"The Monkees" Monkees Manhattan Style (TV Episode 1967) Poster

Micky Dolenz: Micky



  • Peter : How's my heartbeat?

    Micky : Fine, but the melody don't make it.

  • Weatherwax : Well, I'm very sorry, but he'll have to evacuate this room.

    Micky : [posing as a doctor]  What? Are you mad? I can't move the plague!

    Weatherwax : The plague! Is is contagious?

    Micky : Have you ever seen a plague that wasn't?

  • Weatherwax : Sam the doctor, what I wanna know is: Is he really sick or is it merely sham?

    Micky : [still posing as a doctor]  Of course he's sick! He had sham when he was twelve years old.

  • Weatherwax : What I want to know is, is he really sick, or is it merely sham?

    Micky : Of course he's sick! He had sham when he was 12 years old.

  • Mike : You are not! I'm uglier than you!

    Davy : No, I'm the ugliest!

    Mike : I'm the ugliest! It's me, it's me, it's me!

    Micky : Alright, I lose!

  • Butler : Yes sir?

    Davy : Hello, my name is David Armstrong Jones. My family dates back nearly four hundred years, to the earliest rich people.

    Butler : But this club is for special manners.

    Davy : This is H.L. Nesmith, he owns small spread in Southern Texas. Eh, what's the name of the ranch again, Mr. Nesmith?

    Mike : Eh, Houston.

    Davy : This the Sheik Farouk Dolenza.

    Mike : I would like to build a new wing to your building.

    Butler : Oh, I'm sorry, but we cannot except a gift.

    Micky : This is not a gift, it's charity.

    Davy : Eh, this is Pete, Peter DeWit, a rich man's son. Tell him what your father does.

    Peter : He's in garbage disposal.

  • Interviewer : You've reached a certain amount of success. If that were something, like taken away, wiped out, where would you be today?

    Peter : I'd go back to the village and be a folk singer.

    Interviewer : How about you, Davy?

    Davy : I'd go back to the village and watch him be a folk singer.

    Interviewer : Mike?

    Mike : I'd probably go burn the village.

    Micky : I'd probably be dating my science teacher.

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