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Nana Visitor: Major Kira



  • Major Kira : Odo, I know you don't need to eat. But did you ever try it anyway?

    Odo : Once, not long after I was first able to assume the humanoid form.

    Major Kira : And?

    Odo : And since I don't have taste buds, it was very unsatisfying, not to mention... messy.

    Major Kira : Messy?

    Odo : I'd rather not talk about it.

  • Major Kira : [introducing]  This is Tiron, a... business associate of Quark's. This is Odo - my lover.

    Tiron : Well... You're a very lucky man.

    Major Kira : I'm... a lucky woman.

    Odo : [bewildered]  Yes - we're both very lucky.

  • Tiron : So, Mr. Odo, what is it that you do?

    Odo : I'm Chief of Security on this station.

    Tiron : Oh. A station this size must be a very challenging job. I hope you're well compensated.

    Major Kira : Oh, money doesn't matter. All we need is each other. Isn't that right - sweetheart?

    Odo : Yes - sweetheart.

  • Major Kira : Money isn't everything.

    Tiron : Oh, no. But it can buy everything.

  • [Quark is honoring Kira as his one millionth customer] 

    Major Kira : Quark, I don't have time for this!

    Major Kira : [pointing at the next customer]  Why don't you make him your one millionth customer?

    Quark : But Major, that would be dishonest.

    Major Kira : That never stopped you before!

  • Major Kira : What do you think you're doing, Quark?

    Quark : Nothing.

    Odo : Ha!

    Major Kira : Then what's this?

    Quark : Oh, you mean this holo-imager? I was just recording the image of the Promenade to send home to my mother.

    Odo : Ha!

    Major Kira : You're trying to take a holo-scan of me, and I wanna know why.

    Quark : Of you? Not at all! You just happened to get in the frame.

    Odo : Ha!

    Quark : Will you stop doing that?

    Odo : Not until you start telling the truth.

  • Major Kira : [to Quark]  If I ever catch you pointing a holo-imager at me again, you will end up eating it.

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