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Season 3

23 Mar. 2009
Episode #3.1
A crocodilian, a creature from the Eocene period which was mistaken for a god and worshipped in ancient Egypt is released through an anomaly whilst on display at an Egyptian exhibition at the British Museum. It kills the curator, Marion and flees across London, diving into the Thames. Cutter recruits Dr. Sarah Page, Marion's assistant, to help his team retrieve it.
30 Mar. 2009
Episode #3.2
The team discover a creature that can camouflage itself at an abandoned house. As they investigate, they cross paths with an interfering cop. Meanwhile, their headquarters is infiltrated by someone who should have been dead.
6 Apr. 2009
Episode #3.3
The team must dispose of a number of diictodons, cute-seeming but malevolent burrowing creatures who appear via an anomaly in a hospital, where they cause a power failure by biting through cables. Mick Harper, a nosey journalist, takes an interest in the team's work. The diictodons are disposed of but Helen Cutter makes a clone of her husband in order to enter the ARC and find out more about an artefact she has stolen.
18 Apr. 2009
Episode #3.4
Whilst Lester appoints Jenny as temporary leader and Connor perfects his machine to close anomalies, a Giganotosaurus, a huge carnivorous dinosaur, appears in an aircraft hangar and eats a television crew summoned by greedy reporter Harper and his editor. To the team's initial annoyance, Danny Quinn arrives but proves his worth when they have to save a besieged air crew from the monster. Lester is suspicious that his boss Christine Johnson is conducting secret experiments in the ARC.
25 Apr. 2009
Episode #3.5
An anomaly appears in the flat of unsympathetic millionaire Sir Richard Bentley,ultimately turning him into a flesh-eating monster,slowly evolving into a giant fungus. Sir James allows an enthusiastic Danny to replace Cutter at the ARC and,along with Connor,he destroys the former Sir Richard by exposure to extreme cold. Jenny sees an old photograph of herself from the days when she was Claudia and decides to move on.
2 May 2009
Episode #3.6
Sarah establishes the purpose of the artefact - it can predict the whereabouts of anomalies. Johnson, anxious to claim it for herself, deposes Sir James, causing the team to flee with it to a ramshackle safe house in deep woodland, where large and carnivorous prehistoric birds emerge through an anomaly to pursue them. Good teamwork sees off the predators and Johnson but Abby gets a shock due to her imbecile brother.
9 May 2009
Episode #3.7
An odd-looking, wounded dinosaur leaps through an anomaly in a scrapyard, pursued by a medieval knight, who thinks it is a dragon and causes havoc in the high street during a carnival, believing he is in Hell. Whilst Abby patches up the creature's wounds, Sarah steps back in time through the anomaly to discover that the knight is William de Mornay, seeking redemption for his sins by slaying a dragon and on her return persuades him to spare the dinosaur and return home. Connor meanwhile takes drastic action to retrieve Abby's pet Rex, lost in a card game by her stupid ...
16 May 2009
Episode #3.8
A giant ant from the same future location as the artefact comes through an anomaly and kills two guards. Jack, Abby's daft brother,from whom she has kept her job secret and is anxious to know what she really does, arrives at the site and is chased through the anomaly by the ant and its offspring. The team follow him into an urban wilderness where they are besieged in a bus by carnivorous monsters but manage to escape. Jack atones for his bad behaviour by telling Abby how much Connor loves her but Danny and James are disturbed to find that Johnson and her henchman ...
23 May 2009
Episode #3.9
A herd of rhinoceros-like creatures, embolotherium, come through a rift at a camp-site. Danny rescues Eve, the young woman Johnson and Wilder have brought from the future and takes her to the site where she saves the day with a device which creates an anomaly, through which the beasts return home. She is taken to the ARC where she is not who she first appears to be.
6 Jun. 2009
Episode #3.10
Sarah and Becker battle giant insects who have come through the rift at Johnson's H.Q. whilst Abby, Connor and Danny pursue Helen Cutter through the anomaly she has created. Her plan is to travel back to Africa in the year four million B.C. in order to stop the evolution of human life. With Connor injured Danny faces her alone but has an unexpected ally to help him save the world. Can he make it back to his own time before the anomaly closes?

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