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Sex & Nudity

  • All seasons have sex scenes, some are implied, others are shown but they are all somewhat graphic.
  • Season 1: Somewhat graphic, partial nudity and some sex is implied.
  • A couple have sex, there is music playing in the background so we cant hear them. We see glimpses of their shoulders and legs but that's it. It is more romantic than explicit.
  • A man has sex with a hooker in his car. They are seen thrusting but we only see their faces; no nudity.
  • A couple have sex in bed but we only see their faces; no nudity.
  • A couple have sex on a desk. It is brief and there is no nudity.
  • A couple have sex but it is dark and they are clothed so we don't see anything; no nudity.
  • Season 2: Almost all the sex was implied this season. Not that graphic.
  • A man has sex in his car with a hooker, we only see their faces; no nudity.
  • Season 3: No graphic sex scenes; some sex is implied.
  • Includes more graphic sex and nudity.
  • A couple have sex but we only see their shoulders.
  • Sex between 4 characters is implied, in this scene a woman's breasts are exposed as well as another woman's buttocks.
  • A man is tortured via electric shock, naked. His buttocks are shown.
  • A couple talk in bed and the woman's breasts are exposed; sex is implied. In this episode, pictures of tortured men are shown; they are naked and rear and frontal nudity is shown.
  • Season 5: Graphic sex, some nudity.
  • A couple have sex in bed, its graphic. The woman's breasts are exposed.
  • A couple have sex in bed. The woman's side is exposed but her breasts and buttocks are out of focus.
  • A couple have sex on a desk, the man's buttocks are exposed as he thrusts into the woman. Later on in this episode a woman's breasts are exposed.

Violence & Gore

  • Brutal violence; people are shot or tortured, beaten to death with objects, suicides are shown, choking, poisoning,drowning, stabbing etc. Blood splatters when someone is shot. Some fights occur. People are shown covered in blood. Dead bodies are shown.
  • Examples: A man shoots himself in the head. We see his dead body repeatedly.
  • A man is run over by a car (this scene is very graphic).
  • A bloody dead dog with its throat slit is shown.
  • A woman was attacked in an apartment, she fights off her killer and stabs him. We see this scene repeated in almost every episode of season one.
  • A man is shown bloody and murdered in his bath tub,his death is shown as well.
  • Season 4 - A man is tortured via electric shock.
  • A man snaps a woman's neck.
  • A man shoots a number of people, with bloody results and injury detail.
  • A man tries to torture a child by crushing his fingers with a can opener, he doesn't do it but this scene is intense.
  • A woman is murdered in her bathtub; two people hold her down while they slit her wrists with a box cutter to make it seem like it was a suicide.
  • A man is hung by a rope.
  • A car explodes.
  • *Minor violent acts (e.g a man smashes a windshield with a golf club)
  • *Season 4 contains the most gore/violence due to the theme of war.


  • B---h, s--t, bulls--t, g--d--n, damn, a--hole, prick, pissed, and Jesus' name, are used regularly throughout the show. Seasons 4 and 5 started using f--k often, and c---ksucker and c--t occasionally. Language can be crude sometimes with words such as pussy and dick.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many characters are shown smoking cigarettes or cigars regularly in the show. Characters drink alcohol in every episode. Some get drunk. Seasons 1 to 3 show some characters snort cocaine. One character is shown smoking marijuana using a bong. Drugs are also discussed as in doing them or selling them. A woman takes a few ecstasy pills. A man is killed in what appears to be a heroin overdose.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • (see Violence and Gore section)
  • Many disturbing scenes. People are shown dead or dying. Some domestic fighting. Many deaths including suicides are intense. The violence is heavy, scenes will frighten young viewers. A few 'jumpy' scenes. Many characters attempt suicide, some don't go through with it but these scenes are intense. Season 4 was the most intense and dark season of the series, a lot of bloody violence and torture scenes were shown. Background music also enhances the intensity and frightening tone of the scene.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In season 3, the final episode contains a very graphic, disturbing fight scene involving beatings with blunt instruments, stabbing, choking and finally someone is drowned in a toilet.

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