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A Return To Form
slightlymad224 December 2014
A Return to form for "HOW I Met Your Mother" after some OK episodes. And it is no surprise Barney Stinson and Neil Patrick Harris are at the front and centre of the good time.

Plot In A Paragraph: Ted is all packed and ready to move in with Robin. This disgusts Barney so he steals the removal van with all his possessions in it, saying he will only give him his belongings back if he suits up, and joins him on a night out. Meanwhile Marshall and Lily, who at first, love living alone, and celebrate the fact by lounging around naked. Soon realising they are missing Ted.

It's no surprise Neil Patrick Harris played a prominent role here, because I always enjoy episodes where he is prominent more.
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Moving Day (#2.18)
ComedyFan201013 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This episode seems to be going in a good direction as Robin and Ted at the end decide not to move in together. I am happy about it as I already learned that I don't like them as a couple. For the most I dislike Robin when she dates. She seems to hold all the negative characteristics of an annoying girlfriend. Which is too bad as I did like her character when she was single a lot.

What I also liked about this episode was Marshall and Lily. They bring great moments in almost every episode for me, now they are definitely the couple that I love. Them figuring out that they miss Ted way more than they enjoy living alone was just cute. Especially that great hug they game him.
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