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  • Step Brothers is based on a screenplay written by Ferrell and McKay from a story written by director Adam McKay and principal actors Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Edit

  • "Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream." Edit

  • Por Ti Volare, the Spanish version of the Italian Con te Partiro [Time to Say Goodbye] by Andrea Bocelli. Edit

  • About two minutes into the credits there is a bonus scene. Brennan and Dale return to the park in a helicopter and beat up the bullies who made them eat dog turds earlier in the film. They then take off before the police arrive. As they leave, Dale (not angrily) questions Brennan about touching his drum set, which Brennan still denies. There is another (although brief) scene at the very end of the credits as well, where Dale and Brennan rise out of bed, sleep walking. Brennan mumbles to Dale, "Go get my passport!" Edit

  • For those who a familiar with today's releasing practice of movies it's not a big surprise that there are two versions of this movie available on Blu-ray/DVD: Again we've got the well-known theatrical version and an Unrated version that runs approximately 8 minutes longer than the other one. The latter features several extended plot scenes that aren't that spectacular. Nevertheless a detailed comparison between both versions with pictures is available here. Edit



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