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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence, some graphic sexual content, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is shown nude.
  • A man and a woman have sex, movement and moaning, bare breasts and buttocks are visible and his bare buttocks are visible.
  • A man and a woman kiss, she unbuttons her jacket, (we see her bare abdomen, cleavage and lace bra), the man kisses her chest and abdomen, she reclines on a sofa and they are then interrupted by another man in the room.
  • We see photographs of a nude dead man and woman in several scenes (bare buttocks and breasts are visible).
  • A nude man stands in front of a kiln but only his bare back and buttocks are visible.
  • A man enters a house and hears a woman moaning in another room.
  • A man talks about the sexual sensation of committing a murder, and a man talks about the sexual sensation of watching a murder being committed.
  • People talk in several scenes about a couple that liked to have sex with the windows open so that anyone could see them.
  • Using crude terms, a man talks about liking sex.
  • Near the beginning of the movie a woman talks about another woman's dress and that you could see her nipples through it; just a short, quick comment with no relevance to anything.

Violence & Gore

  • A man with a gun enters a room where another man and a woman are having sex: the woman screams, the man shoots her in the head and then shoots the man (we see the bloody bullet holes in their foreheads and they lie motionless on the bed, and we see this scene a few more times, accompanied by very loud screams and gunshots).
  • A man strikes a man on the leg with a shovel, then strikes him on the head, and then slashes his throat with the shovel's point -- blood spurts and sprays, the man thrashes and twitches briefly and then goes limp; he is then pushed into a grave.
  • A man is stabbed in the neck with a pair of scissors, blood spurts and sprays, his hands are soaked with blood, walls are smeared with blood as he reaches out toward his assailant, and he then falls limp (this turns out to be a nightmare).
  • We see a murder scene with two dead bodies on a bed: there are bullet holes in the wall behind them and bloody fingerprints on a lampshade. We see photographs of two dead bodies that have been posed in various positions. We see a dead man and woman lying on a bed: the man is lying on his back and the woman lies on top of him with her head at his waist (their bloody gunshot wounds are visible).
  • During a gunfight a man and a woman exchange fire with another woman, who follows them and manages to shoot the man in the shoulder and the woman in the leg; eventually the two fall down a flight of stairs, and the man shoots the woman and himself in the head (blood splatters on walls around them and we see their limp, blood-soaked bodies).
  • A woman is tackled and shoved into a van that speeds through streets, a man holds her down and presses a gun into her face; she struggles with him, kicks him, grabs the driver by the hair and pulls, the van swerves and crashes into another car throwing the woman out the open door, and she falls onto another car and we see her later getting stitches to her large and bloody head wound.
  • Armed police break into an apartment office with guns drawn, searching for someone, and when one closes a door a body strapped into a chair, with many hypodermic needles sticking out, swings down from the ceiling nearly striking a woman.
  • A woman punches and kicks a man and holds a gun on him. A man threatens another man with a gun. A man with a gun enters a room where a man and a woman are kissing and caressing each other, and another man tells the man to shoot the couple; the woman screams and the scene ends (we hear later that they were murdered).
  • A man asks another man to kill him and tells him how to do it. A man asks a man if he'd have a problem killing a woman. A man tells a man that the next murder victim could be him. A man talks to a man about the rules of murder and how to avoid getting caught. A man tells another man that maybe a man will get killed while crossing a street and save them the trouble of killing him. We hear that a murder was committed using a hatchet. A man talks about the sexual sensation of committing a murder in a few scenes. We hear about a serial killer who hangs his victims. We hear that a serial killer has escaped from prison and might be looking for the police officer who put him in jail.


  • 21 F-words, 1 use of shit, 2 uses of damn, 10 uses of ass, 1 use of piss 1 use of bitch

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are shown drinking wine and champagne, though not to excess. There is a scene of participants at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several intense, bloody murder scenes. Many sequences in the film are extremely tense, with the feeling that characters are being stalked and watched. A woman is kidnapped briefly, and a man threatens to rape and kill her.
  • A man breaks into another man's house, sits on his bed, startling the sleeping man, and then threatens to kill him. Two men enter a dark cemetery, one stands in front off an open grave, and the other holds a gun toward him and pulls the trigger several times but no shots are fired.
  • A man pounds on the steering wheel of his car in anger. A woman breaks the glass on a framed picture.
  • A husband and wife argue bitterly in a couple of divorce negotiation meetings and during one the wife says that she wished the husband would, "get hit by a truck and die." A young woman is questioned by police about a murder on a college campus.

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