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6 Jan. 2012
Paynefully Fit
Curtis becomes a contestant on Paynefully Fit, while Deshawn get advice about girls
6 Jan. 2012
Do the Hustle
Miranda's new client hits on her while the family honors Curtis.
13 Jan. 2012
No More Payne
Miranda takes over renovating the condo while Calvin and Deshawn bond.
13 Jan. 2012
God Bless the Paynes
The Payne's say goodbye while praising God in church.
20 Jan. 2012
Do or Die
After Christian's Christening, The family gets ready to have one last Sunday dinner at Curtis and Ella's house. Unbeknownst to the family, as they prepare the meal, Calvin has been shot and is laying on C.J. and Janine's floor.
20 Jan. 2012
R.I.P-Rest in Payne
After being discovered by Janine, Calvin battles for his life at the hospital. Ella's unwavering faith won't let the family get down.
27 Jan. 2012
Payne-ful Survival
The Payne family waits for Calvin to wake up, but the fight isn't over. Curtis decides not to move.
27 Jan. 2012
Payneful Recovery
Calvin might get discharged from the hospital after he finally awakened. Curtis attempts to mortgage his house for money to pay Calvin's medical bills.
3 Feb. 2012
House of Nightmares
Calvin has nightmares about being shot and is uncomfortable at home with Miranda who is overwhelmed with caring for an ailing husband, two kids, a career and home. Ella and Curtis are worried that Calvin isn't receiving proper care and wants him to move i
3 Feb. 2012
In Payne
A depressed Calvin admits to Ella that he think he would have been better off dead. The family is very concerned and Curtis has a heart to heart conversation with Calvin. Deshawn's mother visits and wants Deshawn back. Deshawn decides to go live with her.
10 Feb. 2012
Daddy Day Scare
C.J. is left to look after the twins during the big game. Ella gets in the way of Calvin's transition back home.Note: Beginning with this episode, Palmer Williams, Jr. , who portrays Floyd joins the main cast
10 Feb. 2012
Calvin plans to get revenge on Travis Harris for shooting him. Curtis makes plans with Ella then pretends to be sick when he gets tickets to a baseball game. When footage of Curtis at the game is aired, Curtis does everything he can to keep Ella from find
17 Feb. 2012
Pills and Thrills
Calvin is invited back to work, then decides he isn't ready and doesn't show. Floyd has a new girlfriend who looks awfully familiar to Curtis. Curtis realizes he knew the girlfriend, when she was a man.
17 Feb. 2012
Scars of Payne
Ella runs a gun buy back program at the Help Center that is threatened by rival gang members. Curtis, bored, wants to volunteer at the Help Center and causes mischief.
2 Mar. 2012
Guess Who Came to Breakfast
The family meets Malik's new free-spirited girlfriend, Summer.
9 Mar. 2012
Down for the Count
While Curtis bonds with Miranda over man-centric activities, C.J.'s college buddy gives him a sports car and event tickets, expecting a significant favor in return.
9 Mar. 2012
Neighborhood Crisis
Malik and Summer volunteer at a Crisis Hotline, while Curtis goes overboard with the neighborhood watch as he tries to catch a criminal.
1 Jun. 2012
Right Turn
Curtis does community service.
2 Mar. 2012
House of Forced Closure
Calvin and Miranda's condo gets foreclosed on and they are forced out. Not wanting to turn to his parents again, Calvin and Miranda try to make their own way and end up sleeping in a motel. Curtis tells Calvin to bring his family to their house. Floyd con
18 May 2012
Payneful Injection
Malik is arrested while leading a student demonstration to prevent the execution of an arsonist, whom C.J. helped convict 12 years earlier.
11 May 2012
Stop/Drop and Roll
Believing Janine's PR event idea doesn't have merit, C.J. overrides it with his own plan, and Ella is offended when Malik thinks critically about creationism and faith in God.
25 May 2012
Payneful Matrimony
Malik and Summer get married. Calvin and Miranda struggle living with Curtis and Ella.
11 May 2012
No Pass, No Play
Malik helps tutor a student athlete. Curtis creates a scandal for CJ.
29 May 2012
What You Know About Me
Summer gives Malik a hard time. Miranda suggests having a party with CJ and Janine, and keep it secret from Curtis and Ella.
18 May 2012
Batter Up
Unathletic Janine is thrilled to play on C.J. and Curtis's softball team, as Miranda fundamentally disagrees with Ella's philosophy of physically disciplining children.
8 Jun. 2012
Payneful Divorce
Malik and summer get a divorce. Miranda temps at Janine's office.
8 Jun. 2012
Up to the Challenge
Curtis gets a new appreciation for Ella's management of the Help Center when he covers for her, as Malik gets hopped-up on caffeine pills to manage work and studying.
15 Jun. 2012
House of Sabotage
Janine and Maranda help chair an event at the help center. Malik still wears his wedding ring.
15 Jun. 2012
Payneful Pop In
C.J. and Janine are fed up with Curtis and Ella's unannounced visits, and Jazmine is caught with a cheat sheet at school.
22 Jun. 2012
House of OMG
Electronic devices have taken over the Payne family and CJ gets fed up.
29 Jun. 2012
Dodging Bullies
Miranda thinks she may be pregnant. Jazmins friend is being made fun of. Things are tense in the Payne household.
6 Jul. 2012
Not in the Cards
Jazmin gets in trouble at school. Floyd throws a party at the help center.
6 Jul. 2012
Payneful Distance
$500 goes missing for Mirandas account. CJ gives Janine her yearly review.
20 Jul. 2012
Amazing Matriarchs
Ella shows great composure when her mother Eunice passes away, but she is stunned when Evie discloses a long-held family secret that affects their inheritance.
27 Jul. 2012
Invention of Trust
Miranda borrows money and doesn't tell Calvin. Floyd has an invention and cuts Curtis in.
3 Aug. 2012
Payneful Realization
Calvin and Miranda continue to fight. Ella suggests Calvin plan a special evening for Miranda to help their marriage.
3 Aug. 2012
Trial and Tribulation
Calvin is struggling in court as he faces his shooter, Travis, during trial. The family is worried about Calvin's state of mind.
10 Aug. 2012
All's Well
CJ and Calvin plan an anniversary celebration for the girls. Miranda struggles with all the events that have occured in the past year.

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