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Frasier and Lilith's wedding is nearing, and their best man and maid of honor, Sam and a very surprised Rebecca, are throwing them each a bachelor/bachelorette party. However Lilith is annoyed at Frasier's increased frequency of snide remarks about marriage and sees it possibly as a sign he is having second thoughts. So she says to him directly that she will give him his freedom if he so desires, and will await a telephone call from him after the party to tell her if he still wants to get married. An unexpected guest at the bachelor party makes Frasier really contemplate into what he's about to enter. Frasier calls Rebecca's, where the bachelorette party is being held, to talk to Lilith. That call makes Frasier think even more about the wedding. Lilith has made a decision of her own, one induced by alcohol, a male stripper and a missed telephone call. By the end of the evening, Sam comes to some conclusions of his own about the joys of single life.

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