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12 Jun. 2009
Lives in the Balance
Three children are rescued from a cliff by repelling firemen; a dog trained to call 911 saves its owner when the man has a seizure; and a teenage girl home alone gets her mom to call 911 from work as a man breaks into their home.
31 Jul. 2009
The Power of a Single Call
A young man turns violent during an argument with his girlfriend; a child becomes a hero by making a critical call to save his mother; a woman watches in horror as her teenage daughter suffers a life threatening seizure.
7 Aug. 2009
Frightened Families
While their terrified mothers watch, an ice cave collapses on two teenage boys, requiring a rescue attempt that takes hours; a 7 year old girl uses OnStar to report her diabetic mother driving out of control.
14 Aug. 2009
Precious Moments
A first responder comes to the aid of a man who is trapped under a tractor that tipped over.
28 Aug. 2009
Near Fatal Accidents
A teenager turns hero when his sister is struck with a hunting arrow.
29 Apr. 2010
A Horrifying Call and Crash
A mother fears for her son's life after receiving a prank call; a man finds his life in the hands of a 911 dispatcher after falling off a bridge; OnStar helps a diabetic man whose car runs off the road into a sunflower field.
14 May 2010
Breaking Point
A 911 dispatcher turns negotiator in an all-night SWAT standoff with a suicidal man barricaded in his home; a mother and daughter rely on Onstar to dispatch rescue personnel after they are involved in a severe car crash.
911, SWAT and OnStar to the Rescue
A 911 dispatcher turns negotiator in an all-night SWAT standoff with a suicidal man barricaded in his home; a mother and daughter rely on Onstar to dispatch rescue personnel after they are involved in a severe car crash.
Alaskan Sorrow and Joy
In Fairbanks, Alaska police engage a mental patient in an all-night standoff after he brutally murders a staff worker; a Fairbanks 911 dispatcher helps a Russian couple deliver a baby on a lonely Alaskan highway.
Extreme Tension
A woman comes face to face with a burglar breaking into her home; a neighbor's call to 911 saves the life of a man trapped inside a burning house; a dispatcher with a sense of humor helps a frantic father deliver a baby.
Family Dramas at Home
A husband becomes a midwife when there's no time for an expectant Mom to make it to the hospital; emergency crews must save a man who fell into a bathtub; bacon grease erupts into a fire that threatens a family.
Family Held Hostage
A Texas man and woman are held hostage at gunpoint by their own son, who negotiates with police and 911 dispatchers during a tense standoff.
High Risk Rescues
A horrifying fire ignites from an oxygen tank in an elderly couple's home; a husband's worst nightmare comes true when his wife suffers a heart attack and a 911 dispatcher must teach him CPR to save her life.
Intersection Traumas
Three sisters are pinned inside a car after being broadsided by a pickup truck; a boy driving a go-kart suffers severe head injuries after colliding with a full-size car.
Life-Saving and 'Car-Saving' Technology at Work
A motorcyclist's bike breaks down in the woods and his cell phone proves to be a lifesaving link; after a car-jacking, OnStar's "slowdown" feature results in a fast resolution: the return of the owner's vehicle and a very surprised thief.
Most Unusual Calls: Part 1
A museum burglar pretending to be a secret agent gets stuck in an air vent; 2 fast food patrons report "emergencies" from the drive-thru lanes; a lonely woman considers getting the phone number of a "cute cop" an issue of life or death.
Most Unusual Calls: Part 2
An off-duty police officer and his wife require 911 medical aid after eating a batch of "special" brownies; an intoxicated driver learns that his new Ferrari is no match for a speeding freight train.
Mysterious Emergencies
To the horror of her children, a mother is struck by lightning in the comfort of her home; a 911 team struggles to find the location of a mysterious, injured cell phone caller knocked unconscious by a horse.
No Time to Waste
911 provides a lifeline to a frantic mother whose toddler begins choking in a car; a bedroom becomes a delivery room for a Michigan couple; and an elderly man goes on a shooting spree inside his mobile home.
Our Worst Nightmares
Operating a heavy ride 'em lawnmower, a horrified mother accidentally runs over the leg of her small son, severing the limb; a man's shortness of breath signals the start of a severe heart attack.
Peril on the Ground and in the Skies
While 3 men rob a Florida bank, a brave employee hides under a desk to alert 911 and bring police to the rescue; a routine flight in a private plane turns potentially disastrous when runway lights are turned off and the aircraft loses power.
Rescues in the Fields and Mountains
A young man waits for rescue after his car falls off a steep mountain road; a truck-driver experiences complications delivering his wife's baby; OnStar makes the call to 911 to help a victim of a head on collision.
Seconds from Tragedy
A man shoots his wife, flees the scene and narrowly avoids being shot by police; a cat wakes a woman in a burning house and rescuers arrive just as she gives up hope for survival.
Sudden Terror
A young boy hides in a bedroom while burglars ravage his house; a boy suffers a violent seizure to the horror of his sisters who call 911; a hiking expedition turns to terror for a woman and four girls when a bobcat attacks.
TX-Parking Lot Birth
A purse snatcher meets his match when a determined victim calls 911; a nervous Dad watches as his wife gives birth in a parking lot; a pregnant woman suffers a seizure and her young son makes a critical call for help.
Tragedies at Home
A family of four is trapped inside a burning house while another daughter watches outside in horror; a teenage girl locks herself in a bathroom while two female robbers break into her house.
Triple Traumas
A man whose heart stopped beating and the doctors that refused to let him die; gasoline ignites in the face of a man, causing an explosion; a rock climbing expedition takes a tragic turn when a man falls through a crevice.

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