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Britt McKillip: Macy



  • [the kids show up to pick up Rhonda from her decorated jack-o'-lantern home as she walks out] 

    Sara : This is weird.

    Chip : [Chip points]  Is that Rhonda the retard?

    Macy : She's not a retard. She's an idiot savant.

    Sara : Here she comes.

    Macy : You're on Schrader.

    [the rest of the kids walk ahead] 

    Schrader : Did you carve all of these yourself?

    Rhonda : Yeah. Made my costume too. Like it?

    Schrader : [smiles]  I do. I'm Schrader.

    Rhonda : [smiles]  Rhonda.

  • [the response of the kids after Macy tells them the school bus massacre story] 

    Sara : You are so full of shit.

    Macy : Really? Well, then I guess you won't mind being first.

    Sara : First what?

    Macy : Eight victim, eight jack-o'-lanterns, each one representing a lost soul. So we're going to leave them by the side of the lake as an offering to those who died.

    Chip : Oh.

  • [the kids take off their masks and reveal their joke to Rhonda] 

    Macy : And it was all going so well.

    Rhonda : [sobbing, muttering]  You're all dead!

    Schrader : Rhonda, calm down. It was all just a trick. Look, none of this is real. It was just a trick. A bad joke.

    Macy : I'd say it was a pretty good one.

    Schrader : Shut up.

  • [Steven Wilkens drags Charlie into the house when he gets some unexpected Trick or Treaters] 

    [the kids knock saying Trick or Treat!] 

    Chip : We know you're in there.

    Sara : We can see you.

    Macy : Hello!

    Steven : [the kids start pounding and ringing the door bell as Mr. Wilken's screams]  Just a minute!

    [Steven opens the door and the kids scream at his bloody chocolate covered shirt] 

    Steven : Wait. No, no. Shh, shh. No.

    [the kids start laughing] 

    Chip : Uh, great costume, Mr. Wilkens.

    Steven : [muttering]  Oh, right, candy.

    Chip : Thanks.

    Macy : Uh, Principal Wilkens, do you think that we might be able to have your jack-o'-lantern, please?

    Steven : You're not gonna smash it, are you?

    Macy : No, it's a scavenger hunt, for UNICEF.

    [Macy smiles then gets nervous] 

    Steven : Anything for a good cause.

    [Chip notices the blood trail leading from Steven's porch into his home, Chip slowly looks up at him] 

    Steven : [whispers]  Happy Halloween.

    Chip : Yeah. Happy Halloween.

    [Chip leaves and reveals Sam standing behind him] 

    Steven : [Steven jiggles the candy bowl at Sam]  Did you get one?

    [Sam quickly grabs a candy before walking down the porch steps, Sam drag his candy bag that let's out what sounds like a cat screaming when Steven closes the front door] 

  • Sara : That bus is around here somewhere. I think it's over here.

    Schrader : Over where? I can't see shit in this fog. Think I found a dead retard.

    Macy : That's me asshole.

    Schrader : Like I said.

    Macy : Both of you shut up and keep looking.

    Schrader : There's something moving by that rock.

    Macy : I can't see.

    Sara : Jesus, what is that?


    Sara : Help me!

    Macy : Sara! Where's Sara? Run!

    Schrader : There's nowhere to go!

    Chip : Up! I wanna go back up!

  • [Schrader goes back for the other kids when he hears screams in the distance, leaving Rhonda alone by the old gate elevator] 

    Macy : [Macy runs into Schrader]  Schrader!

    Schrader : What the hell?

    Macy : We have to go. We have to get out of here.

    Schrader : Macy, calm down.

    Macy : We have to go!

    Schrader : Look! Macy.

    Macy : Listen to me! We heard voices. There are other people here.

    [the kids begin to hear voices giggling] 

    Schrader : What is that?

