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A very good revenge drama/thriller/action flick.
Fella_shibby15 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this film in 2008 on a DVD. I enjoyed it. The movie was very well made. Kevin Bacon gav an excellent performance as a father seeking revenge. The movie never slows down or gets boring. John Goodman also appears in a nice cameo role. Fans of Death Wish, The Brave One, Harry Brown, The Punisher, Law abiding citizen shud definitely check this out. I was most impressed by the camera work in the chase scenes. I was rooting for the lead character from the word go and Bacon did not let me down. Death sentence was a great thrill ride from the emotional opening credits to the chilling conclusion. At times it was brutal, gory n depressing. The music by Charlie Clouser (Saw series, The collection, Resident evil extinction) was very effective at establishing the proper mood. It has some hard hitting action, fantastic foot chase, some amazing gun fights n some unique death scenes. The soundtrack is very depressing and moody and helps set the tone of the film. Its directed by James Wan (Saw, Dead silence, Insidous, Conjuring, Fast n furious 7). Nice cinematography by John R. Leonetti (Conjuring, Insidious). It's based on the book (sequel to the original Deathwish) written by Brian Garfield, the author of Death wish.
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Vengeance, pure and simple
TomCruiseFan9922 April 2008
Reminiscent of previous vigilante films like Death Wish and The Brave One, this film is much more action-packed and gripping. Kevin Bacon gives an excellent performance as a traumatised father who witnessed his son's murder and decides to punish the killers himself, rather than depend on the police.

The action scenes are truly suspenseful and keep you on the edge of your seat, especially a foot-chase that culminates in a deadly game of hide-and-seek within a 5-storey parking garage. Another factor that sets this film apart from previous vigilante thrillers is that it still manages to serve up quite a few twists and turns that add to the tension.

As exciting and gripping as this film is, please be fore-warned: the violence shown on screen is not for those with weak stomachs. It's graphic, brutal, edgy and tense. Still, this does not detract from the film at all. If anything, it makes the whole experience more visceral.
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Do not listen to all the negative reviews!
hatrick71471431 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
If anything is going to hurt this movie, it is going to be all of the negative reviews it has been receiving from all of these stuck up critics! Death Sentence is exactly what everyone is expecting it to be, and fans of the 'Revenge' genre will have a blast watching Kevin Bacon chase after his son's killers in this gruesome and riveting storyline.

Kevin Bacon gives an almost scary performance, and the movie will have moments that make some people cringe, and surprisingly some moments that will bring people tears.

Mixing revenge and violence with the struggles in the main character's life works well, and the movie never slows down or gets boring. It is not as if the director really messed anything up, and I don't know what the negative feedback was for, but this movie will certainly entertain the majority of people who go to see it. Have fun!
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pretty good
protector222231 August 2007
I thought this movie was great. I think Bacon never fails to perform. The movies he picks to do show a lot of his depth as he very rarely plays a one dimensional character. There was a story to this movie. A very complicated story. If you didn't notice the story you got distracted by the violence. Some of the dialogue was cheesy but that is what makes it great.

The only problem I had with the film was the detective role. She seemed to serve zero purpose whatsoever. I am not taking away from the acting done for that role. But every scene she was in was slower and just did not fit with the rest of the movie. Other then acting as a very short winded inner monologue for Bacon's character, all she did was say no no, your safe, they're dead, and no.

We all knew where this movie was going we didn't need the attempt to turn into a crime drama.

If you did not like this movie you went into it expecting the wrong thing. This is a revenge movie. It had no supernatural parts. When someone was shot they bled a lot and they were in pain.

If you ever wanted to exact revenge on someone in your own mind or in your dreams go see this movie it is great.
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"Death Wish" brought to the 21st century.
oak-1 August 2007
No logic but lots of action, violence, gunfights and gore in this one. There is very little meat on the story-bone and in times where, thanks to TV, everyone is an expert on police procedures the lack of logic is almost appalling. But throw the CSI-knowledge over board and you're in for a crazy and entertaining ride. Nicely shoot with some great camera movement Wan is shooting stuff to pieces almost like Hong Kong directors did in the early '90s. No marksmen here, but who cares, this is pure pleasure for the eyes. Kevin Bacon delivers nicely and adds a whole new facet to the dad-on-a-rampage character. There's even a little "Taxi Driver" in him – and not only because of his gun and hairstyle.

