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love...but not in love
life_as_a_decoy9 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Last night I went to a screening of this film and didn't know what to expect. I have to say this is the best Adam Sandler comedy since Happy Gilmore. It seems that with this new comedy duo that Sandler got his magic back. This story is about two firefighters in Brooklyn who have been best friends for what seems like forever. Larry Valentine (James) is a single dad trying to raise two kids on his own and Chuck Levine (Sandler) is a notorious playboy who has a new girl(s) every night. When Larry tries to change his beneficiary from his late wife to his children he finds out that the process would take a long time. Because he's a firefighter, and worries that he could go at anytime, he wants to make sure his kids will be OK. After a traumatic incident he feels even more pressure. When he finds a loophole in the system, he asks Chuck to be his domestic partner. Throughout the movie their relationship is under fire and it's up to their attorney, Alex (Jessica Beal), who believes they're gay, to save them from criminal charges. They try to keep their relationship a secret but it eventually gets out that they're a couple. Everyone they know starts treating them differently and they are witness to the discrimination homosexuals face on a regular basis. Little do they know, when they defend themselves, they defend gay people in general. Dan Aykroyd plays their Captain at the fire house and is also their voice of reason. Steve Buscemi plays an inspector who is sent to their house to catch them at their game. There are numerous cameos, by some of everyone's favorites, and they show up at some of the most random times making their appearance in the movie that much funnier. When I left the theater I felt like a did 100 crunches because I was laughing so hard. It didn't drag, and it didn't get overly sappy, at any point. Some of the jokes are stereotypical, but it's the first time most of them have been on the big screen so it was fresh humor. I sat next to my gay friend through the screening and I've never seen a man laugh so hard in my entire life. So, for all you people who think this movie will be a bash at homosexuals, I say watch the movie and then make your opinions. I enjoyed this movie so much that, when it comes out in July, I will PAY to go see it with my friends.
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Give it a go
ctron119 August 2007
OK it is full of stereotypes, yes the movie does old jokes, it is fairly predictable and we have seen it before. The crucial question is this – is it funny? The simple answer is yes. My wife wasn't enthused about this one, but she laughed heartily. For a comedy to be any good you need to laugh out loud at least 6 times. I think I laughed about 10-12 times. Some of the scenes were set up really well and the comedy acting was superb.

OK the plot is unbelievable and a little silly, but it's a comedy! Give it a go. If you love meet the parents, dumb and dumber, there is something about Mary and Kingpin, you will enjoy the show. If you have a cinematic bypass and love politically correct left-wing tripe – then this one isn't for you. Its as simple as that!
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Fun With Chuck and Larry
Chrysanthepop9 July 2008
Dugan's 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry' starts off like a typical Adam Sandler comedy with the usual lame jokes, but things take off when Kevin James steps in. Parts of the film do remind one of 'Three To Tango' but it has its own jokes and is quite an enjoyable comedic flick. It rests on a thin plot that is lifted by the chemistry between the actors. James and Sandler are supported by a hilarious cast, which includes Ving Rhames (like you've never seen before), Steve Buscemi, Dan Akroyd and Rob Scheider, that provides some excellent comic relief. Jessica Biel has never looked better (what a body!). Child actor Cole Morgen is remarkably talented. And of course Kevin James and Adam Sandler are great. While the film is full of fun and laugh-out-loud moments, fortunately it's not offensive in any way, considering the theme. It's quite pro-gay. Overall, this is a fun film. If one is in search of something light and some laughter, 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry' is a recommendation.
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Another instance of critics missing the point
jellyneckr24 July 2007
Gay jokes have always been staple of Adam Sandler comedies. It goes with Sandler's juvenile, boyish sense of humor. As far back as his "Saturday Night Live" days, Sandler has been serving up gay jokes left and right. It was only a matter of time until Sandler decided to extend his love of gay humor to feature length. What's surprising is how well I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry actually works. I've often said the best movies are the ones that have a point for existence. When millions are being spent, there should be a reason. Most of Sandler's pictures have had a message, however small they be. Billy Madison made it clear to its young audience to stay in school. Click made it painfully obvious that family is important. Now 'Chuck and Larry' comes with a message about tolerance and acceptance. I wasn't going to write a comment about 'Chuck and Larry', but after reading the critics' extremely venomous reaction to the flick, I think that they miss the point. Many have labeled it hypocritical for wanting to laugh at gays while standing up for them. Honestly I think the critics who say that had their minds made up about the film before they viewed it. The characters making homophobic remarks and jokes are seen as ignorant and unaware. True, there are stereotypes present, though most of them are stereotypes that the characters believe to be true. I found Brokeback Mountain to have just as many if not more stereotypes than are present here yet that was intended to be a serious drama.

