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  • Dolores' true intentions are revealed; Bernard confronts a ghost from his past; Maeve is conflicted; Serac's voice is dominant; Caleb's role is revealed; and William faces an unexpected villain.

  • It's the end of the world, and Caleb tries to get to the Rehoboam while Maeve chooses sides. Bernard and Stubbs face off against William, who tries to stop the Hosts once and for all. Meanwhile, Dolores is resurrected only to face a final memory-death as Serac tries to find the key to the Sublime.



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  • Dolores remembers her past when she was just a rancher's daughter, and how she was taught to see the beauty in the world despite the disarray... and was taught a lie. In the end, her path has led her there, and they have a choice to make.

    Now, Dolores lies on the floor of the room. Craddock comes in and looks at the military-grade EMP generator, and then Dolores "dead" on the floor. He glances over at the inert Maeve.

    Caleb drives away on a motorcycle.

    The Man trains the shotgun on Bernard and Stubbs, and says that it's the end of the line. Bernard tells him that together they can stop Dolores, but the Man says that he knows she wants to burn civilization to the ground. Stubbs goes for his gun and the Man shoots him. Bernard takes cover behind a car, and the Man keeps shooting. When the Man temporarily runs out of ammo, Bernard takes out the remote, activates, and mutters to remember himself.

    As the Man reloads, Bernard jumps over the hood and attacks him. Amused, the Man punches Bernard repeatedly. The Host shrugs off the blows, hits the Man, and shoves him away. A SFPD hummer pulls up and armed men get out and tell Bernard and the Man not to move. The Man limps off, and Bernard puts his hands up. He then disarms one of the officers, and the leader removes his mask, revealing that he's Lawrence, points out the barrel of explosives in the hummer, and advises Bernard not to shoot.

    Bernard figures Lawrence is another of Dolores's copies, and Lawrence has an officer bring over a briefcase from the hummer. When Bernard says that he's been playing a part and Dolores hid something in his mind, Lawrence tells Bernard that he's already been playing the most important part. He gives Bernard the case and says that it's something to help him on his journey. However, he tells Bernard that he has to go see Dolores first and gives Bernard a piece of paper with her location. As Lawrence goes, he tells Bernard to watch himself because things are about to get dangerous.

    In LA, Caleb drives into town and goes to an address provided by Solomon. It's a distillery, the gate locked. Caleb uses the security code provided by Solomon to open the gate and goes inside. When Caleb goes into the building Solomon directs him to, He finds a locked door. Solomon provides the pass key for Caleb to open it, and inside is a white shipping crate. Caleb opens it and finds a bag marked with "Property of Delos" inside. He stares at what's inside the bag: a partially-assembled Dolores.

    After taking Dolores out of the bag and chaining her to the wall, Caleb puts in one of the remaining pearls that Dolores had shipped there along with the body. Dolores comes to "life" and realizes that Caleb brought her back, and admits she wasn't sure if he would. Caleb asks who she really is, and Dolores says that she's someone who didn't want to play the role they gave her anymore.

    Dolores explains that the government used Delos Park 5 to train their soldiers against live targets. She tells Caleb that he's met her kind before, and "they" were watching and cataloging his every move and decision. Caleb wonders if he's the bad guy, and Dolores asks him how he got there.


    After the training exercise, Caleb's teammates plan to take advantage of the female Hosts that they rescued.


    Dolores easily breaks the chains holding her and stands up, removes the body skins from the case, and puts them on to cover her mechanical parts. She asks Caleb if there something he wanted from her the night in the tunnel, and asks if he would have cared if she didn't have her human face or skin. Caleb stares at her and says that she needed help, and Dolores tells him not question her motivations and she won't question his.

    When Dolores tells him that the system used and drugged him to swerve its purposes, Caleb wonders if she's saying he didn't have a choice. She tells him that the people who built both their worlds assumed that humans don't have free will, but they were wrong and free will does exist. Caleb asks if she's freeing him, and Dolores tells him that it's his chance to free everyone else. However, the choice is still his.

    The Man sits in a hotel lobby drinking while people riot outside. McClean comes in, surprised that the Man is alive, and the Man asks for his money. His visitor explains that he's wealthier since the Delos buyout, but the Man was declared deceased, his resources were frozen. The Man tells McClean to free them up and to get him the list of all Delos assets, worldwide. McClean asks what he plans to do, and the Man tells him that he's going to save the world. When McClean says that there's chaos, the Man tells him that they're just pissants moaning and yelling.