If this is your poison go give Death Sentence a try.
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Wan delivers in a non-horror-film
gecco-21 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this Movie at the Fantasy-Film-Fest in Munich and I have to say: Great stuff.

Wan really delivers on this new Genre.

Kevin Bacon is brilliant as always as the tormented father of a happy family (at least at the beginning of the movie), John Goodman does a stunning performance in a small but impressive supporting role.

The action sequences got me to the edge of the seat and boy, this really doesn't happen very often I must confess.

Go and watch this, you wont regret it - if you don't principally have problems with revenge-movies like "The Punisher" or "Straw Dogs"!

... ... ... ... ... ...
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One Hell Of A Ride!
Arenarocker058 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Director James Wan has yet again made another successful film, only this time he focus's on an action perspective rather than a horror selection. The story centers on the life of Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon), a respectable father and husband whose life gets turned around when a vicious gang brutally murders his son. Now he is on the rampage and decides to take justice into his own hands, no matter what the circumstances hold before him.

I really enjoyed the first "Saw" very much and thought it was incredibly well-made. However I thought the idea of James Wan making an action thriller was questionable. I was proved wrong after I saw this film. Kevin Bacon gives another grueling performance with some new raw material under his belt. The action is this film was very surprising and extremely entertaining to watch minute after minute. It was also entertaining to see John Goodman play a disgruntled arms dealer with a bad attitude. That was fun to watch. Overall this film delivers what the title promises: A Death Sentence. Trust me when I say this; this movie is one hell of a ride! Enjoy!
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A masterpiece of the genre
braqueburn14 April 2008
I wasn't expecting much of Death Sentence as I didn't like Saw, filmed by the same director James Wan. However, I've witnessed a total control over film making through this "old fashion" yet original "revenge" movie. Original because James Wan managed to find a way to film this story in a very accurate and sensitive way. Take the scene of the pursuit around 45 minutes of the film : the work of the camera, on sounds and the very ideas of the pursuit (when Kevin Bacon starts to jump over every cars to trigger the alarms) was both realistic and yet somehow out of time and space, and so it conveys the very idea of a pursuit : real and unreal because unusual. An this is exactly what's this story is about : a normal man in a surrealistic situation. Why not 10 ? I did not like the photography, so main stream (like Saw... and many productions from Australia !). However,a great great direction for a great great movie. Grats !
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Well Done!
ejco2153 November 2007
This movie surprised me. I expected something over acted and plot less. Boy was I wrong. This movie was really good. They show the reality of things that do happen. Kevin Bacon gave a good performance along with Kelly Preston. The Action was good. The violence was brutal and done in a realistic fashion. The language was also heavy and use in every sentence. The only problem with me is that the gang members were a little over done. I think they were kind of over the top including all the tattoos and what not. But besides that the movie was fun and intense.

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xb4-13 September 2007
I know many people on here have posted that this film isn't based in reality and I for one am GLAD!!! We see reality too often day in and day out on the news, and the sad truth of it is, the bad guys usually get away with murder and don't suffer any repercussions for it. So it's great to see a film that delivers to us what it would be like if justice was served! Director, James Wan of the original "SAW" movie shows us he is not a one trick pony and can deliver his talents past just the horror genre. Kevin Bacon and the rest of the cast did a wonderful job delivering a very believable grief stricken family, I would definitely recommend this film!
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Things I've Learned from Watching "Death Sentence (2007)"
room10218 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers

  • If your son is bleeding to death, it's a lot more useful to shout for help when there's nobody around than to call an ambulance.

  • If your son is bleeding to death, let him walk by himself instead of carrying him - it would help stopping the bleed.

  • When you are angry - stand in the middle of the road and wait for a car to smash you.

  • Gang members only get flesh wounds when getting hit by a car on the highway.

  • Montages are NOT a cliché.

  • Gang members look super-cool in red light.

  • When you want to sentence a murderer - it's enough to go to trial with one single evidence at hand (a witness).

  • You can kill the guy, who murdered your son, at the same day he was released - the police would never suspect you did it. And if a policewoman would know you did it, she'll just tell you it's "not OK".

  • Your friends at work would never ask you why your hand is all wrapped in bandage and is bleeding. But if you want to be sure - put your hand behind your back.

  • Working in an office would put you in better shape than any gang member.

