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Jessica Collins Riveting As 'The Miniature Killer'
ccthemovieman-131 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The Miniature Killer turns out to be a woman! Overall, it was a great episode; I knew it would be.

Jessica Collins is riveting as the killer "Natalie Davis." She doesn't have many lines, but the looks on her pretty face say enough. As an actress most of us have never seen, she was a good choice for this role. She was outstanding at looking "disturbed."

Of course, even though the killer is found and captured, it's a "to be continued," because that's simply the way CBS works this show. They always leave you dangling so you can't wait for the next season to find out what happened! In this case, it's rescuing "Sara."

However, this is the first time CSI ran a continuing storyline for the whole season, although many episodes were other stories. The "miniatures" were kept alive, story-wise, every three or four weeks and were incredible. Kudos to the writers for trying this unique approach. It was fascinating, and it worked.

At the end, in a shocking revelation to the crew of CSI, Gil admits he loves Sara. The only reactions we get are raised eyebrows. I'm sure more detailed reactions will be part of the early eighth season. Stay tuned!
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A disappointing finale
LoveIsAStateOfMind29 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
CSI Season 7 Finale = Worst Finale Ever.

It was just boring. Nothing happened. Sometimes seeing it from the criminal's perspective heightens the suspense but this time it just killed what little zap the story had left. It's such a shame since some of the best (using that word liberally) episodes this Season have been the miniature-killer ones.

It was nice to get some Grissom/Catherine scenes - just to see them work together as friends and sharing glasses and such. And the scene were Grissom matter-of-factly tells the team that he loves Sara - the look on everyone's face was just ... special.

And I think Greg actually spoke in this episode though if you blinked, you probably missed it. It's the finale for gawd's sake - give all your characters something to do at least! The absolutely tragic thing about it is that I couldn't care either way whether they kill Sara off or not. I mean that's just sad that I'm so apathetic to it. If they don't, then even though I definitely don't ship Grissom/Sara, I hope we get an action-packed tearful, emotional rescue scene so at least I can say that something happened.

Even by the poor standard of CSI these days, the finale was incredibly poor. Not even frustrating or parody like or un-CSI like. It just fell completely flat.
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Little More Than a 60-Minute Teaser
DrGlitterhouse21 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This seventh season finale was advertised as revealing the Miniature Killer (who's been a thorn in Grissom's side from the season opener), but not before he claimed a CSI for his last victim. Well, we did find out the identity of the Miniature Killer, as well as his motivation and how he got the layouts of his murder sites. And I suppose being abducted does constitute being a victim. However, after a whole season of wondering who the Miniature Killer is, ending on a cliffhanger seemed like a letdown, particularly compared to the great, largely self-contained season finales from seasons 3 through 5 ("What's in the Box," "Chimera," and, of course, "Grave Danger," which had a similar premise).

To be sure, there are some chilling scenes in this episode, particularly the miniature hand moving under the toy car and the flashback to the Miniature Killer's first murder, including the way the victim's father tells it through his ventriloquist dummy, but I doubt inserting the shot of the overturned car in the rain and the arm clutching from beneath the wreck (or even opening with it) before going to the scenes in the convenience store could have made the teaser any more confusing than it already was, and it would have heightened the sense of dread and made the episode as a whole seem less like one long teaser for the next season premiere. Maybe we'll find out some relevance to the guy with the switchblade in his belt and the girls shorting out the microwave, but I'm not holding my breath.
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