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Great episode- suspense right till the end
kfo949417 May 2012
This episode of 'Perry Mason' is a classic mystery from the series. It has all the suspense and thrills that made the series such a great show to watch.

It begins with Allen Sheriden (William Campbell) who is soon to inherit a large sum of money from an estate, hires an rough looking actor to play someone that is after gambling debts. So if front of witnesses, the actor more-or-less threatens Allen with physical harm if money is not paid by the evening.

His girlfriend, Joyce Fulton (Patricia Donahue), and his account manager, Victor Latimore (Jerome Cowan) buys right into the act. Since Allen is not going to inherit the money anytime soon, he is in need of cash right away. The two help in getting Allen out of the country and paying his debts.

Allen is also suppose to be giving an allowance to an old friend of the family, Sarette Winslow (Lurene Tuttle). However he has not made any payment to her in some time. Ms Winslow, the only one knowing that Allen is about to inherit money the next day, goes to see Allen. When she arrived she finds Allen unconscious on the porch. When she hears a knock on the door she flees leaving behind a heel from her shoes.

The heel will cause Lt Tragg suspicions to involve Ms Winslow for the death of Allen. And for Ms Winslow to seek counsel in the form of Perry Mason.

These are the events that lead to a charge of murder, but there is much more to this episode. It will involve flights to Mexico City, people in New York City, money taken from banks and using false names. This episode is packed with all the aspects that make the series great. And the writers do an excellent job of making the show a cliff-hanger till the end.

A great episode with excellent courtroom drama. Deserves a watch.
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One big revolving con
bkoganbing4 September 2012
William Campbell who played a few unsavory characters in his day plays one of his most unsavory in this episode of Perry Mason. Campbell plays a trust fund baby whose life seems to be one revolving con game and he's conning everyone around him. So when he winds up dead there is no shortage of suspects.

But Ray Collins and the rest of the homicide squad settle on probably the one least likely to do anything. Truth be told they had a powerful clue in arresting Lurene Tuttle. Seems as though she discovered Campbell's body on the deck of his house and her shoe heel got caught between the timbers. She broke it off when she fled the scene and Lt. Tragg finds it. But I have to say that I can't believe that Collins or William Talman could really believe she did the deed.

Which makes the acquittal for her that Raymond Burr got all the more satisfactory. But the real killer is a sympathetic figure as well. This is one you hope that Perry Mason took up that case and got a nice plea bargain for the killer.
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Youthful Dirtbag
darbski25 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** William Campbell played a guy (usually) that people loved to hate, or at least dislike. Why? I think that a lot of it had to do with his looks. He was handsome, surely, but also, he had that overaged Juvenile delinquent look; slicked back hair, crafty smile, upper register voice, an overall appearance of a scheming snake.

At the murder scene, Tragg said that they'd found some marks, and a little blood. There should have been a significant blood trail from having been dragged over to where the body could be put int the trunk of a car. Whose car? The cleaning lady screamed when she found the blood pool under the porch. Must have been a a pretty sheltered cleaning person, to be so upset at a pool of blood.

Perry's '59 Ford Fairlane looks lame next to the decedent's beautiful '60 Buick, the killer is real good looking, Della is beautiful. The defendant was doing the right thing, and trying to get by among a bunch of sketchy characters. A very good episode, good acting, worth a 10.
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