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Poor Childhood
claudio_carvalho16 May 2006
Lana Lang witness Lex Luthor having a nightmare with his baby brother Julian in the edge of the balcony of his castle and saves him from falling. She tells Clark Kent, who finds that Lex is submitting to an experimental treatment with Dr. Garner (Martin Cummins) in the Summerholt Institute trying to retrieve his seven weeks of lost memory. Clark looks for Lionel Luthor trying to save his friend, but he is betrayed by Lionel and delivered to Dr. Garner to reveal his secret in a kryptonite memory tank.

"Memoria" is certainly the best episode of the Third Season of Smallville. The dramatic story discloses the traumatic childhood of Lex, what happened with Julian and the reason with Lionel hates him so much. Clark also recollects his mother Lara in Krypton, and her concern with him. In the end, we see two opposite origins, one full of love and the other full of hate. Consequently, a hero and a villain are born. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Lembranças" ("Remembrances")
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Lex's character expands
Rcwilkinson1234 December 2007
A very pivotal piece of the history of Lex Luthor is revealed in this fabulous episode.

Lex is attending sessions at Summerhold Institute to try and regain the memories he lost when his father put him through electroshock therapy at Belle Reeve Sanatorium. However, he is suffering psychotic breaks from these treatment sessions. One of these breaks causes him to relive the birth and death of his baby brother Julian when he is twelve years old. Not only does he witness the event, he also sees who was really behind the tragic death of his brother, stirring additional anger towards his deceitful father.

This episode is fabulous. It is always interesting to see events that witness toward an antihero's decline, and this episode definitely contributes to that downward path.
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3x19 - Rewatch (Lex-centric)
DCSassyQueen21 July 2016
I am beginning to see that every Lex-centric episode this season has the highest ratings. So, it is obvious that I need more of Lex's story in my life.

"Memoria" begins with a flashback to Lex as a child babbling about baby Julian & continues to show him as an adult on the edge of his balcony screaming Julian's name. Righteous Lana shows up in the nick of time to pull him down from the ledge & the nightmare he was having.

We get a look into Lex's past life & it is very intriguing & sad. You can tell all Lex wants is to be loved & to have friends.

I am getting tired of my best friend lying to me. Really Clark? You are talking about Lex lying to you. Clark has to stop this holier than art act that he pulls with Lex because, in this episode, he was the definition of a hypocrite. His hypocrisy was at its peak when his dark side came out (as Lionel Luthor said... yeah I agree with him) when he went running to Lionel Luthor for help about Lex regaining his memories. Who would have ever thought I would side with Lionel? The fact that Lex was still willing to help Clark when he was in trouble makes me feel so sorry for Lex that no one trusts him. My heart hurts for him. Then, he took the fall for his mother. Man... give The Luthor's an Oscar for this emotional episode.

In other news, Clark finds out his earliest memories & that his mother's name was Lara. Also, he realizes that his biological parents were not monsters.

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The best episode of all 10 seasons
fallenangel19833 June 2019
A real game changing episodes where we delve deeper into the characters of Clark and Lex. Michael Rosenbaum delivers another outstanding performance and Tom Welling is much less awkward.

A favourite every time I do reruns!
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hollowfs12 March 2019
Such a sad episode. It really makes you feel for Lex.
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The past can change the future
PUstrontium2 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Outline: Lex is working to get the seven weeks back into his memory. Lana finds him on the ledge of his estate, having a memory about his deceased baby brother Julian. He claims he was "sleepwalking," but you find out that Lex is going to Summerholt Institute to do some experimental tests to retrieve his memories. Instead of getting his last seven weeks back, he's remembering his childhood. Eventually, Lex remembers the death of the baby clearly. He finds his mother with a pillow, after smothering her. After telling his father the truth, Lionel claims that if he'd known, things would be different. "Yeah, you might actually love me," says Lex. In attempt to stop Lex from doing the experiments, afraid that he'll remember his secret, Clark goes to Summerholt, where Lionel has him tested on, and Clark can't help himself because they use kryptonite for the testing. Eventually, he has the memory of being put in the ship, and of his birth mother, Laura. Lionel is upset to find out that nothing of other importance was found.

I thought this episode was interesting enough, but it focused too much on the Luthor's. Lana, Sam, and Jonathon all weren't even in the episode, and they are more favored in my mind. I'm also tired with Lionel's obsession with Clark. Things never really seem to get let go on this show.
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