Rote Rosen Poster

(2006– )

Episode List


2 Jan. 2020
Vom Löwen zum Marienkäfer
S17E42 Torben's cynicism annoys Ben. Gunter wants to spend his birthday only with Merle. Astrid can make use of her store again. Sad Carla. Alex helps Oskar with a ballet idea. Judith accepts Gregor's bribe offer.
13 Mar. 2020
S17E86 Will Judith cut off her pregnancy? Cem visits Amelie. Carla and Gregor are engaged. Henning reveals Astrid the background of the photo. Alex and Astrid improve a special cheese.
16 Mar. 2020
Wachsende Besorgnis
S17E87 Ben doesn't want his little daughter to move away. Luke negotiates with a tech start-up. Amelie and Cem reconcile. Torben is annoyed about Gunter's neglect. Bruno is actually too ill to keep on working like he does.
17 Mar. 2020
In Lebensgefahr
S17E88 Vivien finds it stupid that Cem fights to get Amelie back. Bruno asks for his wife Heike. Henning remembers how she died. Luke is invited to a dinner with Gregor. Merle's orchid still doesn't flower.
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S1, Ep3089
18 Mar. 2020
Eine durchzechte Nacht
S17E89 Henning blames himself for Heike's death. Bruno accuses Alex unjustly. Cem wants to do Amelie a proposal of marriage. Merle takes part in the competition with a flowering orchid. Carla urges Gregor to give Luke a break.
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S1, Ep3090
19 Mar. 2020
S17E90 Britta doesn't want to move together with Luke. Bruno finds indications for Henning's secret affair with his wife Heike. Thomas gets education crap from his boss. Gregor sends Cem home. Carla thinks about a short-term wedding.
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S1, Ep3091
20 Mar. 2020
Der Brief
S17E91 Henning plagues his bad conscious about his affair with his sister-in-law and her death. Britta worries about Carla going to Las Vegas. Ben gives Tina a present she already knows. Peter is back but didn't contact Merle.
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S1, Ep3092
23 Mar. 2020
Erinnerungen holen einen ein
S17E92 Bruno doesn't read his letter but Henning's bad conscious is still there. Is Britta really pleased to be Carla's witness? Peter flirts with Merle. Although the new pupil is strange, Pia tries to get in contact with him.