80% of the jokes in 'Chuck & Larry' work the ones that don't are simply due to pacing. There's about ten more minutes of fat that could have been sucked out of the running time. Luckily, it's nowhere as dreadfully long as the Knocked Up was. However, I do wish that the film shared Knocked Up's R-rating (trims were made to make this a PG-13). There are times when the editing is extremely obvious and distracting, which took me out of the scene at times. Here's hoping for the original cut to be released on DVD. Somehow I doubt that it will. As satisfying as 'Chuck & Larry' is, seeing it as intended would be more fulfilling.

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May I have my cake and eat it please? Oh, no need to worry about the taste.
bob the moo13 July 2009
Chuck and Larry are buddies and fellow fire-fighters in New York. They are very close and would do anything for one another so, when a problem with Larry's pension arrangements comes up that can be solved by entering into a civil partnership, Chuck agrees to pose as his "husband" in order to solve the admin problem. Sadly a high profile fraud case in another state means that the "couple" are under scrutiny from obsessive investigator Clint Fritzer and must play their roles to the full. Hilarity naturally ensues but can everyone also learn a lesson as well?

It dismays me to hear people praising this film for its "sensitive handling" of the subject of homosexuality and the way it challenges bigoted thinking on the subject – such thoughts can be found in the comments section on this site and they dismay me because sadly to some viewers this film may be the nearest thing to "discussion" on homosexuality that they have had. In this way maybe one could make a case for this film being an effective but blunt tool for the mostly teenage male fan-base of Adam Sandler to be "reached" and "educated" by giving them what they want in terms of crude humour and broad stereotypes but then also leaving them with a message that will teach them the error of their ways. It would certainly be nice to say that but one cannot help feel that this is not the reality and that, rather than using the crude stereotypes as a vehicle to deliver a message to a traditionally homophobic fan-base, the film is actually using the message to facilitate lots of homosexual stereotypes, jokes and clichés.

This is what the film does throughout – it wants to have its cake and then also get to eat it. So, spoiler alert, it turns out that homosexuals are people too. Apparently (according to the film) it is NOT OK to treat them differently and exclude them from things and anyone who does, well, y'know what, ell, turns out those that are do are the real jerks. That is about as sophisticated as the message gets but that is perhaps to be expected and for the target audience maybe that is challenging enough. Unfortunately for the wider audience or casual viewer it will come off as little more than patronising and not make up for the fact that the majority of the film flies in the face of this. What the rest of the film does is draw laughs from the fact that two straight characters have to "be gay" – which of course means all the stereotypical stuff that we all know. So nobody wants to pick up the soap in the shower (because all a gay man needs to be aroused is the sight of someone's ass), disco music is played, finger-snapping is everywhere and so on. Fortunately it is sporadically amusing and provided me with a few chuckles whether I wanted to give them up or not. It is not THAT funny though and the casual viewer will mostly just let the brash, obvious humour wash over them without it doing much.

The cast buy into it well though and do their best to sell it. Sandler is his usual rather annoying self and does his best to prove he cannot act by being the usual "irresistible to women" thing rather than the "creepy man-child" that he would be were his character real. James comes off a lot better I'm not really seen him before although he probably does fit TV better than films but he does have a good comic presence and also does OK with coming over more of a regular guy. Loved Ving Rhames in it – sending up his tough guy image while Buscemi, Aykroyd and a few others are amusing in support. Biel has an amazing body and that is pretty much what she is asked to do – be in underwear and look stunning, both of which she effortlessly does but nothing else comes forward.

This film is not the awful piece of comedy that some critics have said but it is a simple, stereotypical comedy about homosexual clichés that tries to justify it by having a very basic message that most people should have already learnt in the 1990's. While some may praise the film for having this message I find it more concerning that people still see this message as somehow "worthy" rather than "d'uh – of course". Some laughs help it through and Sandler's fans will enjoy it despite the "message" but for the casual viewer it is just another clumsy and crude Adam Sandler film.
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Bad, Bad, Bad
pflaumja1 December 2007
By far the worst comedy of the year. I do not know why anyone would think that Chuck and Larry was funny. Not only was this movie not believable, it was boring. In no way was this movie believable. If you actually think Gay men act this way, then you are living on the moon. I don't know why certain actors even had cameos in this film. This movie wasn't even remotely funny. The plot was dumb, the jokes were bad, and the movie was way too long. Chuck and Larry was not funny at all and was borderline offensive at times. Save yourself 2 hours and watch anything else with Adam Sandler or Kevin James. This movie is not worth the time. You will thank me for it!
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Much better than I expected
shootingstar56223 July 2007
I saw this movie yesterday with my boyfriend, my best friend, and another male. Several minutes into the movie I turned to my best friend and whispered "What have these guys dragged us to?" and rolled my eyes at the movie that I assumed would be another hour and a half of male oriented comedy. I was way wrong. Half an hour into the movie my sides hurt from laughing, and by the end I couldn't stop smiling at not only the humour, but the surprising good moral taught by this movie.

