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A Guilty Favorite
vranger18 June 2009
Gordon Ramsay, a rich and famous chef, years ago hit the reality TV circuit by acting as a consultant to failing restaurants.

Two things strike me about this series.

First, these restaurant owners and employees, despite having so many problems when they agree to be one of these shows that they are on the verge of bankruptcy, have the gall to actually argue with his suggestions for becoming successful.

Second, I often wonder why, after seeing one of these shows, I ever go to eat at a restaurant again! LOL Interesting in the manner that makes people slow down to view the details of a car wreck, Nightmares often provides an uplifting story of a group of people getting it together to run their business properly for the very first time. Sadly, there are those that are so stubborn, and/or so inept, that they fail despite Gordon's intervention.

There is a lot of bad language and bad food, so this is not for small children. If you run a business of ANY type, you can learn real lessons for success from these shows.
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My favourite guilty pleasure
Meven_Stoffat28 September 2011
In all honesty, I have a gigantic man crush on Gordon Ramsay. There's just no one else like him. He tells it like it is, and There's just nothing he cannot do. Or so it seems. I'll admit I'd hate to be some runt on the show, but that's a good thing. And Kitchen Nightmares is proof that sometimes, one voice IS enough to stop a restaurant from serving crap.

This is an American version of his original British program, which is just as much a guilty pleasure as the Yankee version. Essentially the rundown is this: A restaurant, somewhere in America, is struggling. It could be due to shitty food or shitty management/service... or maybe even both. After tasting their cheapjack food, Ramsay observes what goes on in the kitchen, and then does what it takes to get the restaurant back on it's feet, for once and for all.

Ramsay is brutal as frack. A seasoned tongue, it's just so fun to watch him suffer dealing with morons and bad food, one couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy! His brilliance just doesn't end. I'll admit one of the reasons I love this show is I'm. A world traveler, and one of the things I keep an active interest in is cuisine. Having been to France recently, I always look forward to the French restaurant episodes!

In short, if you like crackdown justice shows like me, you will regardlessly love this show!
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An enjoyable reality series
Zaniac127312 October 2007
After my wife got me addicted to Hell's Kitchen (US) during its first season, we've jumped at the opportunity to watch every show or series we could with Gordon in it.

We had previously watched several episodes of his show "The F Word" before eventually getting bored with it. This show, however, seems to be much more entertaining and worth watching. If you enjoy documentaries and/or reality shows, this series might be worth watching. To me, this series is to the restaurant industry as The Biggest Loser is to the obese. Although Kitchen Nightmares is not in any way a competitive series, its ultimate goal is very similar to that of The Biggest Loser. Where TBL takes several fat people (some of whom are heart attacks waiting to happen) and "saves" them by whipping them into shape and making them skinny again, Kitchen Nightmares each week showcases a single restaurant on the verge of shutting down due to any number of reasons (food quality, service, management, organization, etc) and attempts to transform the business into one that is popular and profitable.

Overall, I'm impressed with the quality of Gordon's "consultant" skills. He does bring out some of his brutally honest mannerisms in this series, but he doesn't take it to extremes like he's some drill sergeant constantly yelling at recruits. Although he does occasionally get in face-to-face jawing matches with some of the people involved, he does often show a more human side, being very professional and down to earth with the owner(s) of each restaurant and telling them what he thinks needs to change. He helps them by giving their dining area a makeover and occasionally replaces old, run down kitchen equipment with new and fancy ones. He's also good about complementing the restaurants and individuals on any positive changes he observes.

