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Sex & Nudity

  • In one episode, Yoko's bra gets stuck on Kamina's glasses who is unconscious. She kicks him away along with her bra. She then covers her breasts with her arms.
  • After falling to the ground, a male character lands face first in a female character's breasts. He is embarrassed by this, but she doesn't seem to mind. She then end up shoving him back into her chest when villains arrive.
  • A man checks out a woman, and the camera follows what would be his gaze, combing over her figure and lingering on her breasts for awhile.
  • A woman's breasts bounce suddenly and a hamster sized pet mole appears out of them. She's unbothered though, and casually remarks, "What's this small furry thing doing in my cleavage?"
  • The series features some women dressed in semi revealing clothing, one of the main characters wears a bikini throughout the series.
  • One episode takes place at a hot spring, where the entire plot of said episode is Kamina's attempts to sneak into the girl's section. Many suggestive jokes are made throughout the episode and the buttocks of a few characters can be seen. In one scene, a character is told to look for a hole and confused, sticks his finger up another boy's anus. The scene is brief and non-sexual, being played strictly for comedy.
  • Very briefly, a young male child's genitalia can be seen from far away. It isn't detailed or sexualized.
  • Lordgenome is shown to always be accompanied by concubines, who lay on him in suggestive poses. One of his minions explains that they are young women from poor villages, who serve Lordgenome so he can shower them with his affections.
  • Yoko is shown in the shower crying. During this scene, her bare buttocks can be briefly spotted.

Violence & Gore

  • The series features a number of intense battles between the large, piloted robots called Gunmen. They are equipped with guns, drills, rockets and other various weapons. The violence is very stylized, with the pilots inside rarely suffering injury. Instead, the Gunmen typically bare the brunt of the attacks.
  • A majority of the villains die via their Gunmen exploding in a huge ball of fire.


  • An equal amount of profanity in both the subbed and dubbed versions.
  • Multiple uses of "hell", "crap" and "damn/dammit"; a few uses of "ass" and "bitch"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few of the main characters smoke cigarettes throughout the series.
  • Guame is almost always shown smoking a pipe.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A lot of the battles include frightening enemies and situations, which in the beginning are lessened with occasional bursts of comedy. However, towards the end, the plot becomes more grim and serious as some episodes explore a darker territory.
  • A few of the Beastmen might be scary/creepy to younger viewers. Guame's behavior in particular as he acts callous and lecherous, explaining happily to Nia that Lordgenome viewed her as worthless and equivalent to that of a broken toy.
  • The appearance of the Anti-Spiral leader is unsettling and creepy, always appearing as a sketchy, black humanoid figure. He's even animated differently, to appear more nightmarish.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The death of Kamina is very sudden and violent, being one of the bloodiest and most intense deaths in the series. He is impaled through the chest by a large spear and a large, bloody slash is shown across his chest. He is beaten and covered in blood, and although he defeats his killer, he himself dies soon afterward.
  • Lordgenome is killed after having a Core Drill shoved into his chest. While his death isn't bloody, he is shown with nearly his entire torso blown away before falling to his demise. However, Lordgenome later reappears as a severed head hooked up to a computer.
  • The Anti-Spiral's attack on New Kamina City is very intense, with several buildings and entire city blocks being blown up. Later on, characters remark that the attack killed hundreds.
  • The final assault on the Anti-Spirals is very violent and intense, with numerous causalities on both sides. In the war, both Lordgenome and Kitan sacrifice themselves to ensure a victory.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The death of Kamina is extremely upsetting and depressing, as it comes out of nowhere and negatively affects nearly every character for several episodes.
  • Equally, the death of Nia is even more tragic and upsetting, as it renders nearly everyone's actions in the series for nothing. The entire scene is extremely intense and heartbreaking.

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