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  • Frasier finds out some juicy information about Rebecca from her college days, specifically that she was the party girl on campus and that her nickname was Backseat Becky. Although embarrassed by the information albeit one where how the nickname arose not divulged, Rebecca ultimately uses the nickname to her advantage. Meanwhile, Cliff and Ma Clavin, who is just like Cliff in the "know-it-all" department, are on a roller-coaster of emotions regarding the possible selling of their house to commercial developers. Cliff wants to sell in the name of progress, whereas Ma Clavin wants to preserve the memories of their lives in that house and not sell. Cliff and his Ma have to come to a consensus, but someone else or something else may beat them to the punch.



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  • While talking with some a colleague, Frasier is surprised to find that said colleague went to school with a girl named Rebecca Howe, who was known by the nickname "Backseat Becky."

    Telling the others, they wonder if it is the same Rebecca Howe they know, and when she announces where she went to college, the others tease her about the nickname. Rebecca tries to give reasons for the nickname, but none of them seem believable to the others.

    Finally, Rebecca gives in and tells Sam 'the reason.' Needless to say, it really excites Sam (only thing is, it was a false story that Rebecca paid Carla to help fabricate).

    Meanwhile, Cliff is asked by a local neighbor to sign a petition to prevent a commercial developer from taking over their neighborhood for redevelopment. However, Cliff claims that it's a good thing, and will increase property value.

    Later on that evening, Cliff tells his Ma about this, but she seems incensed that he would consider having someone destroy their home.

    Cliff is conflicted with emotional thoughts, but receives a shock when the developers speak directly to Ma, and offer $200,000 for the house, and she accepts!

    Cliff tries to change Ma's mind, but she fells that the money is enough to help her move to Florida. Cliff then decides to handcuff himself to a pillar inside the house, as a protest. Norm and Ma find him, and manage to free Cliff by cutting into the pillar.

    However, in the process, cutting the pillar causes part of the house to collapse, and Cliff accepts that it's time to move on.

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