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MPAA Rated PG for sci-fi action, some crude humor and mild language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man makes photocopies of several items, and then sits on a scanner with his pants down (we see his bare hip and buttock side with a small tattoo on it).
  • A man and a woman park, the woman moves close to the man and tries to kiss him, and he pushes her away.
  • Two monsters talk about whether a human is male or female and one points and says "boobies," then says that because the human has them that makes it a boy.
  • While talking a man holds his hands in such a way that it is implied that he is making a reference to breasts.
  • B.O.B. flirts with a Jell-o mold salad.
  • B.O.B. makes comments to Derek as if they had been dating and are now breaking up.

Violence & Gore

  • The president says " something VIOLENT!", referring to destroying the robot.


  • "holy Cheez-Its," "my goodness," "thank g--," "oh my gosh," "sweet l---," "thank goodness," "gosh," "please g-- please," "oh my goodness," "oh my gosh," "oh my goodness," "what the Flagnard," "OMG," "oh space balls"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • While Susan is "growing up" at the wedding, as everyone panics, Susan says "Wait, it's okay! Have some champagne while we figure this out!".
  • None.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • During a couple's night out, the couple walks up to the crash, and there is a jump-scare when the robot opens its eye suddenly.
  • The opening sequences of the film depict the military coming to take away Susan and locking her up underground forever when she accidentally becomes different through no fault of her own. These scenes may be very scary for younger children.
  • A meteor crashes to earth and lands directly onto Susan while she outside a church waiting for her wedding ceremony to begin. After being hit she is dazed and dirty but otherwise unhurt. The wedding begins, during which the guests watch in horror as she changes from a normal sized woman into a green, glowing, humongous "monster," which be intense for young viewers.
  • There is a lot of intense sci-fi type action. A huge robot attacks a city and the Golden Gate bridge, destroying it, while Ginormica (Susan) tries to hold it off while people escape in their cars, Some cars are seen going over the bridge but no person is seen in them. Gallaxhar appears as a huge red-faced vision in the sky and talks about killing everyone on earth.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A couple is scene sitting in a car as part of their date. The woman moves to the man's side of the car to initiate physical contact of some kind. She is rebuffed by the man quite violently in that he literally throws her body to her initial side of the car. A huge metal vessel with one large "eye" stands in the middle of a desert, armed men approach it, one man climbs a long flight of stairs to try to communicate with it, it starts to move, the man runs and dives out of the way, and the armed men open fire on it. One monster is a part ape/part fish creature, one monster is a cockroach man and one monster is a gelatinous blue glob. An alien is a squid-like creature with four eyes and tentacles, which it uses as legs and hands, and it clones itself many times so there are hundreds of them. A monster shoots an alien and we hear a splat and see the alien lying motionless. Several monsters fight with many aliens and a few aliens are shot, and others are thrown. An enormous insect is struck by a blast from an alien ship, it falls to the ground, its eyes slowly close and it is implied that it is dead (another monster grieves by its side). A nearly-50 foot tall woman struggles to stop an alien vessel from destroying the Golden Gate Bridge and sending into the water; the vessel uses a large clamp to try to pick her up, and she presses it open and frees herself. An alien vessel chases a nearly 50-foot tall woman through city streets, buildings are damaged, and she dangles from a gutter and is afraid of falling (she is only a couple of feet off the ground). A large alien vessel begins to break up the Golden Gate bridge, cars teeter on the road surface and nearly fall in the water below, a nearly 50-foot tall woman tries to stop it, and she slips and nearly falls into the alien vessel "mouth." where there are whirring metal "teeth." A nearly 50-foot tall woman is shot in the leg with a hypodermic needle containing a sedative, she pulls the needle out, throws it to the ground where is stabs a normal sized man's foot (he screams), and she then collapses unconscious. A nearly 50-foot tall woman breaks through many steel security doors while chasing an alien. A woman glows green after having been exposed to an alien compound, she begins to grow, pushes through the roof of a building where many people are gathered, a beam falls and lands on a man (he's OK), and people run out screaming. A nearly 50-foot tall woman is jolted by electricity (we see her hair standing on end and smoldering) but she's OK. A nearly 50-foot tall woman picks a man up by the jacket and flicks him with her finger; he flies through the air, and then falls down and is caught by a monster that spits him out covered with slime. A nearly 50-foot tall woman kicks a shelter where a monster is sitting and the monster is thrown into the air. An alien grabs a woman by the throat and holds her off the ground. A monster jumps and crashes into the side of an alien vessel, it is shocked by a force field and is thrown (it is OK). A monster absorbs a woman and then spits her out (we see her covered with slime). A woman is imprisoned in a cage with a force field around it; she tries to get out and is shocked. A star explodes, fragments spread through space, one piece speeds toward Earth and we see it falling toward a woman on the ground, and it crashes into the ground (we hear a loud noise and see the woman uninjured but covered with dirt). A huge ball of flame crashes into the ground, a man and a woman go to investigate, and the man trips over a fence and breaks his ankle (we see his foot twisted in an unnatural direction and he moans). A bridge collapses, and part of the metal structure falls onto an alien vessel and it destroys it. A huge space station self-destructs (there is a large explosion). A plane is shot down, it crashes and we see the two people in the plane after they have ejected. A nearly 50 foot tall woman accidentally swats a helicopter out of the air, and we see a plume of black smoke. An alien holds a gun on a woman. A man is struck in the neck with a tranquilizer dart and falls back off screen. A woman screams when she sees a cockroach creature, and she swings at it with a spoon trying to kill it. The image of an alien is projected into the sky and tells many people standing on the ground below that "We are here to destroy you," and "Take over your planet," and it threatens death and slavery. A woman is told that she will never be free again. An alien orders that a woman be incinerated (she is not). A reference is made to someone dying of a heart attack. A man reaches into another man's pants and pulls up his underwear giving the man a wedgie. A monster jumps on a diving board, misses the board, crashes into the deck and falls into the water. A nearly 50-foot tall woman skateboards using two full sized cars on her feet. A nearly 50-foot tall woman is captured in a glass chamber and we see her begin to shrink. A woman wakes up in a cell and is frightened. A man accidentally presses a button that launches nuclear weapons, sirens blare, lights flash and he instructs people to seek shelter. Two men in a monitoring station panic when they see an object speeding toward Earth. A huge monster breaks out of a cocoon and flies away as a butterfly. There are a few 3-D effects: We fly through the rock strewn rings of Saturn, a man plays with a paddle ball and the ball stretches toward the audience, and an enormous insect sneezes and green goo spurts toward the audience. An alien drinks a hot beverage and spits it out at the audience. A huge insect squirts slime out of its nostril in a few scenes: One scene shows the goo attaching itself to a woman's leg and pulling her away from a beam that is taking her up into a vessel, and another shows the goo blown onto an alien vessel's "eye." A huge insect licks a plate glass window and we see slime. A glob of goo is splattered onto a table and a spoon is dropped into it. A monster can absorb anything that touches it: we see it playing catch, it accidentally pulls its eyeball out and bounces it against a wall, and then absorbs it when it bounces back into him. A reference is made to a man "pooping in his pants." A monster says that another monster is going to urinate on itself because it is scared. A monster's eyes are bloodshot and red from chlorine in pool water. A woman has one thumb shorter than the other and another woman seems alarmed when she sees this.

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