What begins as lame humour accompanied by nearly naked women, quickly turns into a heart-warming comedy about friendship and the definition of love. Not to say it doesn't still have a fair bit of goofiness and humour, because there's definitely a lot of that too; hilarious movie in my opinion.

I ended up being so glad we had chosen to attend this movie. When I saw the previews weeks before I hadn't even considered going to see it, but now I'm happy I did. Hilarious movie, great actors, and a cute message hidden underneath, what more could you ask for?
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The 700 Club couldn't come up with a better piece of gay-bashing
3s2m13 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Is it possible to claim to support marriage rights for same-sex couples and still be homophobic? After seeing "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" the answer is yes. Two heterosexual Brooklyn firemen (Kevin James and Adam Sandler) file a domestic partnership claim so that one of the men can protect his children in case of his death, him being a widower. In spite of the specious setup, the opportunities for a charming farce were all there, but Sandler (and director Dennis "as an actor I was who they got when they couldn't get Bruce Dern so I now direct bad comedies instead" Dugan) mucked it up with a bunch of lame jokes and condescending stereotypes of gays.

The woman (Jessica Biel) who advises Chuck and Larry to beware of a fraud investigation is a heterosexual woman with a flaming queen for a brother. Everyone at the AIDS benefit is a voguing, prancing flamer dressed in costumes that would make Elton John squirm, and when anti-gay protesters crowd the outside of the building where the event is held, only Adam Sandler and Jessica Biel's characters have the courage to stand up to them at all. In another scene, the mailman hits on one of them. What's worse is Kevin James' character's effeminate son. Apparently because he wants to try out for the school musical and can dance, he must be gay.

This is not an issue of political correctness, which I abhor. In fact, I don't mind gay jokes that are funny. But there's a line between jokes about homosexuality and making fun of gays, which this movie crosses like it was the finish line of the 100 yard dash. This film's message is apparently that "gays are sick freaks, but let them get married anyway." That is a profoundly anti-gay message. SInce GLAAD approved this film just as they also approved the patronizing BS of "Will and Grace" and "Queer as Folk", they ought to change their name to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Intellectual Honesty. Adding insult to that injury, the film's funny moments are too few and far between.

What's perplexing is how Barry Fanaro, a former writer for "The Golden Girls," a classic 1980s sitcom which had a few episodes about non-stereotyped gays, got into this mess. I guess Lifetime Network's been stiffing him on residuals and he's sick of Ramen Noodles. There is also an embarrassingly bad performance by Rob Schneider as an Asian justice of the peace. In fact, I'm more offended by this than Mickey Rooney's character in "Breakfast at Tiffany's;" at least that film could use the excuse that it was 1961, but there's no excuse here. That the untalented Schneider is half-Filipino does not make it better. And how did Dan Aykroyd or the obnoxious David Spade get involved in this bigoted debacle? With all the SNL alumni in this vomit-inducing garbage, I guess I'll be watching MAD TV from now on.
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A film about Adam Sandler trying too hard to look manly
KineticSeoul2 November 2009
This is a film where Adam Sandler literally tries too hard to act manly and cool. This is a very stereotypical movie with a lot of gay jokes thrown in, and has some sexist images of women. Charles "Chuck" Levine (Sandler) and Lawrence "Larry" Valentine (James) are veteran FDNY fire fighters. And during there routine Chuck almost gets killed and Larry saves his life. Soon Larry realizes he has difficulties naming his children as primary beneficiaries in his life insurance due to the death of his wife. So in order to get his benefit he needs to get married. Larry asks Chuck to enter a pretend marriage with him after Larry read a article about domestic partnerships. Chuck declines at first, but is reminded of his debt to Larry so he agrees. The main highlight of this film is when Alex McDonough(Jessica Biel) is thrown into the mix, who play Chuck and Larry's lawyer. I however disliked Adam Sandler in this movie, he just tries way too hard to prove he isn't gay in this film to point it gets a bit annoying and he is like banging every girl that crosses his path in this one, yeah firemen get girls but c'mon. At times it had it's moments and had some funny jokes but it really drags and don't know how to quit. I think it would have been awesome if Chuck and Larry eventually found out they are gay for each other cause Chuck is a sleazy gay character, but I doubt Adam Sandler would do it since he has such a high image of himself which I realized after I finished watching this movie. Basically the film is about Adam Sandler trying really hard to look manly, while there is a bunch of stereotypical gay jokes thrown in. Jessica Biel was really hot and attractive in this and is the main highlight of this film and finds herself in many situations in her underwear. Which is the main point, but her assets is a nice touch, so I can't complain.

