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Slant Magazine
Yell the word "independent" loud and long enough and people might forget that they're seeing the same old, patronizing Hollywood clichés, recycled, rebranded, and regurgitated for their gullible, eager consumption.
An indie comedy whose primary virtue is its cast, well-known actors who took small roles on a lark — a chance to play against “type.”
Not bad enough to be a guilty pleasure, but plenty bad nonetheless.
In the 2014 annals of throwaway flops, save a special place for 95 wasted minutes of drivel called Reach Me.
This crowd-funded — and overcrowded — collection of interwoven stories, directed by John Herzfeld, plays like an amateur-acting exercise in which each participant picks a name and a couple of defining props.
There are great L.A. ensembles, like "Short Cuts" "Magnolia," or "Jackie Brown," but writer-director John Herzfeld is an expert in the bad kind, having made "2 Days In The Valley."
Village Voice
Writer/director John Herzfeld (15 Minutes, Two of a Kind) earnestly tries and spectacularly fails to dilute the acrid pretentiousness of Reach Me, a tone-deaf everything-is-connected melodrama, by cutting his characters' pseudo-enlightened philosophizing with goony broad humor.
The Dissolve
Reach Me wants to be masterpiece, but it’s a finger painting. By Captain Hook.
The concept itself is bafflingly empty. We’re never given any reason to respect Teddy or his work — which is built on tired, self-help clichés — so we hardly believe in his rapturous fans.
[A] preposterous ensemble piece.

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