam and Frederick are having a great time, until Frederick locks himself in the bathroom. Without a bathroom key, Sam has to figure out how to get Frederick out of the bathroom and make sure Frederick is OK while he's in the bathroom. In the process, Sam has an unfortunate game of 'musical chairs' with Frederick, the 'chairs' being the playroom, the bathroom, the window ledge outside the playroom and bathroom, the tree outside the playroom, and the ground way, way below. The game is dictated by Frederick's movements. The question becomes will Frederick be OK, and will Sam be OK by the time Lilith and Frasier come home. At the bar, Kelly is working temporarily as a waitress as she needs a work experience to write a school paper. After a while, Rebecca thinks it a good idea for Kelly not to work there as she has caused some disruptions for Woody, including inadvertently starting a bar fight. Carla and Norm stick up for Kelly, wanting her to stay. However, each has an ulterior motive for his/her support for Kelly.



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  • Lilith and Frasier are short-handed in trying to find a babysitter for Frederick on short notice.Out of options, they turn to the one person left: Sam Malone. Sam is delighted to baby-sit, but the task proves to be a hand-ful when Frederick locks himself in the bathroom, and Sam ends up getting stuck outside the house.

    Meanwhile, Kelly has to have work experience for one of her class papers, but she has never held a job. Thanks to Woody, she manages to gain employment at Cheers. However, given her inexperience, every other person in the bar attempts to take advantage of her. Norm gets Kelly to think that his bar tab is for beers he's already paid for, and Carla claims the tips are gifts for the head-waitress.

    Kelly's work at the bar is jeopardized when Henri comes in, and pushes Woody to cause a disruption regarding her. Rebecca tells Woody this is interfering with the bar's work, and says she will need to fire Kelly.

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