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A good rebound after a really bad episode....
MartinHafer27 March 2018
Hart is working on "Law Review" hosting some ultra-fancy dinner. However, he's got a problem...the man he wants to be the guest speaker, Jeremy Brooks (John Randolph) has refused to do it. The reason turns out to be because Brooks had a stroke...and he's embarrassed to leave his home. However, he's also angry...angry that despite his disability he has no benefits and medicare refuses to do anything. Eventually, Kingsfield and Hart approach Brooks...and offer to help him sue Social Security in order to force them to give him benefits.

Unlike most episodes, there really isn't a parallel plot...other than Hart delegating the menu to a couple "Law Review" folks who can't seem to agree on much. This is okay, however, as the Brooks plot is very strong and compelling....and well worth seeing. It also makes the awfulness of the previous episode a distant memory.
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