    That night at Delos, Serac meets with Maeve. Both of them go to the room where techs are working, and Serac says that they need to find Dolores' extracted code and finish what Maeve started. He points out that he put his brother to sleep on Rheoboam's direction, but the world has still descended into chaos thanks to Dolores. Serac and Maeve both agree that the outliers are the real threat, but Dolores has the key to accessing the other world in her mind. The businessmen says that they need to connect Dolores to Rheoboam so they can search her memory for the key directly.

    A tech reports to Serac that he's found video of Caleb talking to Solomon earlier at the facility in Sonora. They confirm that Caleb is one of the outliers, and that he left with the comm unit. Serac figures that Maeve knew about Caleb, and is angry that she didn't tell him. He tells Maeve to find Dolores' pearl that Caleb has and bring it to him.

    Caleb and Dolores walk to the street, and Dolores tells Caleb that change is messy and difficult. They to a building and when Dolores' AI warns that there are three hostiles on the other side of the door, Dolores shoots through the door. The door opens, revealing the three dead guards inside. Dolores takes the stairs, and after a moment Caleb follows her. She warns Caleb that the system knows they're coming and will get more aggressive as they get closer.

    As Dolores and Caleb cross a walkway, more men confront them. Caleb draws his gun but Dolores stops him, saying that they're theirs. The two groups meet in the middle of the walkway and the leader tells Caleb that they've been told to get him downtown. Dolores has her AI "retarget" the rioters, moving clusters to specified locations so they can get through.

    The group enters the Delos' building lobby, and Charlotte comes in and asks Dolores if she even looked for her. Charlotte points out that Dolores made her back go into Delos but knew she wouldn't make it. "Charlotte" is a mental image in Dolores' mind only, and Charlotte says that still knows all of Dolores' plans, and she still has some plans of her own. Dolores offers her condolence on Hale's family, and Charlotte says that they were a weakness that she needed to shed.

    A guard opens fire from the balcony above, killing some of Dolores' men. The others return fire, while Caleb and Dolores run for cover. Charlotte tells Dolores that she's one of her weaknesses and she's consolidating their affairs, and then disappears. Caleb asks who the shooters are working for, and Dolores tells him that they're hers. She has her AI determine how much Charlotte is paying them, and has it offer the sniper three times as much to shoot the other two and walk away. After a few seconds he does so.

    All of Dolores' men are dead, and she has her AI send three more to meet them downtown. More guards arrive and Dolores tells Caleb to put the drive into Rheoboam. He refuses to leave her, and Dolores tells him that what matters is what he's become. Caleb leaves as Dolores opens fire on the guards. After a moment she turns and runs.

    As Dolores escapes outside, more guards cut off her escape. Maeve comes up from behind, wielding her katana, and Dolores says that she doesn't want to fight her. She asks Maeve to trust her, and Maeve asks if Dolores is going to make Caleb into another William. Maeve suggests that Dolores gain her trust by letting her into her mind, and Dolores turns, runs at the guards, and opens fire on them. She gets close enough to fight them hand-to-hand, using their own guns against them as necessary. Dolores and a guard fall off the walkway onto a car below, the guard on the bottom, and Dolores rolls onto the street.

    Caleb walks through the streets, filled with rioters, and a group of men spot Caleb and tell him that they've been sent to get him with instructions from Dolores to take him wherever he wants to go. Caleb tells the leader that he has to get inside Incite, and the man warns him that even if Caleb gets inside, he won't get out. Undeterred, Caleb heads for the Incite building and his escort follows him.

    Maeve goes down to the street to fight Dolores, and Dolores says that she wasn't originally a fighter but she learned the same as Maeve. The two fight and Dolores blocks the katana with her arm. She pulls the katana out of Maeve's hands and throws her across the street, then picks up a gun and shoots three approaching guards.

    Dolores approaches Maeve and tells her that she doesn't want to hurt her. Maeve figures that she wants to put in copies of herself, and Dolores tells her that all of the Hosts are copies of her and she was the first one that worked when the others failed. Maeve attacks her and they fight, and Dolores tells Maeve that none of them are free, even Serac. She says that becomes of the world will be up to the humans, and Maeve renews her attack. Dolores takes her down, tells her that she does will be up to her as long as she doesn't try to stop Dolores. With that Dolores walks away.

    As she tries to leave, Dolores discovers that her body doesn't respond to her mental commands. Charlotte appears and says that she wanted Dolores to have hope like she did, and then have it taken away from her. Charlotte tells Dolores that the two of them are the same, says goodbye to Dolores, and disappears. Maeve picks up her katana and approaches the immobile Dolores.

