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Sundance Film Guide
sundance_200810 May 2008
If you've ever heard the classic Rush song "Tom Sawyer," you may have found yourself flailing your arms in a rhythmic motion known as "air drumming." Neil Peart, Rush's legendary drummer, casts a wicked spell, but if you've managed to avoid it, or think air drumming isn't cool, I give you – Power.

Adventures of Power tells the comedic tale of a New Mexico mine worker named Power, who sets out to change the world through his love of drums. But he has never learned how to play. Instead, he air-drums at his aunt's bar on talent night. After participating in an underground "drum off" in Mexico, he is spotted by a trainer from New York and asked to train with the team. As his fellow mine workers fight for their rights back home, Power finds himself in the air-drum fight of his life against a formidable and despicable rival. Summoning strength from inner desire, Power learns what's been driving him his whole life: he doesn't need drums. He is drums.

Having had three shorts in the Festival, Ari Gold returns with his feature debut and shows off his multifaceted talents of writing, directing, acting, and air drumming. Enlisting a terrific group of comedic actors, he has crafted a funny and charming tale of a man, his dream, and the passion that it takes to chase it. – Trevor Groth
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An Instant Cult Classic
ben-172524 September 2009
Now, I don't normally write reviews for movies. This is my first review on IMDb. But I am writing a review for this movie because after seeing the film on a press screener DVD and absolutely loving it, I did some research and found only bad reviews.

Let me be clear - Adventures of Power is a classic. My friend and I have watched the movie over 5 times, can't stop quoting it ("Imagine that!", "They beat us with sticks, Power... we didn't have sticks!", "I don't need drums... I am drums.") and we now have a compulsion to air drum.

This movie is trendsetting and it's a shame that the early Sundance review crowd all missed the opportunity to tag this film as it is - a groundbreaking new comedy that will undoubtedly gather a religious cult following.

Kudos, Ari Gold. And here's to the start of a great career.
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Contains more laughs than 99% of mainstream Hollywood comedies
mcnalj19 January 2010
I was lucky enough to catch this movie and thought I'd throw in my tupenceworth. I've sat through many a so called comedy and not been moved to write about them but this film is dramatically different. Ari Golds debut feature has laughs aplenty. The characters are both funny and engaging. I won't spoil the plot other than to say it involves the unusual subject of 'Air Drumming' but I cannot recommend it highly enough. Ari is a riot throughout but is well rewarded by the brilliant casting as each of the characters brings something to the movie. I would particularly praise the casting of gorgeous Shoshannah Stern as Powers (Ari Golds) love interest. Despite being completely deaf she is able to inspire Power to new heights of air drumming greatness. Quirky & fantastic by the same measure I recommend you see it now!
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Don't Stop Believing!
kivosanli24 August 2011
Wow, what a movie. Ever seen a movie about playing air guitar and wondered how about all the people i see out at the bars air drumming? Well you guessed right. There is a bunch obsessed with air drumming too.

This one has all the elements for a rating of 10. It is painfully hilarious and at the same time it is very deep, and real life. It is intended all of us (and by that I mean ALL of us)who have a unique 'trait'/ a random whatever that others might look down on. You can't help to root for the main character but it is not as typical of a movie as that makes it sound to be.

The main character reminded me of the naiveness of John Heder as Napoleon (and they do very strangely look like each other). This movie is all about identity, and it goes to prove that 2 people from completely different backgrounds and personalities can still share a common something.

Shoshannah Stern ties this movie together, and just like the movie she has this incredible ability to be funny and sad at the same time. You really feel for her, as she feels for Power.

For Adrian Grenier, it's like there was this one role I knew would be perfect for him and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. But here he is as a country star. One word = hilarious.

If you are passionate about music (especially rock & roll), you should see this one asap.
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amazing comedy.... can't wait!!!!
aopscreening12 November 2007
I saw this film when my acting class was invited to give comments at a test screening. I loved it, it is hilarious and very touching movie. It reminds me of The Full Monty (English film) but more weird and more for kids or people my age. There is a lot of music in it, it's almost like a musical, but nobody sings fortunately.

