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  • Though Bill gripes about Judy's constant nagging and under-appreciation to his poker buddies, Judy's sudden arrival, happily serving them beer and pizza, proves how easy Bill really has it. Judy releases her well-founded frustrations over Bill to her sympathetic hairdresser, Gary, whom Judy's gone to for nine years. Bill's early arrival to pick her up invades "Judy time." While she's under the dryer, Bill offends Gary by telling him what a great "racket" this "rip-off" artist runs. Judy thereafter finds herself unable to book another appointment. Upon learning the reason, she immediately sends Bill to apologize to Gary. Gary not only accepts Bill's apology but gives him a free hair treatment with complimentary back massage. Bill clearly responds to the therapeutic aspects of Gary's service and quickly becomes a regular client, but Judy resents this invasion of her special time away from home and family problems. They try staggering appointments but it doesn't work out, so they finally draw cards to see who will continue with Gary. Bill's king beats Judy's jack until Bill has to admit to his poker buddies what they're playing for. Lost among all this is Brian trying to bring an attractive girl to the house for a study session.


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  • Bill and Judy fight over an understanding hairdresser named Gary (David Hasselhoff)

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