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As If Brokeback Mountain Never Happened
watbarr26 July 2007
I'm not comparing the two movies, that would be sillier than Chuck and Larry put together. But, we're living the times that we're living and things do matter and things mean more than what they mean and everything means something. So, who's idea was this? Reactionary even in its attempt to be compassionate, tolerant and understanding. The film is not an insult to the issue of gays and gay marriage but to comedy itself. For instance: Chuck and Larry firefighters try to save a massively overweight man from a fire, the man falls on top of them and farts. Yep, that's the standard. Of course the movie opened to grosses large enough to demote Harry Potter himself to second place so they know what they're doing and I'm not sure what planet I'm living in. Richard Chamberlain and Lance Bass make special appearances, oh dear, oh dear. The appeal of Adam Sandler is way beyond me. I kind of liked him in in the PT Anderson movie and in Spanglish he was alright but those films didn't quite perform at the box office so I fear that Chuck and Larry is here to stay. Pity for him and pity for us.
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An Average Comedy
treeskier80227 July 2007
This film is basically an average comedy. You can poke a lot of holes in the plot and there is a lot of stupidity. Yet, there are some parts that make you laugh out loud. This is an entertaining film, but your own sense of humor should dictate whether you want to see it or not.

Sandler and James play New York firefighters. The basic premise is that Kevin James' character finds a loophole in the system so that if he marries Sandler, his children will easily get his employee benefits. Without a wife, his children would be held in limbo by the state for a while before they get any benefits. This, of course, is a stretch, but since it is a comedy you just kind of go with it.

So after James saves Sandler's life, Sandler agrees to go through with this. This is where the gay jokes ensue. Add in Ving Rhames who is a gay firefighter who comes out of the closet due to James and Sandler and also add in Jessica Biel as some eye candy who Sandler badly wants to date and you have all the ingredients of this comedy. Rob Schneider is funny playing an Asian minister. This movie is pro-gay I would say, so it shouldn't offend homosexuals, and Schneider is part Asian, so I guess he is supposed to be off the hook for making fun of that ethnic group. Anyway, all the jokes are supposed to be in good fun, but some people might get offended. If you are the type of person who gets offended easily, then you probably should avoid this movie.

Some nice cameos in the film and the soundtrack is largely comprised of known gay artists.

I saw this in the theater with my girlfriend. You would probably be smart to avoid the pricey theater tickets and wait until this comes out on DVD. This is not going to be a classic comedy and is not close to one of Sandler's best. At the same time, I don't think that it is an awful film either. Rating 6 0f 10 stars.
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way over the top comedy succeeds on acting, writing.
beauzee15 March 2015
as relatable as this 2007 film is to "today", it does have a few issues in...what?...believability? would a raging heterosexual assume the role of "gay partner" to help out his buddy in his goal of assuring that if he passes (he and Adam are firefighters) his children will have a good parent, in Adam? (James lost his screen wife recently and he is preoccupied with her memory and the reality that he could die at work).

there's some discomfort with the handling of the subject of "gay marriage" as a ton of clichés do get thru in the wild horseplay. but the script is brilliant, and so is the acting and comedy editing.

I see Sandler here, as a combo of Jerry Lewis, Al Pacino, and ...Adam Sandler. Look, he's no "deep" artist...but he is great at what he does. Buy this comedy!
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Cliché Cliché Cliché
radikian19 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'm really sorry that I paid for this movie and lost my time... the 4 stars I give to the movie are for the message, which, after all, can't be denied to be cute... love is all in the end! I haven't really seen that many movies with Adam Sandler in them, but the ones I've seen, I've liked them, so I thought, hey, Adam's in a gay movie, great!...

I guess to the eyes of most straights who are not that involved in the gay thing, the jokes in the movie were awesome.. yeah... it's all stereotypes and we make fun of the stereotypes everywhere... but that is the thing... while stereotypes are made fun of, they don't really educate, clarify, or any similar, and that, to the gay community is something very crucial at this point of the history... At this point, the gay community NEEDS that the mainstream knows what homosexuality REALLY is..

The movie presents gays as all being sissies, effeminate, girly, etc... come to think of it... even the grumpy fireman who turned out to be gay (being the reason to all his anger, as he was afraid of coming out) ended up being a sissie..

Now, don't take me wrong... sissies have nothing wrong... they're actually fabulous, and they are PART of the DIVERSITY of the gay community... but they are not the total... there are a HUGE more types of people, just like in the "straight community" and it's not fair that we gays are always thought of as girly guys who squeal when they see a mouse, once again, not because there's something wrong with that, but because it's just not the way everyone is... after all, everyone is entitled to individuality.

