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Bye bye, Richie...
MaxBorg8910 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After the relative calm of House Arrest, violence bursts in all its glory in the two-part season finale, of which The Knight in White Satin Armor constitutes the first half.

The screenplay focuses on two conflicting images: one couple forming, the other disrupting. In the left corner we have Richie Aprile (David Proval) and Janice Soprano (Aida Turturro), soon to be married despite general consensus nothing good can derive from their union (even Janice has her doubts, especially when it comes to Richie's bizarre sexual habits); in the right corner we have Tony and his Russian mistress Irina who, after learning the fat mobster is dumping her for good, threatens to kill herself and aims to keep that promise in a desperate attempt to win her man back. Death is also on the line in another context, as Richie keeps pressuring Junior to allow a new hit on Tony. However, it will ultimately be Richie himself who gets in trouble because of his extreme behavior, though not at the hands of who you might expect.

Apart from the opposite views on couples, Episode 12 of the second season deals prominently with the theme of trust, a fact underlined by Tony's comments when Junior tells him he was just pretending to be Richie's ally. In the world of organized crime, allegiances are in short supply, and the brief but very tense encounter between uncle and nephew anticipates the imminent closure of the subplot concerning Pussy's dubious activities.

But most of all, this show marks two departures: those of Proval and Turturro. Okay, so the latter returns in Season 3, Episode 2, but seeing her leave New Jersey to sort things out is a gripping moment. As for Proval, well, it was obvious he wouldn't last long (although James Gandolfini wanted Richie to live for at least another season), and it's equally evident the writers have the power to clip any character they please, but hey, he remains one of the serial's most charismatic presences. Oh, and his exit is just like his entrance: unforeseen, unstoppable and arbitrarily bloody. Magnificent.
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The Knight in White Satin Armor (#2.12)
ComedyFan20109 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Richie and Janice are getting engaged. But he is causing trouble. HE wants Junior to make another hit on Tony, only this time Junior tells it to Tony. He is thinking of getting rid of Richie, but he doesn't have to as Janice kills him herself. Tony also breaks up with his mistress and has to deal with her wanting to kill herself.

An excellent episode. First of all, Richie's death was great. I liked the character and am sad that he is gone.But it was done greatly. I only saw what is coming when he hit Janice, then I could see in her eyes that he is a goner. Which speaks for great acting on her part. But before that I wouldn't have said that this is the way he will be gone.

The story about the mistress was fun. The character wasn't very big to miss, but she always brought some comic relief. Here we have it again, with the shrink issue, including the Romanian one whom she wouldn't talk to because of some national issues.
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Brilliant Conclusion
bcorig26 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Carmela's ironic understated assessment of the ill-fated coupling of Richie and Janice still gives me chills as "I Saved the World Today" rises in the background. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Given the arc of this season, it was the perfect conclusion.
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Richie Boy
ctomvelu-116 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Richie and Janice announce their engagement, to Tony's dismay. Tony breaks it off with Irina, which results in disastrous consequences. Richie, pressured by Janice, pushes Junior on okaying another hit on Tony. This makes Junior finally realize what he must do. And Richie learns the hard way what happens when you cross Janice. A great episode. It also is a farewell of sorts to Janice and Richie, two of my favorite "Sopranos" bad guys. Irina goes through some shocking changes upon being dumped, and Oksana Lada, the Ukrainian-born actress behind this volatile creature, certainly deserved an Emmy nomination. Speaking of a woman scorned, the deliciously desperate Irina will return to wreak further havoc on the Fat Man.
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a cooperating witness..
Arth_Joshi23 September 2018
The Sopranos

A classic take on the most beloved genre which clearly suggests the crazy love it received from the audience but also left a long lasting impression on critics and awards shows where it took away five justified Golden Globes to its home. The Sopranos is a character driven series about a family that basically runs the whole town, just illegally.

The writing is adaptive, gripping and ground-breaking on terms of its structure that is so eerily easy as it slips away from the audience like some jelly; it is sweet, nutritious and immensely pleasing. It is rich on technical aspects like its metaphorical cinematography, sharp sound effects and up beating songs along with palpable background score. The series is shot beautifully, each and every color sparks up neatly; especially the visuals that are taken in sunny days are amazing.

The performance by the cast is plausible since the effort is clearly visible but Gandolfini, Bracco, Falco and Imperioli stands alone due to their easiness in their acts. Gandolfini; at the heart of it, oozes power and the aegis nature which is what helps makers keep the audience rooting for the character.

The relationship between Gandolfini and Bracco is the highlight of the series due its fragile tone which is soothing to experience as it lights up the series in a whole new way. Pragmatic conversations, three dimensional character, gut-wrenching politics, brawny dialogues and brilliant execution are the high points of the feature that makes it one of the best series.

Season 02

Unlike the first one, the second act is weaved to run for a longer time, it adds up few characters and shakes the old ones and milks out the apt and diverse than the previous one which shows us, the boldness and maturity of the makers to visit such newer territories.

The Knight In White Satin Armor

The results are in, they are nail-biting and unexpected, and the ability of the makers to pull off such an eerie heist is what makes it thoroughly entertaining and accurately placed whose credit goes to fine editing.
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