"WKRP in Cincinnati" Changes (TV Episode 1982) Poster

(TV Series)


Gary Sandy: Andy Travis


  • [first lines] 

    Bailey Quarters : [as Bailey and Les stare out the window in deep contemplation]  Have you ever wondered what makes someone what they are?

    Les Nessman : Have you ever wondered why Russian women look like men?

    Bailey Quarters : I hadn't noticed.

    Les Nessman : I think they kidnap men from all over the world, take them to Moscow and turn them into Russian women.

    Bailey Quarters : [giggling under her breath]  Do you?

    Les Nessman : I think that's what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. By now, he's probably a grandmother in the Ukraine.

    [Andy sneaks up behind Bailey and Les, who are startled when he speaks] 

    Andy Travis : Whadda you lookin' at?

    Bailey Quarters : Ah, there's a man in the building over there on the sixteenth floor who's exercising in the nude again.

    Andy Travis : [coughing]  Seen Venus?

    Bailey Quarters : Nude?

    Andy Travis : No, just around.

    Les Nessman : I think he's in the bullpen arguing with Herb.

    Bailey Quarters : Or else he's in Russia being turned into a ballerina.

    Andy Travis : I'll check the bullpen first.

  • [Mr. Carlson, Herb and Jennifer are in the reception area when Andy enters] 

    Andy Travis : [to Mr. Carlson]  Did you want to see me?

    Arthur Carlson : Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I want you to impress upon Herb how important it is that he sign new clients.

    Andy Travis : [turns to Herb in confusion, then turns back to Mr. Carlson]  OK, why don't you tell him yourself?

    Arthur Carlson : Well, I can do that now because Herb's here, but he wasn't here when I sent for you. I was going to tell you to tell him, then I left, and of course when I got back Herb was here, but I couldn't tell him because you said you sent for me, and then I answered you, so there you go.

    Andy Travis : So now what?

    Arthur Carlson : Well, I don't know.

    [Venus enters the room] 

    Venus Flytrap : What's going on?

    Andy Travis : Ah, Mr. Carlson was just explaining nuclear physics to us.

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