Some of you have seen it, for example, in the "Brokeback Mountain" film. Those two cowboys, being bisexual both of them, were not at all sissies, but there wasn't much problem with that movie in the sense that it dealed with only two... however this time in the Adam Sandler movie ALL LGBT people is presented as being gay...

catch my grip?
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Premise unbelievable; offensive "humor"
kilpattorney26 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It was hard for me to get past the premise that Larry had to be married in order to have his pension go to his children if he died. That made no sense at all and was not believable. And why would he even want Sandler's character to raise his children, given his wild bachelor lifestyle? But, I reminded myself that it was a comedy and I let the movie's ridiculous premise go. Still, there wasn't much to laugh at in the movie. I'm heterosexual but felt it made fun of gay people and played up stereotypes. Why was just about everyone at an AIDS fund raiser flamboyantly gay? Why did the wedding chapel guy have to have stereotyped Asian speech and appearance reminiscent of racist films from the 1930s? (I know Rob Schneider is part Filipino, but it was still bad). And why did the women have to be such bimbos? I know, it was a comedy, but it was so offensive that I found very little humor in it.
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coarse and crude
shalikh14 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
crude. In every sense!

The humor is so vulgar sometimes that i covered my eyes. The moments with footage of female back wearing underwear are longer than the funny moments. May be not offensive to gays, it certainly is offensive to women. The script doesn't seem to have any destination...except when it announces something suddenly. No buildup of events or anything. They created the scenes with the kids' potential sexuality but left it hanging. No reaction by the children after the news-paper 'coming out 'of their fathers.They didn't even use this silence to create a tension before the kids' part in the courtroom. The editing is pretty jerky. It even seems weak on the technical side. Maybe the reason that they took seven years to make this film is lack of money. yes, they brought up a timely topic- loving your same-sex friend as a heterosexual. And also how a typical homophobic may change mind when put through the same ill-treatment etc. But both of the messages are actually belittled by this third-rated failure of a comedy. I gave it 1 because it introduced me to the film 'strange bedfellows'. I hope to find in that one whatever i didn't get in this one.
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Insulting to everyone who's not a white male, but to to the gay community most of all.
mimi_murlough14 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I went into the movie with very low expectations, having read about how awful it was with regards to gay stereotypes. But what I didn't expect was for everyone who isn't a white straight male to be stereotyped. There were only two men who weren't white in the entire movie; one was an Asian caricature to a degree that I thought was extinct since the fifties, and the other one is the only black guy on the force – so of course he also doubles as the huge scary (crazy) guy. He's notable becomes a double offense when he, form the moment that he comes out of the closet, turns into a mincing sissy. This is supposed to be comedic, because can you imagine a big black guy who isn't scary? Or a black guy who I gay? What a hoot! The movie also suffers from rampant misogyny, depicting every single woman as a first class idiot who's naturally all over Chuck.

Mind you that this trait has nothing to do with Chuck being handsome, charming or anything else. In fact, his way of seduction is to mock and insult his target, then expecting them to obey his every command (which they incredibly do). He's not just this way to women either, in fact he constantly makes homophobic comments and treats his so called best friend like dirt, including turning his plea for help down without as much as a thought and having sex with his maid in his bed, while Larry's still in it and mere minutes after Larry clearly described how hard it was for him to let anyone sleep on his wife's side. Then there's the treatment of the issue at hand, of course. Apart from the raging stereotypes, it's as if the writers have no idea how homophobia works. The supposedly progressive lawyer asks the "couple" who is the chick – a question that is one of the parade signs of ignorance on homosexuality. Then she asks him out on a "girl day", basically trying to turn him into the gay pet cliché. The main characters themselves also continue to look slightly panicked in the presence of gay men, even as they go through a supposed character development.

As bad as this, or even worse, is that this movie about homosexuality is completely devoid of homosexuality. Really, there is no same sex love or attraction going on here at all except in the last five minutes or so. And then it's only a quick wedding between the two most prominent gay characters (as in the only gay characters with more than one line), who never even been shown on screen together before that. Even a fake kiss between the leads is avoided at all costs and treated like something absolutely horrific! Not to mention the often cited assurances of their heterosexuality in the form of an avalanche of female conquests and a dearly beloved wife respectively. Adding insult to injury, all the homophobia that we get to experience is directed against two straight men that are rather homophobic themselves – it's all just an act, so if they do feel hurt it's not on a personal level.