  • There is no bullet in the world that can hit Kevin Bacon - unless he's running in slow motion or found in red lighting environment, which tends to make him vulnerable.

  • Kelly Preston never learned what "overacting" means.

  • If you secured the entire house and locked all the windows, it's OK to open the door to whoever rings the bell.

  • If you're working in a hospital, it's good to tell a joke to someone whose entire family has just been murdered.

  • If you're working in a bank, it's good to tell a joke to someone who draws all his savings.

  • If you're working in a bar, you would never believe that anyone else speaks Spanish.

  • Always read the instructions before using a weapon. It will also teach you how to shoot.

  • Having your son in hospital would give you immunity when murdering bad guys.

  • It's important to shave your head before going to kill your family's murderers.

  • If you're going to crash into another guy's car, don't put your seat belt - it's for pu**ies.

  • Mutilation is super-cool.

  • Even Kevin Bacon can't save this movie from James Wan's direction.

1/10 Hilarious movie. Highly recommended!
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The movie was stupid
stanleyloftness1 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
At least in walking tall he recuperated before going on a revenge spree. The police were made to look very stupid. After 2 policemen are killed and they know who the killers are, no one tries to track them down. Please... If I knew a gang was after me and my family, I certainly would not keep them at home. They would be on the first flight out of town. He escapes from the hospital and the police know that he is out for revenge, but no one bothers to look for him at his house. Someone who has never handled guns before becomes an expert marksman by reading the manuals. It would not have taken much to have the plot make more sense. They could at least have the police trying to do something.
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Wow, what a waste of time
markbowen26 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Good golly, this is one bad, bad movie. I must agree with one poster on the message boards: Sitting all the way through such a dumb movie leaves one feeling pretty stupid.

What's wrong with this movie? Well, when creating fiction, a good rule of thumb is to come up with some sympathetic characters -- at least the main character should be someone with whom the audience can empathize. The plot should also be plausible. Unfortunately, the main character in Death Sentence is a complete idiot, and the plot is so ridiculous I cannot even come up with an adequate metaphor.

If you are tempted to watch this movie, please allow me to save you some time with this short summary.

First, the main character, Nick Hume, (played by Kevin Bacon) almost runs out of gas with his oldest son in the car, and has to stop in a very bad part of town, an irresponsible oversight that directly leads to the death of his son. Then, rather than send his son's murderer to prison (where he could at least take some comfort in the fact that the murderer would spend the next five years or so being forcibly sodomized), he decides he's Charles Bronson and murders the guy instead.

Thus, Mr. Hume invites the wrath of the killer's brother and his drug-crazed gang of psychopaths, directly leading to the murder of his wife, and the critical injuring of his other son and himself -- because apparently the best thing to do when you know a gang is coming to kill you is to just stay home and wait it out. (Luckily, he and his son are only injured, because as lustful as this gang is for revenge, they only put one bullet in each family member, and don't bother to check if they are dead or not.) When he wakes up in the hospital, he does not cry for his dead wife or kick himself for being such reckless idiot. He spends a minute with his presumably dying son, then goes out the hospital window to finish what he started. Remarkably, the police do not think to look for him at his home, which is the first place he goes, and is also a crime scene. Neither do they try to call him on his mobile phone, which he is carrying, or look for his car, which he is driving.

Mr. Hume buys a bunch of guns, gives himself a very bad haircut for no apparent reason, and then sets about wasting the rest of the gang in a very graphic fashion, shooting like Jet Li -- pretty good for a stockbroker.

Critically, perhaps mortally, wounded, Mr. Hume goes home -- where the police finally figure out he might be -- sits down on his sofa and watches old home movies. The police tell him his son might pull through. The movie ends there, but we can assume in a final act of idiocy that Mr. Hume dies, thereby leaving his sole surviving son an orphan. Thanks, Dad.

In closing, I suggest that if you need to see a revenge movie, rent Death Wish instead.
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As revenge thrillers go, this has got balls!
hitchcockthelegend4 March 2008
Nothing new and exciting here for what is fast becoming a tired old genre, but boasting the considerable talents of Kevin Bacon in the lead role, Death Sentence is way above average and never outstays its welcome. Nick Hume & his son Brendan stop at a gas station one night and a violent turn of events transforms Nick into a maelstrom of fury...

