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  • It's the day of Daisy's granddaughter's christening and Hyacinth is most displeased that Stephanie, Daisy's daughter, is not married. But with some encouragement from Richard, Hyacinth agrees to go to the christening with an open mind, until of course the mother and child go missing.

  • Hyacinth's niece Stephanie has given birth to a daughter and wants to Christen her at the local church. While the family - especially Hyacinth - disapproves of the baby being born out of wedlock, they decide to carry on with the Christening party with an open mind, glad the mother is at least bothering to have her Christened at all. Onslow even puts on a suit for the occasion and Daddy is brought along to meet his great-granddaughter. However, mother and baby do not appear thanks to a breakdown during a rainstorm. Hyacinth volunteers herself and Richard to retrieve them from where they are stranded, only to discover Stephanie has a few other unpleasant surprises for her prim aunt.

  • As Hyacinth expected, preparations for the christening of Daisy's hippie daughter Stephanie's baby go as poorly as the reception they can give the haughty sister, despite Owen putting on a shirt, alas they even insist to bring daddy along. Once everyone is at the church, crammed within dad's indiscreet reach when it rains, word arrives Stephanie's van broke down, so Richard is ordered to go pick her up under strict supervision, only they pass it for a reason worse then the loss of time, which fades compared with the lot of assembled possible fathers and a battery problem...


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  • Daisy and Onslow's daughter Stephanie is having her baby christened. When her car breaks down, Hyacinth and Richard volunteer to go pick her up and bring her to the church, but they are unprepared for what awaits them.

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