With the contradictions I've mentioned earlier, it seems like the purpose for this movie isn't to deal with homophobia, but to make straight men the heroes of gay people á la every mighty whitey story in history. Think about it; they never actually did anything to gain their heroic status. They were exposed as a fraud and then loads of people wanted them freed because… I don't know. I really don't. They have done nothing for their community aside from punching an anti gay activist in the face. If this is really enough to gain iconic status in spite of everything else, I can't see it as anything short of degrading the community to make Chuck (Larry is nothing but a sidekick, really) look like a hero with minimal effort. This is a minority that has claimed enormous improvements in their treatment these past fifteen years, who turn major cities into sanctuaries for diversity for a week of the year, and that at least in the US has rioted multiple times when the authorities went a step too far against them. But in this movie they don't dare lift a finger unless a straight man or woman takes the first step. And just like that, there goes the last drop of credibility that this train wreck of a movie might have had.

This is where some might wave my concerns off as sensitive and say that this isn't relevant to comedy. But fact is that timing, acting, or even Larry's rather sweet character can't save this movie after all the misogyny, homophobia, racism and what not that it's built upon. If you're not a white and mildly homophobic male, chances are that the continuous insults will ruin the fun.
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Why does Adam Sandler make these movies?
TOMNEL14 August 2007
Though they make money, Sandler's fish out of water comedies never fully worked in the past, and this one doesn't work at all! I went in with an open mind, but once I got ten minutes in, I knew I would hate this. In this stupid movie, Larry (Kevin James) wants to gay marry Chuck (Sandler) so he knows his kids will be taken care of. Of course they go through all sorts of wacky situations to make them seem gay, and bad humor ensues. One reason I may have hated this more than other Sandler films is the characters. I liked Larry Valentine and if Sandler decides to make more buddy comedies he should use Mr. James. Chuck on the other hand is an awful character. He is supposed to be comically bad for laughs, but he is such a bad person that you wonder why anyone is friends with this jerk. Every bit of humor in this was brainless including a scene where Chuck finds a marijuana cigarette has started a fire, and being a professional fireman, he shoots the owner of it in the face with a fire extinguisher and everyone, including the fire captain (Dan Aykroyd) laughs. One scene Chuck and Larry save a fat man from his fiery grave and instead of leaving the house or trying to put out the fire, they laugh that the fat man farted in the burning house. There's many more problems I have with everything but I'll just shorten it to, this was a really bad movie.

My rating: BOMB!/****. 105 mins. PG-13 for language, crude humor, sexual humor.
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Total MInd garbage
kruflynn8 November 2007
This movie is typical Adam Sindler. Absolute garbage. Adolescent tripe. Maybe if you are fourteen you might enjoy this movie, but even then you would have to be BRAIN DEAD! Come on, are you kidding me. More Hollywood crap pushing the envelope. Where are the good movies that actually engage the mind? These guys can't even act. I suppose you watch this to get a naughty little snicker. It is sad that this is what passes for humor with the obligatory fat kid and his fart, to the hot chicks and stupid sex humor. I don't consider myself a prude, heck, I grew up in the 70's and did the drugs etc. but c'mon... Pure junk! Well, I was I going to quit here but they won't let me, I guess there is a rule that a comment has to have ten lines. So, shall I say it any clearer... Find a better movie, any movie without Adam Sindler would be an upgrade!
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stereotype hell
nobbytatoes16 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
For this writer, the attraction of each Adam Sandler film becomes lower and lower. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry finally takes the cake, or breaks the tolerance; ironically when this films preaches about tolerance, to how lazy each film is and how far this film verges on insulting. In hind sight after viewing Chuck and Larry, there is an episode of South Park, which looked at gay marriages, also another episode on tolerance. As far yielding South Park has with its PC levels, the outcome is satire and social commentary gold. Screenwriters Alexander Payne, Barry Fanaro and Jim Taylor; looking at Payne and Taylor's previous films Sideways and About Schidt, something isn't right here. All three scrape the bottom of the barrel, digging up every cliché and stereotype to whip up a film more insulting than actually bringing awareness.

All Characters are flat and one-dimensional. Larry the sensitive father looking out for his kids, while Chuck the womanising ladies man, who is far from the Playboy Man he thinks. Every element of Chuck and Larry is basic 101 film making. Chuck is so ugly at the start, but only to make his transformation more impacting, but is deft of any impact. Dennis Dugan has become the main director for any of these Sandler comedies, with uninspiring and flat directing; whenever a good moment arises to adds strength, Dugan take all the easy steps. His paint by colours in hand. Gay stereotypes come flying left and right, all presented as the weak wristed men, who need the strong heterosexual to shown them how to be a man. Squirm as Cindy Lauper's 'Girls just wanna have fun', on a "girl" shopping spree, or the oldest joke of dropping the soap. That joke ought to stay in the Naked Gun.

Chuck and Larry, while presenting tolerance for the homosexual community, also brackets to simple respect for all people. Yet no tolerance is left for any audience member, or the groups and minorities they leave little for. Regression and backward steps are taken, instead of strengthening the rights for any group attacked by Conservatives. A staple of the Sandler's company Happy Madison is schmaltz life lessons that churn the stomach than warm the heart. Remember Click? Actually lets not remember. The final note that everything will work out hinges on some un-noted preconception. No burning effigies, but crowned heroes.

