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Season 3

18 Jul. 2009
You Decide
Trent is planning a strategy for hitting on a girl he likes. Bill freaks out when Paul explains to him how Susan got Bill to think he was the decision-maker. He decides it's time for payback. A naked neighbor in a hot-tub is also a problem.
25 Jul. 2009
Let It Go
Susan admits to Bill that she told her friends that he has a difficult time getting over things which prompts an argument between them about the quirks each them have that drive each other nuts. Lauren tries to convince Bryan when the males in their family are around his age they begin to lose their intellectual prowess.
1 Aug. 2009
The Way We Were
Bill and Susan plan a date night to try to relive their earlier experience and they leave Lauren and Trent responsible for watching Bryan while they are out for the night.
8 Aug. 2009
Oh, Brother
Bill's ne'er-do-well brother comes for a visit, which usually means he's in need of money. But now he has a "sure-fire business investment" in mind. Bryan then finds a way to exploit Lauren and Trent. Where will the plans end up?
15 Aug. 2009
I Like It That Way
Bill returns from his fishing trip with a beard. Susan decides to teach him a lesson when he refuses to shave it. Meanwhile, Bryan tries to Torment Lauren.
22 Aug. 2009
The Coffee Maker
When the now rich Danny buys the Pearsons a $1,000 coffee maker, Bill gets upset because he feels life is unfair to him. Paul has made a sculpture of himself, but is disappointed when it doesn't impress people at an auction.
29 Aug. 2009
United Front
Susan grounds Lauren for lying to her but then is surprised to learn that Bill thinks the punishment is too strong; Paul creates an Internet profile

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