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Sex & Nudity

  • The only part of the game even remotely sexual in nature is a woman walking on a beach in a bikini posing for a picture (which you take.)

Violence & Gore

  • The plane crash shows some people getting flung out of the plane and the plane splitting in two.
  • Elliot wakes up on the Island after the crash of Flight 815 and starts to explore the jungle, he finds an unlucky passenger of Flight 815 dead caught in some branches.
  • After the plane crash, we see many decayed bodies, injured survivors, pieces of the plane scattered across the beach and other plane parts in flames.
  • Jack is seen trying to revive a man after the plane crash.
  • One of the plane's wings smashes onto the beach, however no-one is killed or injured.
  • A small amount of shooting is involved.
  • There are a couple of explosions, one is seen in the trees.
  • A few objects are seen with blood stains on them.
  • A pool of red can be seen under the head of someone who has been shot.
  • Elliot has flashes about a dead body and the woman's face.
  • Elliot gets attacked by a mysterious man, known as "Beady Eyes", who demands to know where the camera is and threatens to kill you..
  • We hear a man being attacked and then killed by the "smoke monster."
  • In a dream sequence, Lisa slaps Elliot across the face.
  • We see a dead shark in a science lab, some cuts are seen on the sides Implying people cut it up.


  • Occasionally minor profanity include "hell," "damn," "piss," "crap" and "ass."
  • Name calling (Fool, Bitch Bastard and Son of a bitch.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some references to Alcohol and Tobacco.
  • Alcohol is never consumed on-screen.
  • Beer cans are among several objects scattered about the island that can be collected by the player and traded with island survivors for various goods

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The plane crash is intense, especially seeing people being flung out of the plane.
  • There are some scenes where characters threaten others with guns.
  • Some "jump" when enemies suddenly appear out of nowhere.
  • Like the show, there are moments of moderate violence and terror.
  • Elliot gets chased by a scary "smoke monster" in the jungle in some missions.
  • In a mission, A beeping noise from the computer draws Elliott back, and on the screen is written "Elliott Maslow. We know what you did. And we will find you."


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • We hear that Scott was found dead with every bone in his body broken.
  • We hear that Claire was stabbed with a needle.
  • Elliot finds his laptop and camera, but on the way out he's knocked out by Tom.
  • Elliott finds Beady Eyes holding Mikhail hostage, but Elliott shoots and kills him.Mikhail thanks him and apologizes, as a dart strikes Elliott's neck and he falls to the ground.
  • Savo shoots Lisa in the head as Elliott, still hiding in a walk in wardrobe, snaps a picture of the murder.
  • Elliott boards the sailboat, named the 'Via Domus' and sails away from the Island. As he does so, Elliott looks up to see a plane breaking apart and crashing on the Island.

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