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MPAA Rated R for horror violence, bloody images, and some language

Sex & Nudity

  • There is no nudity. A couple kiss passionately. They are about to engage in sexual intercourse...the husband begins thrusting, but are interrupted.
  • A young girl is briefly seen nude in a bathtub, but nothing revealing is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • All the very gruesome stuff takes place in the final 20 minutes.
  • A man has his Achilles Tendon ripped/sliced open with a scalpel, and you see the inside of the foot for a split second as blood squirts out. The man then falls down the stairs
  • After a mans heal is sliced a young girl repeatedly stabs him.


  • 5 uses of fuck" two uses of "son of a bitch."
  • The F word is muttered a couple of times, but nothing over-the-top.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.
  • A man drugs another to unconsciousness by putting something in his drink. He doesn't harm him further.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many nightmarish images on a foggy cemetery.
  • Some jump scares.
  • Victor Pascow has a frightening presence in the movie. He has a body covered in blood and his brain is briefly shown in a few scenes in the film.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a graphic scene of a fataly injured man with a ripped open skull and the pulsating brain can be seen.
  • The achilles' heel of one character is cut by a scalpel with gruesome results. Pretty nasty stuff.
  • A cat enjoys killing a bird and rips it open.
  • A character is stabbed in the stomach and tormented before dying. She is slowly stabbed with the knife twisting and turning.
  • One character is killed by an iron bar pushed through his chest.
  • The front half of a semi truck turns too soon to avoid one child, but the back half comes apart and hurtles at 65 mph and hits a little girl in the road, killing her instantly. The impact isn't seen, but some blood and her dead body are seen afterward.
  • Rachel's sister Zelda has spinal meningitis, and crawls toward Rachel as her spine cracks loudly. It can be quite disturbing.
  • The father, Louis, tries to re-kill evil Ellie (a child) by sitting on top of her & strangling her as she struggles & kicks.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A young girl is killed by a truck on the road.
  • One character returns from the dead and behaves strange before killing other characters.
  • A family returns from the dead and frightens their surviving child in a car.
  • Rachel's sister, who is shown in flashbacks and nightmarish dreams, was deformed, with a twisted spine and protruding shoulder blades, etc.; she is portrayed in an intense and frightening manner.
  • Living beings returning from death appearing dirty, ill and zombie-like can be frightening to some audiences, especially since they are shown to have an aggressive behavior.
  • There is an intense and frightening scene where a very young boy is almost killed by a moving truck; although his father saves him, the boy's older sister (who is also young) is killed a little further down the road by the truck which has now tumbled and fallen over in an attempt to avoid the boy.
  • You see a silhouette of the legendary monster "Wendigo" while one of the character is in the ancient burial grounds. The creature stands in the back looking at the character.
  • Rachel's deformed sister Zelda falls down a dumbwaiter.
  • The father, Louis, tries to re-kill evil Ellie (a child) by sitting on top of her & strangling her as she struggles & kicks.

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