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Was it all worth it?
bkoganbing21 February 2019
This Virginian story has Trampas and Randy going on a horse buying trip to see another Ponderosa type owner Telly Savalas and they walk into a situation where Savalas and his bought and paid for sheriff and judge are evicting tenants off of land they worked and developed out of the desert for Savalas. Now that it is worth something he can get tons of money for it.

Savalas as we learn was a barber when he came west and started his little empire. But he's got zero empathy for these people. Besides their leader Robert F. Simon won't resort to violence, he's waiting for the courts to decide.

Randy Boone wants to just get the horses and leave, but Doug McClure gets his back up. Besides he's fallen for Brenda Scott who is Simon's daughter.

A rather bloody climax leaves the survivors wondering did all have to come to this.

Also in important roles are Douglas Kennedy as Savalas's sheriff and Buck Taylor as his punk son whom Savalas tries to educate to some of the finer things in life he missed.

One of Doug McClure's best episodes from the series.
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