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  • Everyone isn't loving Norm, but rather trying to gross him out. They're trying to see what gross things they can think of that would be so off-putting as to make him stop drinking beer. It ends up being a near impossible task, until... Paul isn't feeling the love from the guys. He feels left out of Norm and Cliff's outings. Norm and Cliff try to make it up to him, but Norm and Cliff being Norm and Cliff... Sam isn't feeling the love from Rebecca. After six months of trying to conceive a baby, so far unsuccessfully, Rebecca thinks they should go to a fertility clinic to check themselves out. Sam is squeamish about doing so. Once Rebecca finds out that there is nothing wrong with her, she assumes that Sam is infertile. Still squeamish, Sam finally does end up going to the clinic for tests. But Sam is still so anxious about the results and is bothering Carla so much about it, Carla unilaterally decides to put Sam out of his misery, which ultimately affects Lilith. And Frasier isn't feeling the love from Lilith. They are preparing their wills. Frasier, squeamish about talking about his mortality, feels Lilith is being too clinical about the life and death of the supposed love of her life.



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  • Frasier and Lilith are ensconced in trying to settle Frasier's will, and what to do in the event of his passing. While Lilith wants to get it done and put out of the way, Frasier does not want to speculate about his eventual passing.

    Meanwhile, Paul is upset when it seems that Norm and Cliff don't include him on any of their little adventures.Eventually, Cliff brings a pizza and some cake for Paul, but he and Norm end up eating the items before Paul gets to the bar. They buy him a free beer, but Paul is pretty sure that

    Rebecca grows upset when it seems that she and Sam are unable to conceive. She gives Sam a card to go to a fertility clinic for a check-up, but Sam sees this as a major blow to his manhood, and refuses. He ends up changing his mind when Carla says he's too scared to go.

    He manages to make it to the clinic, where he attempts to bribe the receptionist to writing out that he has a healthy sperm count.

    Later on that evening, Frasier finishes signing out his will, bringing it with him in a sealed manila envelope. He then spends the remainder of the evening drinking at Cheers. As he begins to have a few too many, he begins to criticize Carla's waitressing services, before she calls him a cab.

    Shortly afterwards, Sam returns to the bar with the test results from the clinic in a sealed manila envelope. However, he's afraid to read what's inside.

    As he wanders around the bar wondering about the results, he turns to see Carla holding up a manila envelope, on fire. Sam is at first shocked, but Carla claims that this will help take his mind off the results.

    Just then, Frasier's cab arrives, and Carla calls him out of the restroom to go. He picks up a manila envelope near his bar stool, and then leaves.

    The episode then cuts to the future, where we see an aged Lilith, and an older man who is supposed to be Frederick Crane, sitting down as Frasier's will is unsealed and read.

    However, it soon turns out that all those years ago, Carla switched Frasier and Sam's envelopes, as the envelope here contains clarification that Sam's sperm count is normal.

    "That damn bar," mutters Lilith.

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