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Great story and heartfelt humor
dlbhina62227 April 2013
For years, throughout the MTM show, Rhoda's marriage was anticipated, but never did I expect to actually see it happen. And it happens in true Valerie Harper fashion: nothing goes right but she still never loses her smile or courage, as in real life.

What makes this episode (1&2) so memorable for me is Rhoda's will and determination to make it work, to see all the old cast together with her, and especially the seeming spontaneity of reaction by all. It is heartfelt, feels sincere and genuine in their all wanting her to marry Joe.

This is for me the ultimate TV episode, with scenes both inside and outside not distracting, the dry humor, "One guy tried to write graffiti on my dress", and the way Cloris Leatchman tries to get sympathy from the crowd, all unforgettable.
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Viewing this from 2020 perspective
stalkofs16 January 2020
I came across this via some article I saw on Facebook, saying how memorable it was. I have forgotten about this. The video is on You Tube, I decided to watch. I remember it is about a Jewish family in New York City, mainly on woman, Rhoda, besides the cast. I thought of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, but Mrs Maisel takes place maybe 10+ years before. This had me comparing Rhoda / Valerie Harper, with NY accent, looks and antics with Rachel Broshanen, her looks, speech and antics, Two actresses, two characters years apart. I don't know if Rachel is familiar with Rhoda or the writers ever had Rhoda in mind, both situations with similar people in similar places. Perhaps Rhoda wasn't a comedian on the show but Valerie was doing comedy.

Looking at the gritty New York scenes on the subway and in the street as Rhoda scrambles to her wedding. I had the thought of The Odd Couple of which reruns are still on. Behold, I saw the actress who played Pushover Page as Rhoda's neighbor in the hallway. I am thinking at the time Felix and Oscar are living in the same neighborhood.

A lot of phone routines in this episode, way before the cellphone. Imagine how not as funny this would have been with the cellphone. The color of the phone, piss yellow, people don't have cellphones that color. Much of it seems timeless.

I have thought about perhaps the Seinfeld Crew or the crew from Friends moving into Rhoda and Brenda's apartment. I know the Simpson voice, but seeing Judy Cavanaugh on the show, seems to be as if a secret character mysteriously came live out of the cartoon with that voice.

Like I have said, it has been a long long time since I have seen this. Worth watching again, still funny. See it online.
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