Asking the question of just what lengths we would go to to look after our families, Death Sentence is merely following on from the likes of Death Wish and Eye For An Eye. But here the violence is upped to such a gruesome standard, it creates maximum impact. Yet it's not the violence that leaves the lasting impression, it's the descent of the main protagonist that terrifies the most. A humble and decent man spiralling out of control, done down by the system, he finds darkness within him that he surely didn't know he had.

Some sequences here are excellent and well staged by director James Wan, and he shows considerable skill with his fluid camera. But these things tend to get over looked in a film of this type. Elsewhere, although we are asked to swallow the impossible for one too many occasions, and the cops are stupid beyond belief, the film does find a couple of narrative tricks to also keep it out of formulaic tedium. Kevin Bacon deserves better than this for sure, but he's great in the dual role and as revenge thrillers go, in case I haven't violently rammed home the point yet, this really hits the mark. Kind of like a kick in the privates really. 7/10
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A Stunning And Gut-wrenching Experience
docxavier9514 September 2007
I've been debating about how to review this film...and you know what? I'll keep it as lean and focused as "Death Sentence" was. I got to view some fine film-making, expertly acted and directed. Bacon has always been an actor whose dives head-first into difficult roles, and this one covers a wide range of emotions...from family concern and love to grief to rage to fear to finally cold machine-like calm. I was particularly impressed with James Wan, who really raised his game to A-list level, easily creating moments of drama, action and suspense. His skill gave the film moments of real entertainment, because the plot was's bleak and brutal, and hardly ever lets up...but like Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects" or William Friedkin's "Bug", the film will stay with me for a long time.
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You Gotta Be Kidding Me!
awvidmer21 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
As I write this, Death Sentence has been rated a 7.1 by the IMDb community.

I can only assume that these people have never seen the far superior (and original, in its time) Death Wish series, or even The Brave One for that matter.

C'mon, people!

Every single beat of the script is as predictable as it is stupid, with plot holes that make you want to gnaw the arms off the theater seats.

After getting the "Death Sentence," Bacon stays with his family in his house wielding only a baseball bat? Ever heard of a well-timed vacation in, say, Argentina? Or even the neighbor's house?

The cops, knowing how vile and dangerous the bad guy is, send only two inattentive, donut- eaters for protection?

Bacon can't load a gun but turns into Jason Bourne when he goes to get revenge?

John Goodman lets Bacon go to kill Goodman's son, yet goes there to warn him anyway (and gets shot for it)?

And when the plot holes aren't grinding on you, there's always another inane, cliché line waiting to smack you in the face:

"If you started a war with Billy Darby, god help you."

"Which one of these guns you want?" "I'll take 'em all."

Unfortunately, it's not quite bad enough to be campy in a William Shatner sort of way. It just leaves you embarrassed for Kevin and Kelly.

Luckily for them, I expect everybody will forget about this one fairly quickly. Like two steps out the theater door.
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I don't agree with the critics on this one
damoviecritic1 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I usually agree with the mainstream critics about movies, for the most part. However, this movie, like the 1st Saw film, is a major exception. If you are looking for a best picture candidate, you will not find it here. However, it is a very entertaining, engrossing movie that will probably not appeal to the squeamish. The movie fits right into the Parent Revenge mold quite well. The oldest son is killed by gang. Dad avenges death. Gang fights back. Dad goes crazy and kills gang members, before the whole thing culminates in a final shootout full of graphic carnage. If you are looking for an insane action movie, this isn't quite it. In particular, the first half is very deliberate in trying to convey Bacon as a real guy, trying to avoid violence, but ultimately succumbing to it. I found this journey that he takes to be quite believe, up until a scene near the end in a hospital in which he turns into Rambo. Rather than being moving, it is slightly laughable. Then the movie turns into a straightforward, albeit very well shot, action flick full of gore and carnage. Many critics bashed the film for it's hypocrisy in having the movie condemn violence while later depicting it in stylish, perversely entertaining detail. However, I think this was justified by a gang leaders quote at near the end of the film. "Look at you," he says to Bacon. "You've turned into one of us." The man is right. The gang leaders have slit throats and shot heads. But so has Bacon. He is a lesser of two evils to be sure, but an evil none the less. While this may be a cheap attempt by the director the make the film more serious, it does work. It is true that Bacon has transformed into a kind of monster. I give great credit to Bacon's performance, along with almost ever other actor. If a dark, violent, disturbing movie is what you are in the mood for this weekend, skip Halloween, and go see this.
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top draw
m-pearce4 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
if you are looking for a movie which has plenty of violence mixed with a bit of gore then look no further. i'm told the novel on which this movie is based is the sequel to the classic revenge thriller death wish released in the 70's & starring Charles Bronson. if like me, you enjoyed that movie then you will love this. kevin bacon stars & is outstanding as always & is always better when he is playing a psycho!!. the rest of the cast support very well with john goodman doing an unfamiliar turn as the bad guys' dad & very good he is too! also garret hedlund who plays billy is very powerful as the movies main nutcase. all of the other bad guys could have been taken from real gangs as they are so nasty. anyway this is a good Friday night film to see with your girl or your mates and the soundtrack is haunting especially the song at the end scene. the subject matter is quite harrowing but it is very satisfying watching a mild mannered man transform into the vigilante we would all like to become after the events put before him in this movie. all in all a top film directed by one of Hollywood's most promising new directors James wan who is not afraid to push the gore & explicit violence to the limit.
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$hit Sentence* (spoilers)
K_Antivenin20 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
(*Respect to Spinal Tap's Shark Sandwich.) First off, I love me some revenge films.

