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Jeté Laurence: Ellie



  • Ellie : His name's Church. It's short for Winston Churchill. He's someone who lived a really long time ago.

    Jud Crandall : I know who Winston Churchill is.

    Ellie : Wow. You must be really old.

  • Rachel : In the woods today, Ellie discovered a charming little landmark.

    Ellie : The Pet Sematary.

    Louis Creed : A place to bury our pets and remember them. I know it seems scary, but it's not. Perfectly natural, just like dying is natural.

  • Ellie : Am I dead?

  • Ellie : So many trees.

    Rachel : It's beautiful, right?

    Louis Creed : It's definately not Boston.

  • Louis Creed : [as they arrive at their new home]  Here we go. Ok, so what do you think?

    Ellie : Wow! This place is ours?

    Louis Creed : I even got them to throw in a whole forest as a new backyard.

  • Rachel : [firmly]  I Buried My Daughter

    Ellie : [becoming enraged]  Then You Can Go Join Her

  • [last lines] 

    Louis Creed : [places foot on Ellie's chest as she struggles, while he picks up a shovel and gets ready to end her with it]  I thought we could be a family, I wanted us to be a family, but we can't!

    Ellie : [stops struggling]  But we can, Daddy. We can.

    [Louis is suddenly impaled through his back with a steel rod by an undead Rachel] 

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