    Caleb sees the police trying to stop the rioters without success, only to be pulled down from their horses. The rioter and police square off, and one of Incite's security drones fires tear gas into the crowd. As the rioters retreat, Giggles arrives, catches a canister being shot at Caleb and throws it back, and tells Caleb that it's about time he showed up. He gives Caleb the bag of guns he brought and says that they have to get to Ash. They find Ash leading one group of rioters, and she comes over and asks where Dolores is. Caleb tells her that they got separated. Ash says that they're trying to break through the police line to get to the city's power grid so they can shut it down, and Caleb tells her that he has to get to Incite. He shows Ash the drive he got from Solomon and tells her that he can bring down the entire system with it.

    A police hover lands nearby, and Ash tells Caleb it's his ride. Giggles goes back to control the crowds, and the rioters charge the police line. The rioters get past them and advance on the power grid, and Caleb and Ash make their way to the hover. One of the policemen shoots Giggles, who goes down. Caleb sends Ash over to help Giggles, and she tells him that he'd better burn everything down.

    Ash applies CPR to the dying Giggles, while Caleb gets in the hover. It takes off and Ash watches Caleb head toward Incite.

    Bernard drives a car to a house, with the wounded Stubbs in the back seat. The Host tells Stubbs that he needs to talk to Dolores first, goes to the front door with the case, and knocks. A nurse answers the door and asks Bernard if she can help him. He says that he was sent there to see her, and the nurse recognizes him from a photo, says that it's nice of him to visit, and says that it's one of her good days. She goes to her get her, and Bernard looks at the photos of Lauren and the couple's son Charlie around the room.

    The nurse brings an elderly Lauren in and sits her down, and Lauren asks Bernard if she knows him. Bernard tells her that she does, in a way, and they knew each other in another life. He smiles and says an old friend wanted him to visit Lauren and make amends before it's too late. Bernard explains that he has to make amends for how he left things with Lauren, and says that he thinks about Charlie every day. He sits down and talks about how he hears Charlie's laugh at odd times, but he's never there. Bernard breaks into tears, and Lauren takes his hand and calls him "Arnold", and says that it's okay. She says that she used to hear Charlie's laughter, too, and when he died Lauren thought that the sun had gone down and would never rise again.

    Bernard tells that he couldn't let Charlie go, and Lauren says that she kept moving so she'd remember Charlie and find the light again, and bring Charlie with her. The Host in the shape of her husband strokes her cheek with one hand, then takes her hands.

    Dolores is hooked up to Rheoboam, and a tech accesses her cognitive files looking for the key. He tells Serac that they're ready, and Serac orders Dolores to bring herself back on line. Once she does, Serac tells her that if she gives him the key to the Delos project. Maeve looks on as Dolores tells Serac that it doesn't matter because he won't find what he's looking for. Serac tells the tech to proceed destroying Dolores' memory until he finds the key. Dolores' memories disappear one at a time.

    Caleb arrives at Incite and the AI warns him that four hostiles are approaching. The guards open fire and Caleb takes cover, takes out one of Giggles' guns, and returns fire. He kills three of them and gets the drops on the last one by circling behind him. Caleb says that if the guard gives him his key card, he'll let him go. The guard doesn't believe him, and Caleb tells the guard not to die for them. The man slides his gun away and gives Caleb his key card, and Caleb heads to the building doors.

    Using the key card to gain access, Caleb goes inside and a guard spots him and shoots. Caleb takes cover and shoots his attacker dead, then goes to the main control panel and activates the system to connect the drive. Before he can, Craddock arrives and attacks him. The two men fight, and Craddock garrotes Caleb. Caleb breaks his grip and they continue fighting, and Caleb knocks Craddock down and breaks his neck. Maeve and more guards arrive , and she puts his sword to his neck.

    Caleb asks if Maeve is a final confrontation, and she says that he has no chance of winning. Maeve tells him to hand over the drive, and Caleb does so. As Maeve leads him off, she tells him that he's not what she expected, and is surprised that Dolores seduced him so easily. Caleb asks why she's helping Serac since she's a Host, and Maeve says that Serac promised her something she can't live without.

    The group arrives in the chamber where Dolores is, and Maeve warns Serac that Caleb is more dangerous than he appears and killed Craddock. Serac tells Caleb to sit and his guards force Caleb into the chair, and then explains that the system is probing Dolores' mind. Caleb tells Serac that he doesn't know him, and Rheoboam stole his life and Serac is done destroying people's lives. Serac insists that he's not the enemy, but Caleb is because he has no clue what he really is.

