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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Real black and white footage from PETA in the opening scene, including a live racoon being slammed on the ground, a skinned dog being kicked and beaten and a mink being skinned alive while it's head is stomped flat, all with graphic sounds. The killer watches all this footage on TV and seems to be enjoying it.
  • The killer is executed in the electric chair (blood drips down his face afterwards). He doesn't die.
  • we see the killer take a baby away from a woman, slam it into a pole BUT before the baby hits said pole the scene ends.
  • Black & white footage of a cockroach, rat, dog, BABY, and woman SEEN DYING AND DECOMPOSING in sped-up real time.
  • A woman with a bloody face is seen in black & white footage screaming to the camera. She is seen EATING THE BABY'S DECOMPOSED BODY off the floor.
  • A dead animal is seen hanging in the killer's basement.
  • A cop turns around a chair with a dead woman in it which sets off a trap with a pickaxe that stabs him in the head.
  • A cop is drilled in the back of the head by the killer (very hard to see anything because it is so dark).
  • The killer slashes a cop (barely visible in the darkness).
  • A cop discovers a bloody body hanging from the ceiling.
  • We see the slashed cop had his throat cut and his dead body is very bloody on the ground. The pickaxe murder victim and the dead woman in the chair are discovered by another cop.
  • A cop is attacked by the killer. Another cop discovers his body hanging from the ceiling with blood dripping down it.
  • A cop points a gun at the killer who attacks him. They fight briefly until the cop knocks the killer on the ground and repeatedly kicks him. Then he points a gun at him and puts him in handcuffs.
  • When being harassed by three cops in jail, the killer breaks one cop's arm, stabs the second one in the eye, and kicks the third one's head in between two of the prison bars which breaks off a chunk of the cop's face.
  • Brief scene of a boy yelling for help as he is trapped in a fire.
  • The killer is executed again in a faulty electric chair twice. The second time blood appears behind his face cover and he starts to catch fire but the power is turned off. He is still alive after this so his body is nailed inside a coffin and buried in a graveyard.
  • Some blood is seen as the killer's fingernails claw at the wood on the inside of the coffin. He breaks through the wood and a pile of dirt pours down on him.
  • The killer puts a cop in the electric chair and pulls the switch. The camera pans over to the killer at the switch so all we hear are the cop's screams and the electricity of the chair buzzing.
  • As a cop is leaning over the side of his bed, the killer pops out from underneath the bed and bites the cop's lips off. We see his body flailing and it's implied that the killer finishes him off.
  • A cop answers a knock at the door and the killer bursts into the room impaling the cop in the chest with a metal pole. He pins the cop to the wall with the pole and the cop hangs there until he dies soon after.
  • The impaled cop's body is discovered by another cop.
  • Newspaper picture of a skeleton in the dirt.
  • Five minute scene filmed in real time where the killer continuously hits a woman in the head with the back of a hammer. He starts off by tapping her lightly but he soon starts hitting her harder and harder until the blood covers her clothing, the back of her head is completely gone and there is blood all over the room. After he is finished, he sticks the handle of the hammer into the remains of her head.
  • A cop discovers a bathroom covered in blood with body parts in the tub.
  • A cop's wife and daughter are seen tied up in black & white camera footage. The killer shoots the wife in the head with a nail gun.
  • A cop shoots himself in the head with a gun. Brain matter and blood flies everywhere. His body is seen with blood all over the floor.


  • About a dozen F words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several police officers are seen smoking cigarettes.
  • A policeman pours himself a drink from a flask.
  • A policeman drinks alcohol and smokes a cigar at home.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Yes the PETA scenes arent the best to watch but Uwe put them there as he is an animal lover so they were meant to disturb and show people the sort of crap that people do to animals.
  • The whole movie is filmed with dark lighting and has a very intense atmosphere from the start to end. The scenes involving a baby starving and the corpse decomposing as well as a dog may cause distress.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A cop tells the killer in prison that he will be someone's 'bitch' tonight. Then they flip the killer around against the wall as one of them prepares to rape the killer but he escapes.

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