From the masterful (Park Chan-Wook's vengeance trilogy, Straw Dogs, or Dead Man's Shoes) to the brutal (I Spit on Your Grave or Thriller: En Grym Film), there is no genre that does it for me quite like revenge. So when I first heard about Death Sentence, I figured it'd be worth a viewing: Kevin Bacon, murdered child, director of Saw, I expected it to be at least passable.

Well, I humbly stand corrected. I'm pretty sure if you are someone defending/championing this movie, you are either a) semi-retarded, or b) you need to see a real revenge movie. Everything about this POS is so blatantly one-dimensional that I'm amazed it doesn't slide off the celluloid it was filmed on...

The victim's family doesn't seem THAT upset that their son was murdered, there's no real passion about anything - it's all just very go-with-the-flow. The courtroom scene is pure comedy gold, with the 97-pound-weakling 'killer' smirking and leering at a pretty-much-nonplussed Kevin Bacon. Bacon's character, Nick Hume, doesn't appear too tortured about losing his 'golden boy' (okay, he sobs in the shower once) , and the murder of his son's killer seems almost spur-of-the-moment.

As for the thugs, they're all hilarious - a bunch of didn't-quite-make-the-cut extras from a circa-1997 nü-metal video shoot and should be filed under 'outdated badass' at Central Casting Come on, tribal tattoos and facial piercings!? What are they, a MySpace 'gang' who still listen to bands like Staind or Disturbd, or some other group of no-talents who can't spell, either? And look, there's Johnny Goodman! Just a day or two before seeing this I was thinking to myself, 'Why haven't I seen John Goodman in anything good lately?' I guess now I know why, he's way too busy making turkeys like this. The one-liners aren't clever, not even in a juvenile way, and one line of dialogue, ("Fear is for the enemy. Fear and bullets.") is ripped almost word-for-word from James O'Barr's The Crow (another epic revenge story turned into a lousy movie).

As for the acting? Kevin Bacon is the only one who almost pulls it off, but only almost.

Kelly Preston? Obviously not, she can't even act like Travolta isn't gay.

Goodman? Nope. Sorry.

Garrett 'You-just-bought-your-family-a-death-sentence!' Hedlund? Hey, if I wanted to see a goth kid have a temper tantrum, I'd just e-mail Weston Cage that Little Debbie's had gone out of business , or that there was now a worldwide shortage of blue-black hair dye….

I digress - you know how certain foreign markets tend to eat up some movies better than the film's own home country does? Well, apparently my fellow Canadians love this movie because it has so many references to their national excuse, hockey. The murdered son (the one Nick Hume actually likes) is a hockey player and wants to go to Canada, and we see a cop picking up a broken hockey stick at a crime scene, after Hume has killed one of the 'gang' members. I counted at least 3 or 4 references to hockey in this movie, and I heard the movie was intended to be released here under the name Sudden Death Sentence, Eh? Back to the topic at hand – this movie sucked. The bad guys get off way too easily, same as in every other revenge movie. Nobody's cracked it yet – the revenge film that goes all the way. We don't even get to see Nick Hume waste Billy Darley in this movie. All that time wasted and there's not even a bloody payoff for the audience. What a waste of 110 minutes. James Wan, whose first Saw film was at least memorable, has dropped the ball horribly. He should instead stick to casting winners like Donnie Wahlberg in his movies and coming up with cheesy gross-outs like the needle pit in Saw II. Truly, the only death sentence in this cinematic abortion is the viewer's own – knowing that they are now 110 wasted minutes closer to their own demise.

