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Season 1

11 Nov. 2002
Der Krieger
Rommel describes the long trajectory, of an Icarus-like figure, glorying in the giddy heights of fame, only to plummet to his death conniving against Hitler, the man who promoted him so spectacularly to prominence. What determined the defeat of the Afrikakorps at El Alamein? Was it Rommel's own strategic error, his opponent Montgomery or the successful deciphering of the Enigma coding machine?
18 Nov. 2002
Der Verlierer
Investigation into the Desert Fox's reputation as a strategist, asking whether he began making serious tactical errors as British reinforcements in Egypt threatened his country's military supremacy.
25 Nov. 2002
Der Verschwörer
The mystery of whether Rommel knew about the conspiracy to kill Hitler in 1944, and the circumstances surrounding his own suicide.

 Season 1 

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