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  • Fame is a loose remake of Fame (1980) (1980). The original movie was the brainchild of producer David De Silva with a screenplay written by Christopher Gore. The remake was written by Alison Burnett. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Debbie Allen, who played Lydia, a dance teacher in the original movie, now plays the school's principal, Angela Simms. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Similar to so many unrated versions, which promise more gore and sex (the latest example being Jennifer's Body), this one is basically a deceptive pack: the back cover print "featuring over 15 minutes of thrilling dance footage you couldn't see in theaters!" should not be believed. Actually, there is less dancing as there are mostly only "normal" plot/dialogue extensions or some longer songs once in a while. But this doesn't harm the movie at all, as it is rather poor in terms of character study. Jenny's casting-act for example, the final meeting of soon-to-be-director Neil with the shady film producer or the talk between Denise and Victor about their solidarity as a band do improve the plot. The longer songs should please the target audience, as well. So, the extended version surely is the preferring movie version. Edit (Coming Soon)


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