It was fun to see some new faces and also some you know (yes, Vince from Entourage is in it, but he is totally different, he is actually very funny!). I don't like American comedies so much but this one is much better, because you care about these crazy characters and their American dream.

I can't wait to see it again when it comes out. I think they are editing a few things but i hope they don't change too much.

My guy friends liked it a lot because it's sort of like a sports movie at times, but I was more into the message and the love story, but that's just me....!
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Pure genius!
julie_wilking28 November 2017
The kind of movie that doesn't come along every decade. I bumbled into it on Hoopla. Brilliantly funny and lovably endearing for those with a particular sense of humor. You'll love the characters even more each time you watch it. Chances are your friends won't appreciate it. Don't let this gem pass you by.
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for the eyes, ears, and soul, BEAUTY -full!
jcuddylamoree29 September 2020
If you love the soul of Rock 'n' Roll, you're going to like this move about the people of the USA. Watch it for the Beautiful Humanistic portraiture videography/faces, or for the Rock soundtracks, which include the lyrics in subtitles, btw, or because it's Honestly, but Joyously, funny, then watch it again just for its Spirit!
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A comedy about music and believing in oneself
temple_syrinx18 October 2011
I first saw this film at a film festival, and then I saw it again at a fundraiser. It made me laugh so hard I cried--and my stomach hurt from laughing. I can't wait until more of my friends have seen this movie--there are so many great moments in the plot and funny one-liners that I can't tell them without spoiling the movie! One key scene near the end brought tears to my eyes because it was so moving. This is a MUST SEE for fans of the music of Rush, as well as anyone who loved This Is Spinal Tap, The Commitments, School of Rock or High Fidelity. Some excellent cameos. It's a comedy about music, and the underlying message is one of believing in oneself and one's dreams.
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Has it moments, but mostly is just bizarre
kly-2079627 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
After opening up my laptop to watch the movie the Adventures of Power, the first image I saw was of the creator Ari Gold, who frankly came across as pretty lame. He was nervous,jittery, and had a weird sense of humor that didn't quite click with me. But, I thought, maybe the movie will be different. Best not to judge on first impressions, right? So I buckled down, started microwaving some Costco low fat popcorn, and settled down in my bed for what would be the longest hour and a half of my life.

The entire movie requires a healthy dose of suspension of belief. In fact, the whole premise of the movie is ridiculous—sneaking off to go to illegal air drumming competitions in Mexico, getting picked up by an old Chinese couple in Newark and joining an air drumming team captained by a guy with no hands? Put all logic aside, folks, otherwise you're not going to make it to the end of this movie. Once we got to the part about Power's love interest, I had hope that maybe, just maybe, the movie was about to explore the tense relationship between the older generation and the youth, between a mother's guilt and her daughter's passion for rock and roll. But no, somewhere along the line the mother accepts the daughter's love for rock and roll for no apparent reason. Also, I can never again look at cereal in the same way. I've poured myself a bowl of cereal every day for the past two years, and today I decided to cook eggs instead, because the image of two awkward adults making out under pouring cereal boxes was too strong for me to bleach from my mind. I could find no real purpose for this motif other than disconnecting the audience from the characters as much as possible. Where did the cereal even come from? Does cereal just rain from the sky now?

Despite the overall bizarre tone of the movie, there were some touching moments like when Power admits that "(he) can't go 20 more seconds than (his rival)" and the captain replies "maybe not, but you can at least earn us some respect out there." This was a surprisingly poignant and realistic quote underneath the general unrealistic tone set by the creator. The motif of labor unions vs big companies, the underdog vs the big shots, was also a main struggle of the movie, which was tense at times and certainly made the movie more realistic.

