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Douglas Brackman, Jr.: First up, Cheryl Brennen vs. Worldwide Studios.

Alex DePalma: We're representing Cheryl Brennen?

Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Down boy. We're representing Studio of Ms. Brennen sued.

Tommy Mullaney: Oh, this is about her silicone implants?

Alex DePalma: Wait. Implants?

Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: She claims her studio force to get them.

Ann Kelsey: What are they put her gun to her head?

Jonathan Rollins: Besides they have a hard time showing liability.

Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Even so, I wish we had settled. Since the opposing counsel is one David McCoy.

Stuart Markowitz: He's one of us.

Jonathan Rollins: Yes.

Grace Van Owen: McCoy's good.

Tommy Mullaney: How aggressive can you get against him without alienating the jury?

Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: It looks like I'm going to find out.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Next up, McConnell vs. DeBreeze.

Arnie Becker: It's history. The judge decide that my septuagenarian bride needed her daughter is a conservator.

Leland McKenzie: Why didn't her new husband qualify?

Arnie Becker: Because we were ambushed. I'd like to come talk to you about in private.

Leland McKenzie: Yeah, please do.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: And last on the agenda, Jonathan has an announcement.

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