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Carrie And Mr Big Meets Once Again
Desertman846 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Carrie goes to California to promote her book and visits Big. When they meet, Carrie is surprised at how much her former lover has changed. Joining Carrie on the press junket is her man-hungry publicist Samantha, who, surprisingly, has grown disillusioned with New York men.Charlotte sleeps with her unappealing divorce lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt.

We get to see Carrie meet Mr Big once again.We can still see that they still have feelings for each other.Also,we finally get to see Charlotte find another guy in Harry.Also,we get see Samantha getting sick and tired of men from New York that she wants someone in California.Overall,it was a great episode considering we get to see the reunion of Carrie and Mr. Big.
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