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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense frightening zombie sequences, violence and disturbing images

Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene where a man is preparing a makeshift spear with duck tape and a pornographic magazine. The scene isn't long but it is visible enough.
  • Towards the beginning of the film, two men are seen attacking a woman in a store. The men are tugging at her clothes, but no nudity; however, there is an impression of attempted rape.
  • Unrated version, no sex or nudity either.
  • A couple kiss

Violence & Gore

  • Numerous scenes show thousands of male and female zombies charging down the center of streets in various cities, swarming up walls and buildings in search of human beings to bite; each time this occurs, armies shoot the zombies with automatic rifles and fell large numbers of them; some zombies run quickly toward the camera, flashing gray flesh, yellowed teeth, wide eyes and slobbering mouths (we sometimes see drool and a little blood at the corner of their mouths); the zombies screech like birds, growl, click their teeth and make sounds like chattering insects as they run and fall on top of cars, cracking windshields and people run and scream.
  • Inside an apartment we see a man and a woman who cannot escape zombies that break in and they are bitten in the neck (no blood). In two scenes, zombies scale tall walls and jump down the other side, biting people in the neck and suffering automatic rifle fire from soldiers (no blood is shown) while victims convulse, become gray-skinned, have milky eyes and arise as zombies to chase other humans.
  • In two skirmishes, several zombies fall after being shot and we see dead soldiers' bodies hanging from the top of barbed wire fences in the dark.
  • As a special UN team leaves an army base by plane, a cell phone ring attracts dozens of zombies that are shot by soldiers; one soldier is bitten and limps away to kill several zombies offscreen.
  • A soldier shoots a zombie that is off screen and we see a red mark on her hand (indicating a zombie bite); the camera pans up as a man chops off the woman's hand off-screen and she cries out (we never see blood and he wraps her stump in a bandage); the two board a plane and the man pours vodka over the woman's stump below the frame and re-bandages it as she stifles a scream (we see the bandaged stump, but no blood, and later we see her arm is in a sling).In the extended version, you see blood splashing from her hand for about 10-20 seconds, but you don't see the hand getting chopped.
  • A motorcycle patrol officer rides passed a car stopped in a traffic jam and knocks the driver's side mirror off; the driver gets out of his car as another officer rides up and shouts at him to get back in his car until the officer is run over by an SUV; several cycle cops ride by as we hear a rumble and see an explosion in the background accompanied by large dust clouds; we see a commotion as thousands of aggressive, grimacing zombies surge forward and swarm over objects and people causing cars and trucks to roll and crash; two trucks crash through each other, zombies bite people in the neck and the victims drop, convulse and arise with blue-gray skin and milky glazed eyes as zombies; from the air, people and zombies look like ants and the zombies swarm up into piles over cars and trucks, looking for more people to bite.
  • Noise in another section of an airplane alerts a man to a problem and he peaks through the curtain to see a chaotic scene of teeth-chomping zombies snarling; zombies break through a barricade of baggage into another section and bite passengers on the neck (no blood is shown) as the victims convulse and become zombies; a soldier shoots zombies and a man throws a live grenade that explodes and blows out the side of the plane causing the plane to crash-land into pine trees and grass (most of the passengers and zombies are sucked out the hole in the fuselage) and we see the cockpit break off and tumble end over end.
  • A man is shown in the wreckage of a plane crash hanging sideways out of his seat with blood covering his cheek and temple; he releases his seat belt and finds a two-foot-long piece of metal piercing his side and through the back (covered in dried blood); he falls from his seat to the ground and a soldier without a hand helps walk him to a research lab where he collapses at the entrance.
  • A female zombie repeatedly bangs her head into a wall and then turns toward humans and screams as a woman shoots her with a handgun.
  • Three zombies jump through a glass wall and shatter it with loud noises of breaking glass.
  • We see a captive zombie in a glass room and she has milky blue eyes, she hisses and snaps her huge yellow teeth as she drives her face repeatedly into a glass wall without injury.
  • A woman and two men carrying handguns, a baseball bat, a crow bar and an axe enter a hospital wing; noises make zombies screech and limp toward them and then charge them; several zombies are shot or hit with an axe handle or crowbar on screen and their heads are stabbed below the frame; the woman and one man run back to safety with zombies chasing them and slam themselves against closed barrier doors.
  • During a drug store looting a man pulls a handgun on another man and then puts it away when he sees the second man is not a zombie while other people run up and down aisles, grabbing merchandise for use in a disaster, and some scream in fear.


  • "Jesus" used as exclamation.
  • A few "sh*t"s, one use of "b*tch" and "hell", and a few religious profanities, including 6 uses of "GD".
  • A use of "b--tard"
  • Unrated version: Approximately ten "s" words. Approximately 15 religious profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man and a woman are shown drinking vodka on a plane.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It's intense, but it's not overly graphic.
  • People choosing suicide over infection.
  • The infected bite the human's necks. Some may find disturbing.
  • When in Philadelphia, when you first see the outbreak, you see many infected biting. This might be frightening for young viewers.
  • The faces of the zombies might be frightening for young viewers.
  • Note that the Unrated Version contains more blood and gore than the PG-13 rated theatrical version. If released in theaters the Unrated Director's version would have most likely been rated R.

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