While one of the other posters wrote about the US version lacking some features present in the UK version of the show (which I don't see as a problem because Americans and Britons often have different tastes anyway), I will agree that the series could be improved by including a segment on how each showcased restaurant is doing several months after Gordon's visit. Such an inclusion would certainly be nice to see, but it might have been deliberately left out for a good reason - why cut out other dramatic details that are definitely worth leaving in the show when they can always throw in 1-2 episodes dedicated specifically to the "how are they now" questions later in the season (or even 1 at the mid-point and another at the end of the season)?
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Ramsay makes the show.
magellan33321 November 2007
Hell's Kitchen introduced me to Gordon Ramsay. The commercials for that show portray him as a harsh tyrant in a chef's jacket. This is not the case on Hell's Kitchen or on Kitchen Nightmares. Kitchen Nightmares is an enjoyable show that allows the viewer to better understand what goes on behind the scenes of the restaurant business. Part of the the show's entertainment though lies in the incompetence and arrogance of those working in the restaurants Gordon Ramsay sets out to rescue. Without Gordon Ramsay, this show would find itself on The Food Network or TLC. He truly makes the show great as he is hard but fair. He seeks to raise the bar to improve skills, decor and ultimately business. As he does this, it makes for a fairly entertaining reality show.
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Not as good as the BBC version
dcorvino24 May 2011
Although I am a fan of the series, the American version of Kitchen Nightmares is not as good as the British version. The American version seems much more dramatic. It is loaded with arguments, family problems, and near fisticuffs. The British version concentrates on the restaurant's problems and how to solve them. It is excellent. I don't want to see a bunch of staged drama (Similar to the fake drama in Cake Boss). I want reality, something that is missing from reality TV! I want to watch Gordon identify the problems, and fix the problems. Along the way, show me how the food is made and improved upon. And by the way, does Gordon really hate every single first meal he has at these restaurants? The chefs can't be that bad, at least not some of them anyway.
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Watch 1 Episode and you have seen them all.
byerly050313 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This show holds up to the usual lack of any redeeming values you'd expect in a show on FOX. All of the time on camera is spent watching family members yell at each other, dimwitted employees, Ramsay complaining, and patrons sending food back. Anything related to running a kitchen, the business of a restaurant, or cooking food is omitted. Don't bother to watch more than one episode since they are exactly the same.


You want to make a drinking game out of it. (Please note, that technically this entire game is a spoiler since it describes, in detail, how EVERY SINGLE EPISODE runs.)

Been in family for many years: Shot

Wife complains about how Husband runs the business: Shot

The Chef claims his food is great: Chug

One shot for every dish Ramsay orders over 3.

Ramsay asks Chef to taste 2nd dish: Chug

Ramsay asks Chef to taste 3rd dish: Shot

One Shot for every type of meat Ramsay finds in the kitchen stock that is bad.

Someone cries (each time): Shot

Dining room closed during first dinner service: Chug

Dining room remodeled overnight: Chug

Chef is replaced / fired / quits: Shot

During credits the restaurant is announced to be closed or sold: Chug
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Total Trash TV
buchan196523 August 2009
It's sad to see what has happened to this show in its American incarnation.

Typical of American television, and of Fox in particular, the wonderful BBC original "Kitchen Nightmares" has been Jerry Springer-ized for the U.S. market.

Let's review each show, shall we? There's the:

1. short intro of troubled restaurant

2. Gordon arrives, eats, makes catty remarks about the food

3. confronts chef/owner, initiates shouting match

4. more shouting in the kitchen ("it's rotten!"…."the kitchen is closed!"….."you're going to kill people!")

5 Totally phony "drama" as Gordon morphs into Dr. Phil and holds a family therapy session for the beleaguered owners. Lots of phony tears, lots of phony "concern" from Gordon.

6. chef/owner resists Gordon's changes, more shouting

7. Gordon's people remodel restaurant, Gordon introduces new menu

(repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 here, then cue the...)

8. happy ending, chef/owner admits how right Gordon was and they were wrong

The change in tone from the British version is jarring -- in the BBC incarnation, Gordon's critiques of the food are exactly what you'd expect from a professional chef who genuinely wants to help get a troubled eating establishment back on its feet.

In the American version, his comments are rude, crass, and boorish -- obviously meant to elicit the kind of hooting and howling reaction that you see from an audience on the Jerry Springer Show. Would any true professional, when tasting a not-so-great meal, call it "a big pile of pubic hair"? But at least it gets the mouth-breathers who watch Fox hooting, right on cue. Add to that, it now seems every restaurant is now family owned, which gives the dullards at Fox the chance to give us fake, phony, staged family therapy sessions. Anyone who really thinks they're seeing anything "real" on this show needs to have their head examined.

And EVERY show has him saying "this is the worst meal I've ever had in my entire life!" Yeah, right. Phony.

There seems to be a conscious effort to get people screaming at each other as quickly as possible (this way, the idiot narrator can say "next week's show is Gordon's biggest...challenge...YET!"). His favorite method is to call the chef/manager/owner "a fake", and that usually does the trick (which is kind or ironic, since that's exactly what this show is), then when the person gets angry and argues back (or storms off), Gordon acts shocked (shocked! that there's gambling in Casablanca…).

The British version was informative and entertaining.

This American version is absolute garbage. Which is just par for the course on Fox.

Or, rather, IT'S ROTTEN!!!!!

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So Many restaurants serve crap until Gordon Show Them
DKosty12326 September 2007
The title to this show says it all. Every week Gordon is going to visit a restaurant with problems, show us all the problems, & then suggest & help the folks running the place to fix them up. Will he ever run out of bad places he can find?