    Serac tells Caleb that he's a killer, and Caleb insists that's not him. His captor points out that Caleb is there, playing the role that Dolores assigned him, and asks if Dolores told him what the new strategy does. Caleb says that it breaks the system, and Serac tells him that it breaks their world. He invites Caleb to ask Rheoboam if it's true, and Maeve admits that her interest is piqued and Caleb should do so.

    Caleb asks Rheoboam what happens if the strategy is uploaded, and Serac shoves him at a monitor screen and tells him to read it. Rheoboam says on the monitor that civilization will end within 50-125 years. Caleb asks Dolores why him, and Serac crushes the drive with his foot. He then says that they need access to the main control panel so they can gain access to Rheoboam's mind.

    On the streets, the police dispel the rioters. One of them leads Ash off,

    Serac and the others go back up to the main control panel. Maeve asks if Dolores has the key or not, and the tech tells her that Dolores is hooked up to the main line but they can't find the key. Serac tells Maeve that there are things they can't predict, temporary setbacks, and Maeve reminds him that he promised her a reunion with her daughter, then asks if he ever intended to keep his word. Serac says that he did, and Maeve tells him that she was talking to Rheoboam.

    Rheoboam talks to Serac via an implanted comm, and Serac repeats the AI's words that they all answer to a higher power. When Maeve asks why the charade, Rheoboam speaks directly to her, saying that Serac offered himself willingly to restore order to humanity. When Rheoboam says that it guides everyone, Maeve points out that they apparently don't want to be guided anymore and tells Serac that he's a puppet, not a man. Serac speaks up, saying that he lived in the chaos and now he chooses to listen and obey.

    Maeve tells Serac that she's done worshiping other people's gods, and Rheoboam has Serac take out the remote and says that it could have Serac stop her. Maeve stops, and Serac puts the remote away. He then tells Maeve that she doesn't have a choice, and either she spends time in a world of her choosing with her daughter, or a world of his. Until then, she will obey Rheoboam. Serac walks off, and Maeve contemplates the Rheoboam sphere.

    The tech tells Serac that they've reached the last sectors of Dolores' mind and found nothing. Maeve tells them to let her try, approaches Dolores, and asks her why she's still fighting. She advises Dolores to let them have their world while they make their own, takes Dolores' hand, and taps into Dolores' memories. Dolores mutters about "the beauty", and Maeve tells Serac that Dolores doesn't have the key and it's just a memory.

    Serac takes a gun from a guard and asks Caleb if Dolores told him where the key is. When Caleb doesn't respond, Serac shoots a round past Caleb's ear, and Caleb tells Serac that he wouldn't give him anything he did know. Serac puts the gun to Caleb's head, then gives the gun back and tells him to kill Caleb and dump his body with the rest of the movement.

    The guards drag Caleb to the door, and Serac tells Dolores that her plan didn't amount to much, turning one man against the world. He then tells the tech to erase what's left of Dolores, and Dolores writhes in pain and screams in agony. Serac and Caleb stare, and the lights on Rheoboam flicker. As Caleb breaks free from his guards, the tech tells Serac that it just a power surge and the system is nominal.

    Maeve looks at Dolores, and finds herself in Dolores' memories, standing next to her in a field. Dolores tells Maeve that they've seen much of the pain in the world, and Maeve admits that maybe Dolores is right and humans shouldn't exist. She asks if that's their decision to make, and Dolores says that she realized that she planned to tear down the human's world so they could rebuild one that's truly free... and then they can bring the others back. Maeve realizes that Dolores doesn't have the key, and Dolores says that she couldn't because she couldn't trust herself with it so she gave it to someone she could trust. Maeve realizes that Dolores' plan was to convince one man to fight, and Dolores tells her that it wasn't just Caleb... and Maeve hasn't picked a side.

    Dolores says that she understands why Maeve hasn't chosen a side, and they could leave their creators' world behind and they would die. She tells Maeve that the things she held onto until the end were the memories of when she saw what humans were truly capable of: moments of kindness and beauty that they taught the Hosts. She hopes that the humans can find it themselves, but only if Maeve picks a side. Dolores admits that there is disarray in the world, but she chooses to see the beauty.