All in all, probably one of the worst movies I've ever had the displeasure of watching, except for the adoption of the book Eragon, which was a train wreck. Despite my refusal to never watch the movie again, I don't think it's a horrible movie. It has its funny moments, though they are undercut by the general disconnect of the creator's humor with my own. If you're looking for a way to kill 1.5 hours of your life and have a really interesting conversation starter with someone, this just might be it.

Side note: Review used for my MGMT395 class.
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power noodle
cekadah5 January 2013
a quirky story told with quirky characters. if you watch the movie you will understand my title!

i do not know if this movie will become a cult classic or not, but it's a classic for good laughs and a humorous adventure tale. along the way some social issues are thrown in to show how silly we are to take unimportant things way to seriously. and we don't take the important things seriously enough.

power's adventure can look a bit dangerous at times but he stays focused on his goal and finds love and respect because of it - a simple much told message - but power tells it his way! a light hearted movie for fun and laffs. i can't recommend this movie enough. but good luck finding it as a rental. i got lucky! my favorite characters are the oriental couple!
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Couldn't Stop Laughing!
FeleciaX26 November 2011
This is my first movie review ever. I just finished watching Adven/Power on Showtime and I immediately went online to see if everyone thought it was as fantastic as I did. Unfortunately, most didn't. I think people are too used to these watered down, bland American comedies. I literally sat through some female comedian's stand up set on Comedy Central last night without even cracking a smile. Watching Adven/Power was SO different. I actually held my stomach with a gut laugh--and that's rare these days. I agree with a previous reviewer who said that this movie was akin to Napoleon--classic. And not everyone will get the funny/witty/sincere humor that Adven/Power has to offer in EVERY scene. Amazing! And Adrian Grenier was SO cute--and hilarious.

This quirky movie had soul, touched me to tears while making me laugh at the same time. In this day and age, people are so superficial and don't appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Too many people are stuck on huge budget movies with a lot of bling/bling and little substance. Adven/Power was making movies and comedies is all about. It is a cult classic and I am a fan!
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A Rare Comedy that has Heart
lga21919 October 2011
A rare comedy that has heart featuring a lovably awkward protagonist (Power) and 80's style humor wonderfully reminiscent of Wayne's World. Power as a character is definitely innocent yet eccentric in that same kind of Garth way. He's also very relatable on his quest to fulfill his passion, which in his case is to be a drummer even though he never played because he couldn't afford a drum set of his own.

Adventures of Power is both silly and surprisingly powerful in moments. Without taking itself too seriously the film still manages to address serious social issues and intertwine it's own unique humor. Memorable scenes are thoughtfully edited to music with an undercurrent of social commentary on worker's right and class warfare that no one has really touched on in films so much recently, or done so in such a poetic way. The film also is full of amazing classic rock and has a nostalgia which is also rare to find. It carries an important message of following your own path and passion even when you can't afford to (or even when your parents disapprove of you). The kind of determination of Power, though in jest and good fun, make this an inspirational uplifting comedy for generations to come. I feel like this is the kind of film that seems really simple on the surface but actually has many layers. Definitely one to see more than once. A must see for the dreamer in all of us.
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Hilarious fun with heart
anne-189-3918518 October 2011
Part silly comedy, part love story, part adventure, this movie was a pleasure form start to finish. Power, an odd-ball from a small mining town, heads out on a quest to find other people like himself - air-drummers. Ari Gold, who wrote and directed the movie, stars as Power and does a great job. He is goofy and lovable, and downright hilarious, and his air-drumming skills are tight!!! seriously. Jane Lynch, who plays his aunt, and Michael McKean (Powers dad) are great - McKean is great in this dramatic role. His love interest is Shoshannah Stern from Weeds. She lives with her over-protective mother above a Chinese restaurant where Power ends up in Newark. Chiu-Chi Ling from Kung-Fu Hustle makes a hilarious addition to the cast as the owner of this restaurant. Adrian Grenier, who plays Powers nemesis is HILARIOUS - this movie let him show way more than we get to see from him in Entourage. So, great cast, super fun, amazing music. I definitely recommend watching Adventures of Power.
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