The real surprise here is Jessica Biel, who manged to rise above the rest, even when she's hardly trying. Along with Nick Swardson, who manages to hit the 'mock' button, these two were the only highlights in a horrible movie. Honestly, there were three chuckles released, and that's a poor show indeed when this abomination stretches for close to two hours.
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Awful. Go see Hairspray instead.
jamesmccormack22 July 2007
Dumb premise.

Offensive script.

It's official, Adam Sandler career is in the toilet.

Kevin James works on the small screen, keep him out of the movies.

Plays like a made for TV movie for the Lifetime channel.

You will find yourself thinking, "Will it ever end?" I wish I could find something nice to say but I would rather have my money back.

America, you deserve more than this drivel. Go see anything but this turkey. I be it will get a Raspberry Award. You want a good, entertaining film, go to Hairspray.
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Made me a bit angry
penroyaltea1 August 2007
If fart jokes and predictable plot/gags are your thing, then you surely won't be disappointed. The setup is promising enough, two hetero guys in masculine (some might suggest homoerotic) job such as firemen, get a civil partnership in order to reap the benefits if Chuck (who isn't covered by similar life insurance policies, unusual in a fireman- the same cynical few would say), dies in a toasty manor... cue 'flaming queen jokes'

You can't help but wonder if Southpark's Awesome-O pretend robot could do a much better job at picking Sandler's movie choices.

The plot (for what it's worth) was allegedly 'borrowed' by Rob Schneider (will get to him later) from the movie Strange Bedfellows (2004, Paul Hogan) and then passed on to Adam Sandler when the were in 'Animal'. The first half of the film is given to proving that Larry is somewhat of a ladies man, and like, totally not a gay; coercing two sisters he is cheating on at the same time to kiss, bedding strippers 4 at a time (...ok we get the point Sandler) and other such activities that are only permissible through a somewhat strenuous suspension of disbelief.

Chuck on the other hand, is a family man who has recently lost his wife, has a daughter and rather camp son who he doesn't understand, but has a talent for doing the splits that does raise a wry smile.

The turning point in the film is when Chuck and Larry 'rescue' a morbidly obese man from a fire, wisecracking all the way, escorting him out through the burning building (without any form of breathing apparatus) they trip and, predictably he lands on Sandler. And then farts. nope...didn't see that one coming either. Later on Chuck saves Larry's life and then owes him one so he makes him marry him. Fine...whatever...I'm not giving myself a hernia with this one.

The presentation of women in the film is truly the grimmest spectacle since White Chicks. They are brainless top-heavy morons whose only purpose in this film is to swoon over the irresistible charms of Sandlers character. One is a Doctor, one is a Lawyer...both are apparently pole dancers, and gullible ones at that.

The only redeeming feature of the film is that in order to achieve a saccharine, preachy ending, the characters of Chuck and Larry soften in their attitude to gays, even though from 'What, you mean like f*ggots?' the only way can surely be up, and the jury is out whether you can spend 99% of the time saying 'f*ggots are wrong and weird', and the end 1% saying, 'sure they're wrong and weird, but the correct vernacular is 'gay'. (I gave one star for the use of the word vernacular in such a low-brow film)

What is such a let down in the film, save every labored setup and grim inevitable gag, is such a rich mine was not tapped, not even skimmed. All cultures are funny, especially gays they're ripe, even ridiculous in parts. Where were the references to Brokeback Mountain (a film needing a good spoofing if e'er there was one) the Birdcag-esquire situations? Even 'In and Out'...at least steal some decent gay jokes.

It is a sad reflection of the LBGT community that they are so trod upon that the best they can hope for is;

"in its own disarming way, it's a call for equality and respect."(GLAAD) ...REALLY? Hey, I'm glad these people don't represent me...so in its own way Benny Hill was a plea for understanding in a world of a masculine oppression? right?

You can make a big deal of the 'yellowing-up' Chinese character played by Schneider, with 'me so solly' etc, but it's not worth your time, society has moved on and this is barely post-ironic, just pathetic.

More disturbing is the underlying homophobia throughout the film. There is no heart, no empathy, all the jokes are cruel and lame and will do nobody any favors. Except Sandler who will win an MTV award for comedic performance, get $25,000,000 at the least and sit smugly in his mansion knowing that every race, sexuality and religion save his own has been rightly put in its place.