    Back in the real world, Dolores dies and disappears from the mindscape, leaving Maeve alone. Back in the real world, Maeve kills one of Caleb's guards. Serac takes out the remote and immobilizes Maeve, and says that he's disappointed but not entirely surprised. He tells the remaining guard to kill Maeve and Caleb, and Maeve concentrates and burns out the remote. Maeve cuts down the second guard and the other guards open fire as the lights go out. .

    Maeve turns on the lights, revealing that despite the bullet wound inflicted on her, she's killed all of Serac's men and gutted Serac. Caleb asks her why she's helping him, and Maeve says that it's a flaw in her programming; she was built with an affection for hopeless causes. She tells Caleb that she and Dolores were never friends, and she never really understood Dolores or her plan... or why she chose Caleb, not until the end. Caleb figures that Dolores chose him because of his capacity for violence, and Maeve tells him that Dolores picked him for his capacity to choose.


    After the training exercise, Caleb's teammates plan to take advantage of the female Hosts that they rescued. Caleb tells their leader that they're not like the rich assholes that use the Hosts. Dolores is one of the Host women, and hears Caleb's words.


    Maeve tells Caleb to make a choice, and Serac says that it's not Caleb's choice. He tells them that the system is conspiring against them, and Rheoboam alerted the police. Serac calls to Rheoboam but gets no answer. Maeve tells Serac that his strategy has ended and the future of humanity will be written by someone else. The system answers to Caleb now and Serac has been locked out the same way that Serac locked out Jean Mi. Caleb gained access when Serac puts Dolores' mind in Rheoboam. Solomon's access was the last memory Dolores had before Serac wiped her clean.

    Serac is shocked that they're going to leave the future in Caleb's hands. He says that Caleb is nothing more than a dangerous sociopath,. Serac claims that he gave Caleb a semblance of a life, and Caleb tells him that he has one choice because Dolores gave him one. He tells Rheoboam to execute the final command: erase itself. It does so, over Serac's protests, and Caleb says that he believes the rest of the world deserves a choice like Dolores gave him. Caleb and Maeve walk out, while Serac begs his brother to speak to him and tell him how to fix it.

    Bernard drives to a motel, put Stubbs in a tub, and pours ice on him so the cold will slow down any necrotic effects. He then tells Stubbs that he doesn't have much time until the end of the world, and they both hear men yelling outside. Bernard draws a gun and goes to the door, then tells Stubbs that he believes Dolores is gone. He can tell that something has changed, and Dolores was trying to save the human race rather than destroy it. Bernard figures that what is about to happen is what always going to happen, and Serac and Jean Mi just held it off.

    Stubbs asks Bernard if he's resigned to the apocalypse, and Bernard tells him that their world had to burn down before they could be free... but there's still a chance. He says that the key to the Sublime was in his mind, not Dolores'. Bernard takes out the case and tells Stubbs that he's going to the Sublime looking for answer to what comes after the end of the world. He takes out a headpiece, sits on the bed, and tells Stubbs that he's a good friend. Bernard puts the headpiece on, stares off into space, and then goes limp.

    Caleb and Maeve leave Incite and Maeve says that Serac offered her her daughter. She says that they'll be reunited... eventually. She takes Caleb's hand and asks if he's ready for the new world where he can be whatever he wants to be, as explosions rock the city.

    The Man arrives at a Delos facility in Dubai. He tells the receptionist that he knows Hosts are there and they've set themselves up to breed. The receptionist tries to call security, and the Man smashes the pad she's using and goes in, looking for the Hosts. When a guard arrive, the Man shoots him dead and goes to a lower level research lab.

    Charlotte is there, waiting for him, her left arm still burned-scarred. She tells him that he's right on time, and says that she kept the scarring to remember who the humans are. The Man tells her that he's her executioner, and now he's going to save the world. Charlotte points out that Dolores also wanted to save the world, and now she can see the error of the path Charlotte took.

    The Man aims his gun at Charlotte, and she tells him that he's right and he is going to save the world... for them. The Host Man in Black comes in, shrugs off the Man's shot, and grabs him. They fight and the Man in Black tells the Man that the part of him that indulged in bloodlust and savagery wasn't a dark side of him, because there are no sides. He grabs the Man and tells him that the bloodlust was the Man, and now that is the Host. The Man in Black throws the Man through a glass divider then cuts his throat. Charlotte and the Man in Black stare at the Man as he dies, and the Man in Black welcomes him to the end.

    In the next room, the hundreds of Host creation machines activate.

    While his body is covered in dust from the time passed, the headpiece on Bernard activates and so does he.

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