Gordon has the right personality to come across very well on TV & this show relies upon that. Ramsey often shows his sense of community service in re-launching these restaurants & promoting them by helping their locale.

FOX has had to tone down the US version from the BBC version. Americans have trouble taking Simon on American Idol & can't take the BBC version of this. I think the FOX version should crank it up to match the British one. I like Ramsey and wish him continued success with this as it is an intelligently done show that gets it viewers interested in good food.

There can never be enough good food in this world. That should be job security enough for this format.
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gsaself17 March 2012
Read the bad reviews, People who don't like this show have apparently seen every single episode so obviously must be entertaining to no end. If you like Gordon Ramsey which i do especially UK versions you will enjoy this show. Hey every episode of the news is exactly the same stupid intro, weather, car commercial disguised as news, fear tactic, avoid world politics,talk about local car crash.etc or look out house is about a Dr solving a medical issue. Other shows that these haters could say the same thing about are endless and a waste of time to list.

Kitchen nitghtmares can be hard to watch back to back. But the revisits and total blow outs are fun. Not for the weak of stomach. UK a little rougher. Ramsey great escapes is less formulaic then this show.

None of the nightmares ever improved enough to win a Michelin. There bussinesses go from failing to surviving and succeeding but not to stardom.
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Ahem ... Gordon?
greenfishy8 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Brit version... aces! I've watched many eppies more than once.

US version... (expletive deleted)! DR has lost the touch. There is absolutely no interest for the viewer in this version. Restaurants that are in trouble, that want help is one thing, but restaurant owners who are not interested in help are totally boring to watch. The "sebastian" resto eppie from LA: all I could think of was that Gordon R. was a prat (winding the owner up to see him act his worst), and the owner chef was a waste of oxygen. There are so many worthy struggling folks out there who are trying to make a go of the tough world of food, yet this worthless ego-maniac got a renovated the restaurant and a state-of-the-art dough mixer.

BTW, having every 3rd work *bleeped* out is intensely distracting. Either leave the F-words, and B-words in, or, DR should tone it down. The number of beeps was outright silly.

