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  • The person buried in the grave was Patty's daughter. As seen in the finale, thirty five years ago, Patty gave birth to a stillborn baby. Edit

  • The theme song is 'When I Am Through With You' performed by The VLA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNU2nOo1EwM

    You can find most songs from each episode on this website: http://www.tunesonthetube.com/Damages.htm Edit

  • Damages was canceled by FX Networks because of the low ratings and high costs of each episode. In 2010 Sony reached an agreement with DirecTV to produce TWO new future seasons with its Audience Network (formerly known as the 101 Network) and they became the new broadcaster. Damages made its first premiere (Airing OLD episodes) on DirecTV , on January 5th 2011. Season 1 to 3 ran every Wednesdays at 10 PM until the season 4 premiere of Damages. The final season of Damages (season 5) premiered summer 2012.

    Season 1: Premiered January 5th, 2011 (DirecTV)

    Season 2: Premiered April 6th, 2011 (DirecTV)

    Season 3: Premiered May 25th, 2011 (DirecTV)

    Season 4: Premiered July 13, 2011 (DirecTV)

    Season 5 - The Final Season: Premiered July 11, 2012 on the Audience Network (DirecTV)

    All episodes of Damages can be found on Netflix, iTunes and Crackle. Edit

  • In a deleted scene found on the season 2 DVD set, Ellen opens David's gift, it included a card, as she opens it she laughs, but we do not see what it is. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • A pair of men working for Frobisher killed David while attempting to find evidence, Gregory's videotape, which David had hidden in the very Statue of Liberty bookend eventually used to kill him. It later ends up in evidence.

    Near the end of the first season, you find out that one of the murderers is a corrupt police detective. In the second season, it is revealed that the other killer is also a police officer, and both murderers moonlight as contractors for a private security firm. Edit

  • Uncle Pete, who takes care of Patty's illegal activities and keeps her above suspicion, maintains that Ellen Parsons is a liability and must be taken care of; Patty, though suspicious of Ellen, has been reluctant to get rid of her but finally agrees. Pete sends an assassin to kill Ellen; the plan fell through because Ellen fought back and stabbed the assassin. His body disappears, but we don't find out until the second season that he survived and is a longtime associate of Pete's.

    Patty's involvement in the assassination of Ellen is unclear until late in the second season, when Ellen coerces her into admitting that she had ordered Pete to have her killed. Edit

  • Patty was worried that Ellen could expose her dirty dealings in the Frobisher case. Ellen was aware of most of the dirty tricks which Patty had committed and Ellen had admitted that she regretted what they did. Patty needed to ensure that Ellen was to be completely on her side, should anything come out. When Ellen told her she regretted it, Patty realized how Ellen could not be absolutely trusted and therefore tried to kill her. Edit

  • Presumably Patty dislikes Frobisher because of his crimes. Ultimately her reasons are unknown.

    However, the producers have shot down wilder fan theories such as that Patty was the sister of the girl who Frobisher killed in Arlington, or that Frobisher and Patty had been romantically involved in the past.

    It is unknown as of the second season who is the father of Patty's stillborn baby, however Frobisher is not the father of Michael, her son. That honour belongs to Daniel Purcell. Edit

  • Julian Decker, played by Keith Carradine, was a figment of Patty's imagination. All present scenes with Julian are fake, however this same character with an unknown name first met Patty when she was young and pregnant. Patty had walked miles purposely to cause a miscarriage. Patty's stillborn daughter was named Julia, a reference to Julian. Edit

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