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The gangster's daughter
ShadeGrenade12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Craven once again falls under the spell of London racketeer Stanley Bowler ( George Baker ). He has a job for him - take care of daughter Melanie. Craven is reluctant at first, but when he claps on her and finds she is young, sexy, and played by Sally Geeson of 'Bless This House' fame, changes his mind. He has Frankie with him, and, along with Maureen, heads for a posh London restaurant...

In 'Gang', Bowler comes across as a menacing figure akin to 'Harry Fenning' of 'Citizen Smith', but when he was given his own show a year later became more of a comic character. What Frankie is doing with Peter is never explained, but I'm not complaining as he adds humour to the episode. Frankie's swagger in the presence of a notorious felon is amusing.

Melanie has stolen money from her father's safe and Maureen gets it when she accidentally picks up the wrong handbag. Duffy, despite his money troubles, does the decent thing and returns it. Like you would.

Funniest moment - Frankie, given a measure of brandy in a balloon glass, complains: "You think he might have filled it!".
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