Bottom line... I am very disappointed in this series, and, as a DR fan, I have totally lost interest in this series. Generally a very smart businessman, DR has def. made a big mistake with this US-version of the show. It may cost him his North American fan base.
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VERY entertaining!!!
keirster2 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was first hooked on "Hell's Kitchen" and now this show is a must as well. Do they do certain things to create tension? Absolutely, this is television! All in all, it is refreshing to see a renowned chef come into a location and turn it around with his expertise as well as improve the decor. I would guess they pick locations where the owners are sure to clash with Gordon, but he can handle himself just fine. Some of the owners and chef's at these restaurants need a good kick in the pants to show them that just because you can own a restaurant or that you can cook, doesn't mean that you should. It is all about passion for what you do. I love the British TV version as well. The only down side is that I get REALLY hungry when I watch all the good dishes that Gordon prepares.
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Too predictable.
Mat_Nichol13 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler: it's a family run restaurant and they all argue with each other and nobody takes responsibility for anything. One of the staff will storm out shouting/crying.
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What do restaurants must do to be part of that show?
jlvergae8 February 2011
Restaurants who take part of that show will receive a huge advertising boost: they become "endorsed" by a 3 Stars Chef; that same Chef always organizes a special night where, oh coincidence, a local food celebrity just decides to come; and as a bonus, the restaurant receives a free overnight complete re-modeling (new furniture, new paintings, new roof, new lighting, etc...). So I guess that a few thousands are queuing up. What must they do to become the lucky ones? 1) Pay money to Fox or Ramsey Inc? 2) Look as miserable as possible.... The show will only work if the kitchen is in disarray, and there is a juicy familial or management problem. I suppose that some restaurants must brainstorm about how to arrange a total mess so that they have a chance to appear. Now the recipes of Gordon are as simple as the problem: father MUST delegate to son, simple menu, fresh ingredients, stop using microwave, taste the food, fire some unmotivated staff. Well, if life were that easy, there would be much more Michelin starred restaurants that there are now.... What about the logistical nightmare about keeping quality suppliers, minimize stock food to keep it fresh, trying new recipes for hours until the cook finds the perfect combination... this is what kitchen is all about, and you learn in with years of practice, now with a magician shouting common sense advice. In one episode, Gordon arranges the surprise wedding of a pair of Managers, with everything ready... GIVE ME A BREEAAAAAAAKKKKK.....
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So fake
OrangieTooDope29 June 2019
In every episode the owner has asked Ramsey to come fix their restaurant. Then they fight with him and say there's nothing wrong with their restaurant. Ramsey threatens to leave, the owner wakes up and everything ends up great. Scripted crap.
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Either side of the Atlantic and it's offensive to watch
MacrosTheBlack20141 June 2013
As a professional in the business, I can only cringe in horror as I watch painfully how one individual (in the name of entertainment) can damage, taint, and downright slander the hospitality profession with his profane and crude operating style. No Management would EVER tolerate a chef like Ramsey, no matter how talented he may be. At the end of the day it's about coaching, guidance, mentoring and motivation. Not nervous breakdowns, strain, stress, aggression and vitriol. Sure these places have problems, but the solutions do not lie in a 7 day fix. Clean Kitchens and stores require training, education of hygiene practices, process analysis and much more. For those poor people who were considering working in the kitchen or in the restaurant business, this is reality TV, plumped up with assumption, false premise and downright misrepresentation. Don't let this abomination of a show put you off. The reality in this case is different.
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Gordon Ramsey is a Pimp
dyano73223 August 2013
Gordon Ramsey is a Pimp, I have been involved in food and beverage for 20 years, anyone stupid enough to call this idiot in to "HELP" deserves what they get, a soon to be closed restaurant. Every show is the same, a problem restaurant, dirty, unorganized, crappy stubborn confrontational chef or owner or family member, and in walks Superman with his bloody this and bloody that an fixes everything, from a quick redecorating (with the cheapest Material possible) and a new menu, add in a little psychiatry with whomever the problem person is in that episode and "WALLA" GOOD AS NEW. Grand re-opening night almost a disaster but pulls it out at the last minute, WOW Gordon your the best. Here's advice to any restaurant owner in trouble, the 3G's Good Food, Good Prices, Good Service and you will succeed, you don't need to call in this Moron, he is an actor with a TV show and rating are what he cares about, not you, not your restaurant and most of all not about your success after he's gone. Believe me people if Gordon Ramsey's restaurants are successful it's because he has very talented people running them, obviously he's not there to run them, and anyone in the business knows you have to be there to be successful. If your place is in trouble analyze it, talk to your customers and your staff they usually have the answers, don't rely on a man named after a condom. Renegade 732
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Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
jboothmillard8 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I can't miss the British series, so I thought I might as well try the American version. National Television Award nominated Gordon Ramsay every week basically travels to America, visits some of the failing restaurant, bar or café businesses with customers, food quality and ideas, takings, attitude, financial difficulties (e.g. debts) and the business itself, and it is Ramsay's job to help as much as he can to make it a more profitable and improved business for the workers and customers together. Ramsay's use of swearing, particularly "the f word" is still prominent and gets some of the great laughs, and also how stupid or ridiculous some of the business bosses, employees or main staff members behave in the work environment that is meant to be cooperating. It is very good to see just how bad these eating places are working, but it is also nice in the end to see most of the businesses saved. Gordon Ramsay was number 84 on The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols, and he was number 82 on The 100 Worst Britons (for his arrogance I guess). Very good!
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Best TV reality-show I ever watched! Intense as it gets! Gordon Ramsay is the king!
joonas1349 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well.. after watching all the episodes from the beginning, I'm amazed! This show is something really clever, cringe-watching, intense, terrifying moments to watch and just really filled with emotion scenes.

First of all; I'm big fan of Gordon and I just get all that inspiration from this man, I love the cook food too and this just keeps me motivating to someday open my own restaurant, of course in my dreams or future, but still I want that to happen if that's possible.

All the episodes are basically following the same routine, Gordon eat's one of the restaurants, cafe's or bistro's etc. Then discovers always something bad, complains how bad food is to the brigade then see how restaurants functions and overall tries to fix everything what's wrong. Simple, but brilliant to watch!

There are some episodes, which are really shocking and hard to watch, all the mess and just how bad restaurant's are running these days.

It's satisfaction we all get in the end, emotion and I feel great and are just happy how things turn out good. Yeah, I know it's pretty obvious and everyone sometimes think who watch this show, want something different and how Ramsay should approach some situations, that's true. But all the episodes are overall different and not just rushed.. quality delivers and Ramsay doesn't disappoint, all the yelling and confrontations, fights are really intense to watch.

Keep this show up the air! I don't want this to never end.

My best reality show I ever watched, everyone should give this show a chance. I watched UK versions, but this is so much better and reality is spot-on and everything is so much better and dangerous to watch, all the suffering to the owners and that intense is amazing.