    [voices mumble and giggle as the kids see the original school bus massacre children walking toward them from the fog, the kids scream for their life] 

  • [the kids arrive at the location site of the old Halloween School Bus Massacre] 

    Schrader : Great, a rock quarry. Nice way to celebrate Halloween, Macy.

    Chip : Why are we here?

    Macy : To pay our respects to the dead.

    Chip : What happened? Did somebody die here?

    Sara : Wait. Is this where - ? It is isn't it? This is where that school...

    Macy : Shut up, Sara.

    Chip : The Halloween School Bus Massacre.

    Macy : Just don't call it that.

    Schrader : What's she talking about?

    Sara : It's this awesome town legend. There's this bus full of...

    Macy : Jesus, will you shut up and let me tell the damn story?

    Rhonda : You said a bad word.

    [Macy rolls her eyes at Rhonda before telling the story] 

    Macy : It happened 30 years ago on a late Halloween afternoon.

    Macy : [begins narrating the flashback]  A school bus was on its usual route. But this wasn't your typical school bus and they weren't your typical kids. There were eight of them and they were different. Troubled. Disturbed. Every day, parents put their dirty secrets on this bus to be driven to a school miles out of town.

    [we see the kids each in their creepy Halloween masks and costumes] 

    Vampire Kid : [we see the vampire kid in his seat counting the addresses outside]  3260. 3264. 3266.

    Macy : [continuing to narrate]  But that day... the driver took a different route.

    Vampire Kid : Wrong way. Wrong way. Wrong way.

    Macy : And instead of taking the students home he drove the bus to an abandoned rock quarry. This rock quarry.


    Macy : What the kids didn't know is that, over the years, their parents had become exhausted, and embarrassed. And they were willing to do anything to ease their burden. So one day, the parents approached the bus driver and made him an offer. With the money collected together, they asked him to do the unthinkable. It almost worked perfectly.

    [the bus driver quiets the kids and begins to walk down the bus checking that each chained down kid is correct, passing them each a piece of candy] 

    Vampire Kid : [the vampire kid begins to try and slip out of his chains]  Wrong way. Wrong way. Home. Home. I wanna go home. I wanna go home. Home.

    Vampire Kid : [the vampire kid manages to get behind the steering wheel of the bus]  Home. Home. Home. I wanna go home. Home.

    [the bus drives forward off the rock quarry with the bus driver surviving] 

    Macy : [narrating]  The driver was never heard from again. As for the bus, some say it sank so deep that it couldn't be found. Others say the town just didn't want it to be found. For all we know, it's still down there and so are those kids.

    [silence as the kids look down into the rock quarry] 

  • [the kids ring the door bell and in unison say trick or treat] 

    Mrs. Henderson : [screams and laughs looking very tipsy with a house party behind her]  Aren't you guys adorable?

    Macy : Thanks, Mrs. Henderson. That's a great costume.

    Mrs. Henderson : I know.

    [Mrs. Henderson gives them a spin in her kitty outfit] 

    Mrs. Henderson : Isn't it just purr-fect? You want a drink or something?


    Mrs. Henderson : It'll be our little secret.

    Sara : [smiles]  Sure.

    Macy : No, thanks. But, um...

    Mrs. Henderson : All right, fine. I'll see what I got for you.

    [Mrs. Henderson walks away leaving the door open] 

    Macy : Actually, Mrs. Henderson, we were sort of wondering if you might...

    Coach Taylor : [the kids look in and see in the distance a couple in costume having sex]  Oh yeah!

    Macy : If you might...

    Chip : [Chip raises his pirate eye patch]  Holy shit.

    Macy : ...Have a jack-o'-lantern... we could borrow.

    Mrs. Henderson : [Mrs. Henderson returns with candy]  Here you go. Now, be safe... and watch out for monsters.

    [closes the door] 

    Sara : [talking along the street]  I don't even know what that was.

    Chip : Coach Taylor was in a hot-dog costume butt-fucking a pig. I think. And then...

    Macy : Chip, let's just not.

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