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  • After Frasier suggests that she change her hair style, Lilith does get a new hairdo. Can it get any worse than her tight as a wound bun? Meanwhile, it's Norm's birthday and among his gifts is a Boston Celtics jacket personally delivered by Kevin McHale. Before Kevin leaves the bar, he gets caught up in the typical trivia talk of Norm and Cliff, namely how many bolts there are in the Boston Garden basketball court. Carla warns Kevin of the obsessive power of bar trivia, but she's too late. Kevin is obsessed with knowing the number of bolts, which no one can tell him conclusively. He's up in the middle of the night wondering, but what's worse, his basketball skills plummet as he's busy counting the bolts rather than paying attention to the game. Sam, Norm, Cliff and Woody decide to go to the Garden to count the bolts so that Kevin can get back on track. Will they be able to find out conclusively the number of bolts to save the Celtics? Or will they make the situation even worse by their antics at the Garden?



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  • Lilith wants Frasier's opinion if she should change her appearance in some way. When Frasier suggests she change her hair, she gets an afro, which sends Frasier into fits of laughter. It seems that of all the people in Cheers, Rebecca is the only one who can talk to Lilith without laughing is Rebecca...through some unseen help.

    Norm's Birthday is upon the bar, and Sam gives him a big surprise: Boston Celtics player Kevin McHale, who hand-delivers Norm a Celtics jacket. With an actual Celtic in the room, Cliff starts a guessing game about how many bolts are in the floor of the Boston Gardens basketball court. Kevin leaves soon after, but the question eats away at his mind so deeply that he is unable to concentrate at the next game...or even take time for an after-game interview.

    In order to help Kevin, Sam, Woody, Norm, and Cliff break into the Gardens hoping to find the answer themselves. When Cliff claims that the ice for the Boston hockey team is under the floorboards, Woody pries one up, but has to beat a hasty retreat with the guys when security almost catches them.

    The next day, Sam lies to Kevin, claiming they know the exact number of bolts. This seems to put Kevin's mind at ease and the game appears to be going well...until he accidentally steps on the floorboard Woody tampered with, injuring himself.

    Sam and the guys go to visit Kevin and apologize. They also let slip that they don't really know the exact number of bolts...putting Kevin in danger of once again losing his concentration regarding further games.

    In the end, the guys and Kevin are seen attempting to once again count the bolts in the floor, with Norm keeping track by using an adding machine.

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