So is this just harmless entertainment? or a disgusting endorsement of every cruel playground stereotype...you decide. Personally I don't like to be preached to about acceptance by a movie so utterly homophobic that it's almost certinaly just over compensating for something...not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Worst film ever
eliamagnus26 January 2009
This might just have been the worst film I've ever seen. It is not a comedy, not at all, because the jokes in it is just NOT funny, they are so cheap and easy that you would believe that someone wrote the script in one hour and fifty minutes! The fact that this film's got 6.2 on IMDb is simply quite disturbing and makes me wonder how stupid people these days are! I felt it as my responsibility to warn other potential watchers of this film, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT! And what the heck is up with Adam Sandler! He have to be the worst actor ever, and he seems to appear in all the wrong movies! And don't listen do them who thinks this is an excellent movie, they are either idiots or they have been doing something else than watching the film...
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Premise makes no sense
MJBlazin21 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
  • Pensions don't have beneficiaries. They have survivors. If Larry has orphans, the orphans benefits get paid to the legal guardian, designated by outside legal agreement. - If he had a 403 plan, with no beneficiary, it goes to his estate. See will comment above. The beneficiary is just a way to keep out of probate. - Why not go through the ceremony, trigger the change clause, change the beneficiary, and break up with no one the wiser? - Fraud implies theft of something valuable. The legal cases cited were for people bringing someone into the benefit program that lacked benefits. Both men were already in the program. Possibly if one had died and the other tried to collect spousal benefits, then you might have fraud. - What kind of benefits case has a public hearing?

Lame premise, lame movie. My mistake was accidentally seeing the Wedding Singer years ago and always assuming somehow, someway Adam Sandler will get back to that level. Instead he disappoints in movie after movie. I thought Kevin James might be able to keep him focused. Apparently the only person that can rein in Sandler's worst impulses and actually make a good movie is Drew Barrymore.

My local paper gave it a D and I ignored it. My bad.
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Quite a bit better than advertised
Buddy-5125 November 2007
In "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," Adam Sandler and Kevin James play two New York City fire fighters who pretend to be gay so that Larry's two kids can be raised by Chuck in the event of Larry's untimely death (Larry's wife has been dead for two years and he has not been able to bring himself to date another woman in all that time). The hitch is that to bring this about, the two of them will have to officially register as "domestic partners." Originally, they intend on keeping their "relationship" a secret, but when the government starts sending inspectors around to verify the validity of their claim, Chuck and Larry are left with the choice of admitting to the scam and going to jail or convincing everyone around them that they are indeed an actual couple.

As a "high concept" comedy, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" is pretty much a contrived manufacture from the get-go, mixing equal parts humor and sentiment in an attempt to play to the broadest possible audience - which is probably the only way the filmmakers could reasonably have gone with material this dicey. Yet, while the movie traffics in any number of lame stereotypes (gay as well as ethnic), it also has some important things to say about equality and acceptance in an ever changing world. The script achieves about a 50/50 ration in its humor - about half the jokes are zingers while the other half are clunkers - but the movie's heart is definitely in the right place, so much so that you will forgive the filmmakers when the story turns all heavy-handed and preachy towards the end, in what is surely one of the least plausible courtroom scenes in motion picture history. As compensation, the movie actually places its characters in some pretty sticky moral dilemmas at times, the prime one being that, much as we may like and admire Chuck and Larry for all the social barriers they are tearing down, we still hear that little nagging voice in the back of our heads telling us that they are defrauding the public and breaking the law while doing so. Such moral ambiguity is actually a pretty rare commodity for a mainstream American comedy these days.

Sandler and James imbue their roles with a great deal of charm and gusto, and they receive strong support from Dan Aykroyd, Jessica Biel, Ving Rhames and Steve Buscemi.

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" certainly isn't up to the level of "Knocked Up" or "Superbad," its summer 2007 comedy contemporaries, but neither is it the cinematic disaster most of the critics have accused it of being. It's an uneven but largely likable romp that makes you feel good about the world when it's over.
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It's a bit... Gay!
luvbugk61511 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This film... hhhhmmmmm... what can i say. Its about two firemen who are very close friends. And they have to be a fake couple to get benefits! Eventually they end up getting married! :O Have to go to court and blah blah blah! I think it is a great film. I can watch it time and time again and still not get bored.

The Good Stuff - This film is great. Funny and has a love story to it. If you like funny Rom-Com's you will love this. Hilarious! Funny As! With beautiful actress in it for the guys! Well many beautiful girls in it for the guys! Gret film

The Bad Stuff - Now, i will admit it is a bit too gay! Too many gay jokes honestly. Is funny if you like that sort of stuff... but when it goes too far for me, thats it!

Adam Sandler is a great actor along with Kevin James. Both amazingly funny people. If you have seen a film with Adam Sandler in before you know its good. Funny Guy!

I recommend this film to anyone who likes to laugh! And anyone who doesn't get offended by gay people! I give this film 8 out of 10! Which is still quite a good film then! :)
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