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Hit me hard
Michrtiste12 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't know what to expect at all, but by the time it was over, I found myself relating to a character (Kevin Bacon) more than any other since Braveheart. I could feel the anger, the loss. Even though my mind understands the idea that vengeance is futile (which is well depicted in a closing scene), I could not say that I would not do the same thing my self. Trying to relate to that family was what really drew me in. Beautiful camera work, lighting, production design. I sat in the theater alone for 15 minutes, going through a myriad of emotions. When a movie can touch you like that, then its worth it's weight in gold. Congrats to the whole team on this one. The Baldwin's, Woo, Kevin Bacon, everyone involved. They should be proud of it.
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Fear and Bullets Are for the Enemies
claudio_carvalho7 June 2008
The family man and senior vice-president of the insurance company Starship Capital Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon) lives a comfortable life with his wife Helen (Kelly Preston) and his sons Brendan (Stuart Lafferty) and Lucas (Jordan Garrett). While driving back home with his son Brendan after a game of hockey, Nick stops his car in a gas station in a dangerous neighborhood and he witnesses his son being murdered by the punk Joe Darley (Matt O'Leary) in the convenience store. When the prosecutor tells the grieving Nick that Joe would get a maximum of three years in prison, Nick tells the judge in court that he has not recognized Joe as the killer of his son. In the night, Nick goes to Joe's place and stabs him to death. When Joe's brother Billy (Garrett Hedlund) is informed about the death of Joe, he summons his gang in a war against Nick with tragic consequences.

Revenge is a theme that produces good movies, and "Death Sentence" is no exception, with a strong dramatic appeal of the price of admission of a youngster in a gang of criminals. The plot is engaging and the reaction of Nick that has a breakdown is absolutely acceptable due to the flawed justice system, without laws to convict a criminal that destroys a family. In my country, for example, there is neither death nor life sentences even for hideous crimes and a criminal can be sentenced to a maximum of thirty years imprisoned. The war between Nick and Billy's gang in the last twenty minutes is exaggerated, but gives a good conclusion to the story, but never balances the equation. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Sentença de Morte" ("Death Sentence")
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violence for violence's sake
irishtom996 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
there have been some great films that have used violence to make a point and maintained excellence(pulp fiction,silence of the lambs and scarface,for example)..this movie has set the bar so low,you wonder why bacon and Goodman would expect gigantic plot holes and head-smacking unbelievabilty from Friday the 13th part 29 or Godzilla meets x-men,but i was not expecting it here.. a wealthy businessman's son is murdered,but the d.a. and the cops treat it like just another case..2 cops are murdered,and the police Don't tear the city apart to catch the obvious suspects..bacon's house is not cordoned off and protected as a crime scene after his family is shot..the murderous gang is neither arrested nor put under surveillance after bacon's family is threatened..despite no prior military or police background,bacon becomes adept at use of weapons and hand to hand fighting just because he's angry..he neither sends his family into hiding nor uses his financial resources to hire armed bodyguards,even though he knows the seriousness of the threat..the gang doesn't hear the gunfire on the garage roof and on and on and wouldn't have taken much for the writer and director to tighten it up,but they just didn't,why should we?
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Terrible movie
reasonable_voice13 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was terrible. I was fooled into watching because I think Kevin Bacon is excellent, and the high scores on this site. So I felt compelled to help lower the average score, and warn as many people away as I can.

I like revenge movies. I liked concept of a man who's family is killed, who turns into a super-vigilante. I am willing to suspend a great deal of disbelief to enjoy this kind of escapist fantasy.

This movie, however, was nearly unwatchable for me. Suspending disbelief is one thing, but this movie pushed way too far.

First of all, as others have mentioned, the police/da are laughable. They are so completely ineffectual, and unwilling even to try to stop the criminals that it defied all of my efforts to swallow the plot. I mean, if this were, say ... Gotham city, I might have been OK with it, because the city depicted in that movie is not _meant_ to be realistic. Rampant crime and corruption are expected, which is why they need to use the bat signal every so often to call in a superhero.