If you are not ever watched this show, please watch it, it's just that good. I think I will re-run and watch all the episodes again, heh.
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Becoming predictable
frankmoneyman3 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Do the script writers really lack any imagination. Like most of Ramsay's shows, there is a lot of bleeps. Gordon Ramsay makes this show view-able, but after so many seasons, the script is always the same. People with issues make for good, lack of reality drama. Most of these people really do not deserve to be in the food business.

It has become so predictable.

If your watching it once a week, it is entertaining to watch Gordon Ramsay, if your watching continuously online or on demand, it will get old very fast.

Sorry, the truth hurts.
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Narcissistic Nightmares
musette-geo2 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Self-involved chef wreaks havoc in restaurants! Gordon Ramsay proclaims "It's a disaster" in far too many episodes of this television series. Why on earth would people put themselves through the browbeating and bullying they must endure in order to be on this show? Let's see: a newly remodeled restaurant, much media, free publicity, a re-launch of your business with Papa Ramsay's food, compelling reasons to be humiliated.

I wonder if the participants get extra money if they cry? After watching the "Burger Kitchen" double-header I was moved to write my first review. Gordon, go back to England and take the weirdo fedora twins from BK with you!

P.S. Hopefully some viewers will have been to England and appreciate the stunning mediocrity of English fare. Perhaps a chef who hails from a country that is known for its cuisine would be more appropriate. This current host is "a disaster"!
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fantastic. couldn't be more dramatic. editing is everything i want in a reality tv show
flyfree-880138 April 2018
This is FAN-TASTIC!! excellent!! i am a big fan of drama and this really hits the spot! if you love watching people yell at awful men who do disgusting things YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!! Gordon goes all out for this, he gets FOOD POISONING, and he REAMS that chef. he goes IN. highly recommend for those who have passionate souls.
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e_alefaio18 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This series doesn't compare to the UK Kitchen Nightmares. This seems to have a lot of unnecessary added drama. More acting then reality. Only thing real was the owners struggles financially and their horrible business decisions.
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Ramsay is the "Kojak !" of the Culinary Department
sundarfromlasvegas16 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Gordon Ramsay, uses four letter words as a pretense, pas tense, as a verb, proverb,noun, pronoun and adjunctive. In fact,he will do very well if he opens a school for higher learning on the use of this particular line of linguistic studies not far from other famous Englishman who lived in Statford-on-Avon. He is also an equal opportunity user of the word. The series is amazing and riveting,in the sense of his astute and quick observation, as to what is wrong with the business (he can probably consult on any business not just food,) and how to fix it, at his cost and all costs. Initially there is resentment and he is rebuffed by everyone starting with the hired chef but not much as the owner-chef. When the restaurant turns around a profit (best example was the American Soul food cafe in Bristol and the Jackson's in Blackpool.) Few of them (mostly the poor owners, seems to be more appreciative and think he is the Messiah. The very rich go back to their old habits, since they have the money to burn or in the business of laundering money? After watching this series and "Top Chef" on DVD, you tend to look at the industry differently. The dirty kitchen, the chefs tasting the food and putting the spoon right back into the dish (disguisting and unhygienic) Ramsay,is brilliant and a master at all tasks. By by the end of each episode, his language that seemed so revolting to the viewers, seems so appropriate for the few of the owners and chefs working with no clue as to sanitation, cooking skills or business acumen. Ramsay is the 'Kojak" of restaurant business (No impala with siren or lollipop) After seeing the behind the scenes of the kitchen..wonder anyone venture to eat in any restaurant, unless it is prepared in front of you or even better..home cooking.
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hkobylinski18 November 2017
It's sad to see - How they turned an interesting show that actually used to focus on food and the dysfunctionalities like Kitchen Nightmares ( I mean the original UK version) that was focused on food and the kitchen itself into this abomination of a sob fest.

The American version is simply not a culinary show, and instead of letting one of the most awarded chefs in the world focus on his job and showcasing all his knowledge - has him play psychologist. It's simply a disgrace. A restaurant is a business, there are gonna be hard times, suck it up, listen to your betters, don't argue.

Don't tie emotion into a business. They have no place there.
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Can only go so far with this premise.
mattedj30 December 2007
There's some fun here and some interesting stories about the 'behind-the- scenes' of the restaurant bidness....but there's only so many variations that can be addressed in the industry. There's only a few different thing that formulate the demise of a restaurant....after about 5 shows, you've got the point about what goes to crap in a restaurant. I could get into the details of some of the phoniness that Gordon puts on to exemplify the grossness of some of the foods he eats. But it more looks like a desperate attempt to make something interesting out of an idea he knows has a short life span. The show will get canceled in a short bit, you'll see.
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