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Woody for Hire, Meets Norman of the Apes (#6.13)
ComedyFan20102 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Woody gets a role as an extra in a Robert Ulrich movie and others don't believe him because one can't really see him on TV. And Cliff has Norm paint his place but doesn't want to pay him and makes fun of him. So they have a fight. And Rebecca has a book club meeting in the bar with old ladies who are getting very rowdy.

I already don't remember what his issue with the painters was, but the whole story of Cliff making fun of Norm because of what he does is my least favorite on the show. Cliff is just being mean there isn't that much funny stuff going on. I guess the most laughs are coming from the book club story.
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Monkey Business in the Back
Hitchcoc26 August 2019
Two plot lines are at work. One is Rebecca's allowing a book club of elderly women to meet in the back room. They are a bunch of sots and get totally out of control. The other is a feud between Cliff and Norm after Cliff stiffs his friend over some painting he hired done. Suffice it to say, simians play a big part in this. It has some really great moments.
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That Distinctive Plain White One
Bolesroor29 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Season Six of "Cheers" was all about re-booting the series, and at worst the show could be accused of going through an identity crisis. Nowhere is that more evident than this schizophrenically-titled episode, comprised of two very thin story strands that never quite gel. But it's a tribute to the show's writers and performers that it's still a fun episode with plenty of genuine laughs.

Woody insists that he made a guest appearance on a TV show while Cliff insults Norm's career as a house-painter. If you're looking for your requisite over-the-top Season Six sight gag you don't have to look far: we get not one but TWO chimpanzee appearances, the second monkey entering the bar dressed as a mailman. Who among us hasn't hired a orangutan in order to give our friends a giggle?

Woody's "I-told-you-so" celebrity encounter and the guest appearance by Robert Urich are handled with as much grace as they can be, but it's the book club C-story that offers the episode's best jokes.

"Will you excuse me- I have a cigarette going"

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