Death Sentence is placed more as a "drama" than "superhero fantasy," and that's why the same sort of attitude that "the police department is _powerless_ to stop the violent gang members" is, well, ridiculous. Especially considering that there's only like 10 criminals involved in the entire operation. And as far as I can tell, it doesn't go any higher than, some greasy small arms dealer, who works out of a garage. The cops can't deal with small time crooks and thugs?

Here there is a gas station robbery, and a gang-initiation homicide, with the suspect, who is id'ed by a witness, and is then hit by a car outside the gas station immediately afterward. The DA can't win this case? It's a Tee ball case, he should be hitting it out of the park. "The defense will ask you questions like, when was your last eye exam, or what do you have against inner city youth." Really? These are concerning questions, that might sway a jury? Again, laughable.

And the idea that 2 police officers are murdered, and the PD hasn't organized their own hunting party for the criminals is just plain stupid. 2 police officers murdered, and the best that the police can do is to 1. station a guard outside bacon's room to stop HIM from doing anything? and 2. blame him for the death of his family. Huh.

The problem, as I see it, is this. The "police" in this movie weren't meant to be, you know, policemen. They were written as a foil to the protagonist, an additional hurdle that he had to overcome. It felt like this was based on a bad comic book.

It felt like the screenplay was written by a 13 year old, with no exposure (even on TV?) to the actual, real world. Sure in this world, there is corruption, there is incompetence. But it's not this open, not this blatant, and not this systematic ... at least in a major US city, when the murder victim is the son of a senior VP of an insurance company. And especially not if the criminals are just a bunch of drug using, gas station robbing thugs.

Maybe if it was set in the wild west, or some place that is normally perceived as lawless (like a central American country, as in Man on Fire), or Gotham City, it would be more acceptable. But this movie was trash ... immature and unrealistic to the point of being difficult to watch.
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pretty bad!
emrecan3 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is just like two movies tied together loosely. In the first movie (up until the break, which I suppose differs from theatre to theatre), a very intense drama is played. You buy pop corn while pitying for the family and thinking deeply into the world of crime and backstreet gangs and coincidences in life... And then the second parts come, starring Kevin Bacon as Rambo VII. In my opinion, there may be two reasons the interesting screenplay suddenly turns into a B-type action. Either the budget controller left the job before finishing the project and the team didn't allocate enough money to shoot the second half, so they found the cheapest possible way to end it, or the scenario writers had some kind of fever and they had to hire the writers from the adjacent studio, which was then shooting a commando-hero movie at that time... There are many bad things about second part. A scene where Kevin Bacon walks under heavy rain with decisive look, just to give the audience the feeling that he will be killing whoever he stumbles upon in the first place! And then there is the third-tier quality detective who walks as if she is on a catwalk and who talks out of the reality. A lifetime insurance expert suddenly turns into a killing machine overnight, with some instruction manuals he bought along with the rifle and the handguns. .. What can I say? If you want to start with a drama/thriller and see how it badly ties to a one-man-kills-all action movie, please see Death Sentence. If you don't, then go see another movie...
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One of the best films i've seen this year!
reeves200231 August 2007
I loved it!One of the best films i've seen this year.It had everything you could want.It had drama,suspense,action,thrills and more.It was a fun and tense movie to watch.After the Hume family is introduced there is a tragic,senseless killing and the action starts and is non stop.It is typical of what is happening too often these days,where the criminal justice system is failing the victims of crime and favors the criminal who has all the rights.The movie was also emotional and moving and each family member grieved in their own way. It is the kind of movie where you strongly root for the father who is about to avenge his favorite son and initiates his own version of justice against a gang of skinhead looking thugs but with a colored member who grew up with the 2 Darley brothers.And even though some parts were over the top and not always believable,it keeps you on the edge of your seat with excitement.You fully understand this grieving father's wrath and what drove him to the edge.I wonder though(had it been real)if the father would have reacted so strongly if it were his youngest son who was killed instead of golden boy! Towards the end it got surprising and sad but I guess a necessary thing considering the war the father started.And then the story takes a very unexpected twist at the end but,but a satisfying way to end it.The whole movie was very well acted by everyone especially Kevin Bacon who did a lot of his own stunts.I think it was one of his best performances.
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